Sunday, September 25, 2011

threesixfive, days 258 thru 264

hope you had a great week! we certainly did. i'll get right to the pictures.

sunday, day 258
as many of you know we redid mollys room a few months ago. i just got around to putting something above her window. her naked curtain rod has been mocking me for several weeks, so i tied several different ribbons to it and called it a day. i think it turned out pretty good.

monday, day 259
i got a call from my friend emily monday afternoon. she was supposed to go take a test that evening and her babysitter backed out at the very last minute, so she brought her girls over (her older daughter is mollys best friend) for a few hours. colby was SO good with katie (18 months). he loves babies, and i loved watching him love on her. he found little things to let her help him with and was so patient. im hoping thats a foreshadowing of the excellent daddy he'll be someday.

tuesday, day 260
i laid out all my ingredients for dinner and was proud of how fabulously healthy it all looked. unfortunately it also tasted very healthy. :-/ not a huge hit.

wednesday, day 261
allen preached today in church, and we've recently started filming promo videos to put on the churches facebook page a few days before. zach came over to film it in our front yard; colby and molly got to be in it.

thursday, day 262
happy 10th anniversary to us! allen blindfolded me as soon as we got in the car (not a bad picture for not being able to see anything!) and we ended up at the same exact spot he proposed. he recreated our proposal and got down on his knee again and everything. :-) it was a sweet night, and i'm looking forward to 50 more years with that man.

friday, day 263

i walked into colbys room to put some laundry away, and found him (after several seconds) sitting just like this on his bed. i guess he was pretending to be a stuffed animal...or hiding...whatever it was it worked. i really didnt notice him sitting there at first. goofy kid.

saturday, day 264

we went to dinner tonight with a big group to celebrate our friend chris's 40th birthday. a fun way to wrap up the week.

hope you have a fabulous last week of september! im looking forward to cooler weather and hopefully some more rain soon enough. if nothing else i'll get a taste of fall when we go to maine in a couple weeks. that cant get here fast enough!

be blessed!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

threesixfive, days 251 thru 257

we had a pretty normal week. i've recently become addicted to pinterest. its like crack for a crafty person, or even a wannabe, which is more what i am. so many things on there make me think i can actually do some pretty cool stuff. case in point: see saturdays picture....but not yet! you have to look at sunday thru friday first!

sunday, day 251
i finished my fabric wreath sunday afternoon, and hung it on the front door. im pretty pleased with it.

monday, day 252
today was my pawpaws 86th birthday. the kids and i took him to lunch, and downtown to the lyndon b. johnson presidential museum. we had a fun afternoon, and everyone was sufficiently worn out.

tuesday, day 253
after we finished up school, we made a last minute trip to the pool; perhaps the last of the year. not becuase its not still hot enough (it definitely is!), but because we dont really have the time now that we're back into our school routine.

wednesday, day 254

awanas started back up tonight, so the verses went up on the board. colby didnt finish his book last year, so he has a bit of catching up to do before hes on pace with the other kids. :-/

thursday, day 255

colby wasnt feeling very good thursday morning, and was just kind of icky off and on all day. i think its his allergies. anyway, at one point he crawled under the covers in my bed, and molly curled up next to him to make him feel better. i love moments like these.

friday, day 256

it rained!!! finally after 4 months it rained!! it was a light rain, and only lasted about ten minutes, but it was glorious! youd have thought it was snowing unicorns or something from the way we all reacted.

saturday, day 257


my melted crayon art!!! i got the idea off pinterest, and it worked fabulously. its now hanging on the wall in the schoolroom. hooray!

i hope everyone has a great week! allen and i celebrate our 10th anniversary on thursday, but other than that it will be a standard week around here.

be blessed!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

threesixfive, days 244 thru 250

we had another busy but super fun week. i'll get straight to the pictures!

sunday, day 244
we got to swim in the pool at the dell diamond during the game, and allen invited all the youth workers. this is our friend justine. shes awesome!

