Saturday, May 30, 2009

project 365, week 22!!!

welcome to week 22 in pictures!
we had quite a week; a wedding on sunday, memorial day, colbys last day of school, me feeling really stupid a birthday party on thursday, baby shower saturday. to top it all off molly decided to start crib hopping and ended up graduating to a toddler bed on thursday night. its been quite eventful and i hate that my pictures dont really capture all the stuff thats been going on around here this week. i blogged about the craziness on thursday though, so if you're truly interested you can check it out...its been one of those weeks.

SUNDAY, may 24th
colby was down to his underwear (he had spaghettios for lunch-nuf said) and had me tie a blanket around his neck. then he started jumping from the chair onto the couch (yes, i let my children abuse my furniture). with his makeshift cape, he totally looked like he was flying.

MONDAY, may 25th
after a morning of yardwork and laundry, we went to some friends house to swim and eat dinner. i somehow neglected to take any pictures all day, so i snapped this on the way home. its allen and colby driving alongside myself and molly. allen had to come a little later so we were in seperate cars.

TUESDAY, may 26th
an update on the birds: they are all grown up and flying around. every year once the babies start flying they all move out and i dont see them till next spring. however, i noticed yesterday that they're making their nest bigger, so maybe they plan on staying awhile. i like having them around, but at the same time theres the whole 'poop issue'.

WEDNESDAY, may 27th
today was colbys last day of school, so all the parents were there for a short program and preschool graduation for the kids moving on to kindergarden next year. each of the kids not graduating was assigned an animal to dress up as, and they recited the alphabet with animals. colbys the good looking fish. check out the giraffe! that kid could barely move.

THURSDAY, may 28th
two pictures!
we went to my parents house for dinner with them and my grandparents.
the first picture is my papaw (hes 84 years young) and my parents dog brutus.
the second one is colby standing on top of allens car, showing off his muscles. right after i took this he jumped off the car to allen. i guess its a guy thing.....

FRIDAY, may 29th
some friends of ours went out for their anniversary and we had given them a free night of babysitting, so they cashed it in. lane kept us company all evening, and the kids enjoyed having him here.

SATURDAY, may 30th
two pictures again!
the first is colby being goofy at the baby shower. say "cheese".
the second is me and my two best friends from high school. zach and i have actually been best friends since about 9th grade and haley became my best friend around 11th grade. she was my maid of honor and he was a 'bridesman'; stood on my side and everything. we are still great friends to this day. he and i had a water fight (we must have reverted back to middle school for a second), and he won. thats why i'm wet and he pretty much isnt. :)

monday we head to the beach for senior trip. every year all the seniors with 80% (or higher) sunday school attendance are eligible for senior trip to port aransas. we usually go the last week of may, but school is getting out later this year, so we're outta here on monday. since allen is the youth pastor, our whole family gets to go!! mollys never been to the beach, so i'm really excited. i'm sure next weeks pictures will be great!

until next time.....

Friday, May 29, 2009

and the winner is....

today is my blogs 1 year birthday!! i can't believe i've been doing this for a year. i almost cant remember not doing it, so in that sense it feels like its been longer than that.

in honor of the anniversary i announced my very first giveaway a month ago.
the winner receives a 1 year subscription to Family Fun magazine--my favorite for arts and crafts with my kids.

i did the random generator thing, but i dont know how to post it where it shows that i did it, so ya'll will just have to trust me. :)

the winner is Liz at Trusting in Him!! congrats girl! i hope you enjoy it as much as we do!!

have a great weekend everybody! see you tomorrow for 365.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

one of those weeks

for the last few days molly has been acting...weird, not herself, unusual, odd, take your pick.
mainly shes been cranky and hasnt had much of an appetite. i thought maybe she was getting her 2 year molars, which i guess she very well could be, but neither of my kids had issues with teething so i dont even know what that would look like for them.

i guess technically it started on tuesday. monday is the usual grocery shopping day, but with it being memorial day we postponed it till tuesday morning.
i had both of the kids with me and they were in rare form. they were whining and arguing and messing with each other, and 'i want i want i want' the whole time.
drive. me. crazy.
at one point molly was being particularly whiny and colby looked at her in all seriousness and said, "you need to stop that cause its not gonna happen." you tell her, colby! i had to turn my head so they wouldnt see me laughing.
the whole rest of the day was just like that. when molly woke up from her nap she was in tears over how badly she 'needed' to ride the 4-wheeler. i didnt say no, i just told her we'd do it when it got a little bit cooler outside that evening. she sat in her room wailing for about 15 mintues.
the rest of that day was uneventful, but thats probably because my friend haley came over so it made the evening go by faster. (thanks, girl!)

