Sunday, September 26, 2010

rewriting the bible

i dont mean that literally. thats of course completely NOT okay to do.
colby, however, has been getting a bit mixed up with his latest memory verse.
john 3:16, a good one to know.
i wrote it on the white board in the school room and we review it each day. we start with me just saying it, then he repeats after me till eventually i can just say the first word and off he goes.
we were a day or two past the "repeat after me" stage, and i prompted him,
me: "for God..."
colby:"for God so loved the world, that He gave His only forgotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life."
me: "begotten"
colby: "what?"
me: "begotten, not forgotten. begotten son."
i was of course laughing, which only encourages him to keep doing it, so we had a few days of incorrect recitation. i told him tonight at bedtime that he really needs to start saying it correctly. we'll see if he remembers that tomorrow.

cinderella opened this weekend. allen came friday night with some friends of ours, then came again today with my inlaws, nephew, and the kids.
colby waved at me from the fourth row for two hours. i dont think he quite understands that i cant ackowledge him from the stage. but they enjoyed it very much. one of my closest friends is cinderella, so it helped that they know her as well. in fact, molly wouldnt pose with me for a picture, because she was more interested in having her picture taken with katie (cinderella). sigh. she's already outgrowing me.
later this afternoon i was talking with colby
me: "thanks for coming to the show, buddy."
colby: "you're welcome, mommy."
me: "did you like it?"
colby: "yeah! it was great!"
me: "what was your favorite part?"
colby: "the part where you sing your silly song."
me: "i like that part, too."
colby: "you're actually pretty funny, mommy!!"
me: "....thanks."

i'm glad my son finds me mildy humorous.

my first and favorite costume in the show
this is what i wear to the ball and for most of the show, really. the combination of cheap fabric and sweat turns my arms green. lovely.
this is the best i could get with colby after the show today.

picture with cinderella

Thursday, September 16, 2010

passing gas

we've been having a lot of "toot" issues around here lately. as in , the kids, well really its colby, are discovering that their bodies do this, and theres usually an odor that follows.
i picked him up from the church childcare the other night and the teacher said that he was sitting against the wall by himself, and he said
colby: "it smells bad over here."
teacher: "why does it smell bad?"
colby: "because i tooted."

then last week i had an off night at the theatre and allen was out of town, so i took the kids up there to watch some of the other cast rehearse for the show to see how other parts were coming along. my friend katie and i were sitting there with the kids, and we smelled this really bad fishy smell. we looked at each other at the same time...
katie: "do you smell that?"
me: "yeah, its bad."
colby: "its probably the toot i just did. excuse me."
me: "its not a toot smell, colby, but thanks for owning it."

turns out the guy behind us brought his dinner in with him and there was shrimp in it, explaining the fishy smell. ick. bad choice in close quarters for those of you who may find yourself wanting to eat shrimp in a small building with other people. just sayin.

on another note, the kids have starte their extra-curriculars, so we're officially part of the "im just the chauffer" club. colbys doing swim team. well, more like prep to be on swim team. mollys doing an hour of dance, which she loves. i'll try to get some pictures of her up at some point. colbys hard to get to at his practice, as far as getting a good picture goes, but i can probably get a few of mojo.
they're getting so big!! molly turns four in november and colby turns six next month. he's lost two teeth now, and has two more loose.
we've been talking birthday party preparations and it looks like we're going to have a ballerina and bug party. they're birthdays are a week apart and for now they're still ok doing a joint party as long as they each get their own cake. looks like we'll have plenty of leftovers. which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it--and how strong my self discipline happens to be that day.

i hope everyones doing well as we enter into fall, and finally maybe perhaps start to see some cooler temperatures.
have a great weekend!!!