Monday, July 7, 2008

colbys prayer

i don't post more than once a day, but i had to share this conversation i had with colby at bedtime. we always end our day by me asking colby what he's thankful for and then we incorporate that into our bedtime prayer. so this is how it went tonight....

me: "colby, what are you thankful for today?"
colby: "i'm thankful for you, and me, and daddy, and molly, and all the people in the town."
me: "ok, very good. anything else?"
colby: "i'm thankful for the food. and our mouths. and our noses. and our eyeballs. and our hair."
me: "what about daddy? he doesn't have any hair."
colby: "no he doesn't. i'm thankful for his bald head. and then he had a mohawk. now it's gone and he has hair on his face."
me: "yes, thats right."
colby: "i'm thankful for brutus and bliss." (my parents dogs)
me: "ok, thats good."
colby: "are brutus and bliss gonna die?"
me: "well, they will die someday, but not anytime soon probably."
colby: "but they're old."
me: "they are old, but they'll probably live lots more days." (that sentence doesnt make any sense, but give me a break; he's 3)
colby: "like maybe 2 more days?"
me: "well, probably more than that."
colby: "mimi's old." (mimi is allens mom)
me: "well, yes. mimi is kind of old." (i truly didn't know what to say...sorry mimi)
colby: "is mimi gonna die?"
me: "someday mimi will die, but hopefully she'll live a long long time."
colby: "i love mimi very much. lets pray that mimi lives a lot of more days."

so we did.
the end.


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The Day's said...

So sweet - I love it! These conversations that you post between ya'll and Colby make me hope this baby is a sweet, entertaining little boy!

Dawn said...

Super sweet!

I'd almost forgotten how much fun toddler/preschooler conversations can be. I don't have those kinds so much with my teens. Ha! (Thank goodness, right?!)

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