wednesday was colbys end of the year program and party at school, so we went to that. the class went outside to play with sidewalk chalk and blow bubbles. molly managed to pour a whole bottle of bubble juice (liquid, soap, what is that stuff?) all over her arms and dress so allen had to take her in and de-soap her. when we came back in for lunch she wandered into another classrooms party without us realizing it so i freaked out a little bit until i found her a few minutes later (i knew she couldnt have gone far).
we came home, she took a nap. no problem.
i checked the mail while she was resting and had an invitation to a party that happened to be the next morning (that would be today. i should be getting ready instead of blogging.). not the senders fault. we hadnt checked our mail in many many many days. i called allen and told him i might be late to church because i had to do a last minute target run for a birthday present.
i got the kids dressed and molly wanted to go outside and blow bubbles in the backyard. i told her she could, and i left the door open so she could get back in if she needed to. i figured she'd spill some and get it on her dress, but i wasnt too concerned.
i went and got myself dressed, got my purse, keys, colby, then went out to get molly and go.
she had poured the entire (it was brand new, totally full) bottle of bubbles over her head.
me: "oh, molly! what did you do??"
molly: "i have bubbles." (rubbing her hand around on her sticky bubble head)
me: "why did you pour bubbles on your hair?"
molly: "cause i want to."
this is her answer for pretty much every 'why' question. its usually cute.
i took her in and stuck her head under the kitchen sink and washed the bubble soap out the best i could. she still smelled a little...bubbly. home. bed.
some of the college freshman that are home for the summer came over to play games around 9pm. we were sitting there chatting, waiting on everyone to get there, when i hear molly crying.
only its not coming from her room. shes very obvioulsly out of her room and getting closer.
freaked me out. theres nothing weirder than hearing your kid crying and having this sense of 'somethings not right' before you figure out whats going on.
i got up and she came around the corner crying hard and stuck her arms in the air for me to pick her up. i held her for a minute, checked to make sure she wasnt hurt, then went and put her back in her bed.

right after she turned 2, there were about 3 nights in a row where she would get out of her bed in the middle of the night and we'd hear her crying. she wasnt able to open doors yet, so we'd go to check on her, find her out of her bed, put her back in and shed go back to sleep. like i said, it only happened a few times and she hasnt done it since.

so last night, i put her back in her bed and figured that was the end of it. not 5 mintues later, here she comes again. i put her on my lap and let her sit there for awhile, then all the other people that were there started holding her and she had a cookie and started being all cute and stuff. so she stayed up.
allen got home from church and tried laying down with her in our bed. but she wanted me. after everyone went home i layed down with her, but she wanted daddy. so we both layed down with her, but that wasnt really working either. i put her back in her bed, and she was back in our room 10 minutes later. allen took her back to her room and somehow got her to stay. then she came in again a little before 7 this morning.

so shes going on about 6 hours of sleep when she usually gets 12. shes not going to make through the day without passing out from exhaustion.
or maybe that will be me.

.....we just got back from the birthday party and i had a horrible 'i feel like an idiot' moment.
the party (for a little boy in colbys mothers day out class) was at jungle java, which i've mentioned on here before. its a coffee shop/cafe with a huge indoor playscape. the only catch is it's $8 per kid. this 'aint' mcdonalds.
we walked in and i said
me:"we're here for the party."
man behind the counter: "who do you have with you?"
me: "colby and molly"
man behind the counter: "ok, i have colby. mollys not on the guest list. should she be?"
me: "um...i think so." (why wouldnt she be?)
we go in, take our shoes off, and the kids are off and running. then one of the java employees comes up to me and says
java girl: "ma'am, your daughter is not on the guest list so you'll have to pay for her."
my first thought is 'what?? why isnt she on the guest list? shes only two. of course i'm going to bring her with me. i cant just leave her at home. its a birthday party at 10am on a weekday. what are we supposed to do with younger siblings???'
so i paid for her.
i mentioned it to my friend who was there with her little boy, she was saying that once they start school, they invite friends from their class, and because thats the only way they know each other, theres no basis or reason really to invite any siblings. that made sense and i realized that if i had a party and invited friends from colbys class, i wouldnt expect their 3 siblings to show up too, because they're not friends with my kid.
in light of this reality check, i felt dumb and presumptuous.
we stayed and played for three hours, even after the party was over. the kids had a great time. molly didnt collapse from exhaustion, although i did see some pretty big yawns.
we got home and i put molly down for her nap.
you'll never guess what she did....ok, you probably will.
hopped the crib and came right back out.
i picked her up and without a word put her back in.
we did that i bet 10 times, then i thought to put one of those child safety covers on the doorknow inside her room beacuse she cant work them. at least, i though she couldnt......
5 more times.
i finally sat on the floor just inside her room till she fell asleep. i was just about to sneak out when colby starts crying from the living room because he cant find me. it wakes molly up. i get him situated and am back on the floor in mollys room.
i finally told her i was leaving and she hasnt come out again.

