Sunday, July 29, 2012

threesixfive, week 30

hi everyone! i seem to be consistently getting these up on sunday instead of saturday. i need to work on that....
allen was gone all week to sugar hill, GA on a world changers mission trip with a large group of our students. i took the kids to my parents for a few days, and the day after we got home molly got sick, so i spent the rest of the week on the couch with her. let me tell you, its no fun being a single parent with a sick kid when you have a perfectly healthy kid cooped up in the house going stir crazy!! I'm so grateful for my sweet friends, zach and april, for letting me take colby over to their house yesterday afternoon so he could play with their boys, and not sit in front of the t.v. for a 3rd day! its hard to send him to his room to play when the t.v.'s on while mo and i are parked on the couch. sheesh. needless to say, i was SO glad when allen got home yesterday evening.
with all that going on, i still managed to get a picture each day! yay me!

my parents cute new house in rowlett. i took a bunch of pictures of the inside. i may get those up this week for those of you that know them and are interested; my mom is such a good decorator.

we went to the bass pro shop and had a scavenger hunt. my mom made a list of things we had to take pictures of, and i was a team with molly, and dad and colby were a team. molly and my dad, however, were perfectly content to just hang out on the camp massage recliners.

we took the kids to hobby lobby to pick out a craft project. colby picked a model airplane (his first), but he wanted papaws help with it, so he didn't get to do his project until that evening.

the kids' dentist office is having a contest for the furthest and/or most creative place to take a picture brushing your teeth, so i stopped at the texas state fairgrounds on our way out of town and got this shot. allen had an idea, too, so this may not be the one we submit for the contest, but its still cute. :-)
for those of you that aren't from texas, this is an iconic texas symbol; the big blue ferris wheel.

our friends the welch's just adopted a guinea pig, and invited us over to meet her. she's super cute, and friendly. the kids loved her. on a side note, this is when i noticed molly was running a fever. it went from normal to about 101 or 102 on the twenty minute drive to their house.

this was how the rest of thursday, friday, and saturday looked for us...and sunday (today), too for that matter. she got up to 104.2 at one point, and just sleeps on the couch all day. no other symptoms. my friend who's a pediatric nurse practitioner says its probably just a nasty virus. I'm hoping she's almost through it, bless her heart.

yay!!! allens home!!!!! tired, tan, and hairy. i like him with a beard, but he says its coming off. no one in their right mind has a full beard in texas in august.

pray for my sweet girl. she's ready to be healthy, and I'm ready for her to be healthy, too!! we're done with all the events and traveling for the summer. we'll start school in about two weeks.
enjoy the last few weeks of your summer!!
check back here for pictures of my parents house in the next few days of you're interested.

be blessed!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

threesixfive, week 29

our week flew by before i even knew what happened!
allen left this morning for youth mission trip to sugar hill, GA, so the kids and i are going to see my parents for a few days.

here are our pictures this week.

epic fail. no picture.

i bought this bag cheap at ross last week. I've had the same messenger style purse for about a year and a half, and its a clearance rack target bag, so at this point its definitely seen better days.
i like having the option of wearing my bag/purse on my body, especially when I'm on a day trip with the kids or someone. this is a backpack purse, and after about a week of carrying, I'm sold. its fabulous. i don't know that i'll ever carry a "normal" purse again, unless I'm getting fancy for something. this had been a great 'everyday' bag.

we went to sea world with some friends. their older daughter is one of mollys best friends. we were there all day. we had a great time, though. it was a lot of fun being there with another family.

so....the mushrooms aren't doing so well. its taken 2 weeks (we were supposed to have significant, enough to eat growth in about ten days) and this is all we've gotten; one sad pitiful little floret. is that the right word??
I'm going to send an email and a picture to the company, and cross my fingers that they'll send us another box. after what we spent on this thing, i want some mushrooms, dang it.