monday, day 245
happy labor day! it was a beautiful day here--didnt get above 100 and stayed in the 80's till about noon. we spent the morning outside flying kites, playing with sidewalk chalk, etc. fall is so close i can almost smell it!

tuesday, day 246
my mom invited us for a last minute trip to the zoo, so we did school in the car on the way there (its about an hour and a half drive) and spent the rest of the day with the animals. they were really vocal and active! i think they can smell fall coming, too. :-) the first picture is molly and my mom swinging like monkeys. the second one is a meerkat. i couldve sat there and watched those things all day.

wednesday, day 247

allen and i have been putting spare change in a jar for ten years with the idea of cashing it in for our tenth anniversary, which is in a couple weeks. i spent a few hours counting and rolling coins, then took them to the bank for our prize. we'll have plenty of spending money on our trip to maine!

thursday, day 248

i found a recipe on pinterest and happened to have the ingredients to make it. broccoli cheese bites. yum! 16oz frozed chopped broccoli thawed (i used fresh steamed), 2 eggs, 1 cup bread crumbs, 1 & 1/2 cups shredded cheese, salt to taste. mix it all together and make patties, then cook them on a wax paper baking sheet at 375 for 30 minutes, flipping halfway through. theyre delicious.

friday, day 249

im making a fabric wreath. after much deliberation and time at the fabric store, i finally commited to the method and fabic choices. its coming along nicely, although my fingers hate me for picking burlap. :-/ i'll share a picture of it when its done and hanging on my front door.

saturday, day 250
last week i saw these acorn treats on one of your blogs (sarahs maybe?). i, along with the help of allen and the kids, made a tray of them to take to a football party tonight. i hope they'll be a hit.

i hope everyone is enjoying the slightly cooler weather, or much cooler depending on where you're at. we've been keeping up with all the wildfires in the news this week; thats all happening right around us, although we havent been directly affected we know people that have. we continue to pray for rain daily, and that no one else will be harmed by the drought and fires that are so rampant down here.

have a blessed week!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

threesixfive, days 237 thru 243

the first part of this week wrapped up camp mimi, where each kiddo got to spend 3 days with my mother in law all to themselves. we exchanged colby for molly on monday, and by thursday morning everyone was back home safe if not completely sound. ;-) but seriously, they love their time down there and we enjoy having each of them solo for a few days, too. my pictures are a bit off this week. i know i got wednesday and thursday switched, but i upload the pics first for a faster layout, and its too difficult to go back and change it, so we'll have to deal.

sunday, day 237
i watched the youth worker kids for allens meeting sunday night and one of the girls made a baby hotel.

monday, day 238
allen and i finished our second puzzle, and i glued it all together. i'm going to have to figure out where to put them!

tuesday, day 239

yes, its a picture of jake eating. sorry. i was desperate this week. :-/

wednesday, day 240

(this is actually thursday) i took the kids back to that tea house (ive mentioned before) after a trip to the library. i love that they play while i sit and read. get a clue starbucks.

thursday, day 241
back in may i did an entire post about a particular word (pictured here) that i wont even bother to mention, except to say that i still say it exactly the way it looks, even in my head when i read. to read the post click here.

friday, day 242

gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches are "the thing" right now, so i decided to try one of my own. i made a pesto tomato grilled cheese sandwich and used white cheddar. oh. my. word. heaven between two slices of white bread. i'm actually making them for dinner again tonight. try it. please.

saturday, day 243

for ten years allen and i have been having the same....discussion, about the toothpaste tube. i squeeze it right in the middle which drives him halfway crazy. my hands arent big enough to squeeze from the bottom unless i use both hands, requiring me to lay my toothbrush on the counter, which would be ludicrous. the other night, much to my demise, i noticed this little tidbit on the tube. how dare you aquafresh?!? youve lost my business. i will be making further toothpaste purchases from a company thats not prejudice against people with small hands.

this week molly starts dance, and co-op kicks back up on friday. fun times will be had by all.

be blessed!!