what do i do with this child????
i'm done.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

for the american idol fans

i am a self proclaimed american idol junkie. i've auditioned, i've watched every season, and i've gone to the 'idols on tour' concert for the last 4 seasons.
this season was no different other than it being my favorite season so far (on a side note: the finale??? shutUP!! the best ever hands down and kara dioguardi going head to head with bikini girl pretty much made my year). i was a huge danny gokey fan. i guess i shouldnt say was since i still am. he's awesome and i could listen to him sing all day. i was very sad when he got voted off, but the light at the end of the tunnel was kris allen. i liked him more and more as the season progressed. i really thought the top three would be adam (winning), danny (runner up), and allison (3rd), with kris being a distant 4th. thats not necessarily how i wanted it, but thats how i thought it would go down.

this season brought to light the amount of Christian contestants there have been over the years, i guess because there were quite a few this season. and not only Christians, but leaders in their church. kris and danny were both worship pastors at their respective churches and i think i read or heard somewhere that scott was too (i wonder if they'll go back to that at all...). i read several articles and saw interviews with the various contestants (jason castro, mandeesa, and chris sligh to name a few), talking about where their faith 'fits in' to the contest and how it affects (or doesnt affect) their decisions about their songs and performances, etc.

i was getting my haircut saturday and the girl doing my hair asked me if watched american idol. i of course said yes, so we started talking about the show and the results. come to find out her sister lives in arkansas and goes to church where kris allen leads [led] worship. her sister had told her that he has a great voice and its so cool to see him on t.v., but when he's leading worship and singing to the Lord its a whole different level of awesome, because hes totally in his element.
this morning i got an email from a friend of mine with a link to a video of kris singing "God in this City" 3 days after he claimed the title of american idol. in light of all the hype coming off season 8, it is good to see him in his element.

so what do you think? do you think it would be difficult to balance your faith with secular fame? wheres the line between being musically relevant and honoring your contract but being faithful to your beliefs and morals at the same time?
i'm curious to see how this plays out over the next several months.

and for the record, i already bought my tickets to the idols on tour concert in july.
cant wait!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

project 365, week 21

happy week 21!!!
first of all, please please enter my giveaway!! i will announce the winner on friday the 29th, my 1 year blogiversary. :)
this was a pretty fun week. colby and molly came back from mimis on sunday afternoon and then mimi came to our house on thursday to see allens cousin graduate from UT friday afternoon. we had a wedding rehearsal thursday night and the wedding friday night, so she was able to watch the kids while we were at those two events as well. lots of dressing up this week, more or less. here we go....

SUNDAY, may 17th
after church i took the kids to my moms house to see grammie. colby fell asleep on the way home from her house, about 5 o'clock that evening. i guess a few days at mimis will wear even the best out!!

MONDAY, may 18th
theres nothing like grocery day, when everythings fresh. the grapes were really yummy this week; the kids plowed through them!

TUESDAY, may 19th
my 10 year high school reunion is a month away. wow! i finally paid the fee on tuesday.

WEDNESDAY, may 20th
our baby birds have grown and fluffed up quite a bit in the last week. i expect them to fly away any day now. they really are super cute, poop and all.

THURSDAY, may 21st
i took mimi and the kids to tokyo steakhouse for lunch. its a hibachi grill where they cook the food right there in front of you. the kids really enjoy it and mimi had never been to anything like that before, so she had a lot of fun too.

FRIDAY, may 22nd
the wedding we attended (allen actually officiated it) was at an event center in austin. it has a beautiful view of the lake and the ceremony was of course terrific! ;-)

SATURDAY, may 23rd
i bought the kids a pool at walmart on thursday afternoon and they've gone swimming every day since. today was no different.

have a fantastic week!! the Lord is blessing us with a lot of rain over the next couple of days. if you're getting it too, enjoy it! i think we're supposed to dry up before memorial day, so we'll still be able to cook out and swim (some more).
until next time.....