mardel had 20% off all their education stuff, so i went and loaded up. having to get stuff for both kids this year (mollys starting kindergarten) about put me over the edge. i survived though, and made it out with just about everything i need without putting us in the poor house. barely.

then i spent the better part of the day friday working on getting my lesson plans written up and the first month of worksheets, projects, coloring pages, etc, filed away so they're ready when we need them.

we took colby to have him evaluated for swim team. he graduated from the swim school in may, but they haven't participated in anything this summer because we've been gone so much. not 100% sure yet if he'll swim in the fall. team is a whole other ball game than just going once a week for school. but we did what we needed to do to get him evaluated and see where he'll be should we decide to commit.

heading north for a few days. have a blessed week!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

threesixfive, week 28

hi everyone!
sorry I'm getting this up a bit later than usual. our cable and internet has been out since last night and just came back up this afternoon.
its rained here pretty much every day this week, which made it interesting for kids camp, where colby was from monday thru thursday from 830 to 330. they managed though; just had to take cover a few times. molly and i took advantage of colbys absence and had lots of girly playmates.
allens birthday was saturday, but we had a birthday party for a little boy and i had a wedding shower, so it was really just kind of an average saturday. 
it was a good week to be around here without a lot of stuff pressing for our time.
we have another low-key week this week, and allen leaves next sunday for mission trip to georgia. i think the kids and i may go up and see my parents for a few days that week. its still to be determined.

time for pictures...

colby was called up to help with the music in kids252.

a very windy storm blew thru monday evening. we got out to run an errand after dinner and saw this as we got into the car to leave. one of allens friends came later to help him get it back down, but they ended having to wait till the next day when he could get a little more man power. not sure the trampoline is usable anymore. we haven't had a chance to try it yet because of the weather.

this greenbelt is out next to our house (one house over, actually), and is usually bone dry. this is what its looked like most of the week.

mollys friend avery came over for the afternoon. they asked if they could have a tea party, but neither of them like tea, so it was actually a water party.

a friend of ours was cleaning out a closet and found this picture in one of her books. i guess one of us had borrowed it and used the picture for a bookmark. i put it on the fridge. i love that little face.

the kids and i went to REI to get allens birthday gift; a pair of sanook flip flops. theres a cool little play area the kids hang out in whenever i go in there to get anything.

my parents were in town and took us to breakfast for allens birthday. my mom showed colby and molly how to leg wrestle.

its still raining here, even as i type this. its supposed to rain thru tuesday. not that I'm complaining. we certainly need it!!
have a great week, and if you're a local, try to stay dry!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

threesixfive, week 27

back to camp for a week. this time with allen being the camp pastor, 
and we had the kiddos in tow. ryan, allens youth intern, went with us 
so he could shadow allen and help out during the week.

we left for camp zephyr as soon as church was over and we
grabbed some lunch.i was trying to get a picture of the three of 
them working on their respective projects, but molly caught me 
and decided to....pose.

the sign of a true PK; they can keep themselves entertained 
waiting for a service to start. leapfrog anyone?

we found this little guy near our room and kept an eye on 
him all week. by the time we left, he had formed a chrysalis. 
i would've loved to see what kind of butterfly he becomes.

4th of July late night event! i let the kids stay up for this one. 
there was a bubble machine, lots of different games, roasted 
corn, and of course fireworks.

the kids were absolutely zapped after a week of hot days and 
late nights. i couldn't resist capturing this moment. let be noted 
that when they're trying to fall asleep, molly alerts me if colbys 
even remotely close to touching her.

another sleeping picture; this one on the way home.
i told you they were exhausted.

we went to our city's "market day" and picked up some 
goodies. fresh basil, tomatoes, and a 'grow your own 
mushroom' kit. 

its so good to be home. colby has kids kamp starting 
monday--his first year to go!
molly and i will take advantage of the girl time while he's 
gone during the day. 
other than that we have a pretty mellow week ahead.

be blessed!!