Monday, May 18, 2009

colbys way too smart...

when asked "colby where do you want to go more than anywhere else in the whole world?" his response almost without fail is "chuck-e-cheeses!! where a kid can be a kid!!"
to get the same answer from me, you would have to ask, 'amy, wheres the last place you'd like to go eat pizza?' but, i guess you dont go to chuck-e-cheese for the pizza. you go to spend $50 in tokens so your kids can turn all their tickets in for a 'prize' that might be worth 10 cents, and will undoubtedly break before you get home.
at any rate, we've been to chuck-e-cheese 2 times ever. the first time we went 'just because'. colby had seen the commercial a few times and kept asking and asking so we finally took him. the other time was grammies treat to get the kids out of the house while daddy was out of town.
colby still asks frequently if we can please go to 'chuck-e-cheese, where a kid can be a kid', but we tell him chuck-e-cheese is a place to go for a special occasions. its one of those places thats best when you're celebration something.
i promise this is going somewhere.....
colby and molly spent the last part of last week at mimis house, with the main event being a campout in the backyard. lots of fun and eating of smores and watermelon from what i'm told.
mimi will be coming back to our house on thursday of this week for cousin justins graduation from UT on friday.

so, last night i'm putting colby to bed and we're talking about his time at mimis house and he gets a little choked up talking about how much he misses mim and wants to see her again. i reminded him that shes coming to our house in 4 days and was trying to get his mind on something else to stop the tears.
me: "hey! where do you want to take mimi when she comes to visit us? i'm sure we'll have some time to go do something fun with her."
colby: "lets take her to chuck-e-cheeses!! where a kid can be a kid!!!"
me: "well, colby, chuck-e-cheese is for celebrations."
colby: "i want to celebrate how much i love mimi." is he a little toot or what? i dont doubt his sincerity (with huge, wet, brown eyes to match), but how did he even come up with that?
not sure what will happen. mimis babysitting the kids thursday and friday nights so allen and i can go to a rehearsal and wedding, then friday day is the graduation and lunch beforehand. we'll have to see if we can squeeze a 'love celebration' somewhere in there.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

project 365, week 20

another week gone by.
still loving the nose ring. it stopped oozing and bleeding by tuesday, so thats always a good thing i suppose. i have two reckless children, so the less people we have bleeding around here, the better i always say. or something like that.

its been a fun week, but different. allens mom has been wanting to take the kids to houston to do a campout in their backyard, and it just so happens this week was the time that worked out best for everyone's schedules. allen is preaching sunday (tomorrow), so we met them halfway when colby got out of school on wednesday and they will bring the kids back with them when they come to hear him preach tomorrow. the fun thing has been that today is my birthday (yay for that!), so i've been kind of celebrating all week long. i took full advantage of a few days without my kids to get some scrapbooking done, a little shopping, a little reading, dinner with friends, etc. its been really great. alas, i miss my munchkins and am ready for them to be home again!!

i have been sorely disappointed in myself these past couple months. i dont know whats happened, but i've lost the writing 'spark'. i dont feel like i have anything funny or creative to say, so i havent been blogging other than the 365 on saturday night/sunday. i need to get some creative juices flowing, or maybe put myself and my children in undeniably disastrous and compromising situations that will turn out good blogging material. we'll see how that goes.

heres the week...

SUNDAY, may 10th
allen is the chaplain for the round rock express baseball team. they had a homestand against the texas rangers triple a team out of oklahoma this past weekend. josh hamilton, center fielder for the rangers, was sent down on a rehab assignment, so when allen went to do chapel for the visiting team on sunday, josh was in there and allen got to meet him. he was soooo excited!!!
oh, and so was allen. ;-)
MONDAY, may 11th
every spring, these pretty little (pooping, lots of pooping) birds come and build a nest up under the eave of our front porch (not sure about that phraseology). every year i knock it down after they're gone. last year i didnt knock it down, thinking that if the old nest is still there theyd go find somewhere else to poop, i mean live. 'not so,' said the birds, 'we love living (and pooping) on your front porch. we'll just use the old nest.' and so they have. but, and i suppose this is the silver lining, i looked up monday afternoon and saw 4 little baby bird heads peeking up over the side of the nest. 4 baby birds in addition to momma and daddy bird means there are now 6 birds pooping on my porch, but it also means major cuteness. did i mention all the poop?
you can see one of the babies in this picture and the mom is feeding them something delicious, i'm sure.

TUESDAY, may 12th
our first trip to the pool this year!! colby was swimming pretty good by the end of last summer, mostly with his life jacket on. tuesday he told me he didnt need his life jacket anymore. i wasnt too sure, but then i couldnt find it, so i didnt argue.
it took him a little bit to remember, but he finally got the hang of it and did great!
molly is another story, and is going to give me at least 5 or 6 gray hairs before the summer is over!!

WEDNESDAY, may 13th
i'm singing sunday morning, so i had to go to rehearsal wednesday night. i'm so looking forward to it. we usually have a praise team with about 6 people, but dad (hes the worship leader) is doing it a little different this week, and another guy is leading worship with dad and i doing vocals. it'll be fun!

THURSDAY, may 14th
my first full day to myself. i spent a lot of it scrapbooking.

FRIDAY, may 15th
we had our best friends over for dinner (these are the same couples we spend new years eve with every year). this is a picture of april, myself, and lauren.

SATURDAY, may 16th
my 28th birthday!! my parents gave me a hobby lobby gift card. always a great choice.

have a fantastic week!!!! only 2 more weeks to enter my giveaway!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

project 365, week 19...and one of the best days ever

i spent the day with one of my most favorite people in the world, casey. my amazingly wonderful husband let me have the whole day off to go do whatever, and boy did we!
we started off with breakfast at kerbey lane cafe (a really big deal in austin, but having lived here for 15 years, i'd never managed to eat there). i ate the best breakfast i've ever had without question. eggs francisco and gingerbread pancakes.
then i got my nose pierced. yes, you read correctly.
i had it done about 4 years ago, but it fell out in the process of my doing Beauty & the Beast, and i never had it redone. so today was the day. it hurt. i love it.
this is me before my piercing. i was nervous.
and the after! its pretty teeny.
then we went to petticoat fair, another place casey insisted i needed to make a part of my life.
its basically a lingerie store, with their focus being on finding the perfect bra fit. i wont go into details, but let me just say WHAT? my life has officially changed for the better. and so has my bra size. here we are waiting for my fitting at petticoat fair. i love that you can see the sexy mannequin behind us.
then we went dress shopping. we have 3 outdoor weddings to go to in the next couple of months and i really wanted something summery (is that a word) and breezy to wear. i got two and was going to let allen decide which one to keep but he told me i can keep both of them!! woo hoo!
after that we went to ztejas for dinner; my favorite restaraunt in the whole world. their tortilla soup will change your life. ok, so thats a bit of an exaggeration, but its really good. casey hadnt ever been so it was fun for me to order for her like she did for me at breakfast.
after a fun filled day of shopping and eating (2 of my very favorite things to do), i came home to my wonderful husband and kids who spent the day together and had a great time as well!
now we're going to curl up together on the loveseat and catch up on some of our dvr'd shows. what a great day!!

project 365.....

SUNDAY, may 3rd
we got a letter sent home in colbys backpack last week that hes supposed to dress as a fish for his end of the year mothers day out program. he has a giant fish pillow, so i gutted it and cut head and arm holes. instant fish costume.

MONDAY, may 4th
colby and i had am impromptu photo shoot during mollys nap. we got some pretty funny shots, but i thought this one was cute.

TUESDAY, may 5th
molly was playing outside teusday and got into an ant bed. she got about 20 bites on her right foot. i felt so bad for her. i doped her up with benadryl and put her down for a nap. by the time she woke up she had mostly recovered. the caladryl was a good friend for a few days. i should have taken a picture of her foot right after it happened, but my brain was on my baby girl feeling better.

WEDNESDAY, may 6th
this is casey and i watching american idol late wednesday night after church and my kids' bedtime. we dont look very lovely, but i needed a picture for the day.

THURSDAY, may 7th
i noticed today that our tomato plant is actually growing tomatoes! i cant believe it!! hopefully they'll get big and red and we'll be able to slice them up and eat them on a sandwich!

FRIDAY, may 8th
we went to the round rock express baseball game (they're the triple a team for the houston astros). some friends of ours (he's the 'voice of the express' which means he announces the games) were having their little boys 1st bday party in the owners suite so we watched most of the game from up there. we also got to hear my dads quartet sing the national anthem before the game. i recorded it, so hoepfully i can post it in the next day or so. they did awesome!

SATURDAY, may 9th
the original kerbey lane cafe. on kerby lane. in austin. YUM-O! serves the best breakfast ever.
have a blessed week and happy mothers day!!!
make sure you enter my giveaway!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

all the homeless babies

we were on our way home from church on sunday and colby asks me from the backseat,
colby: "mommy, do we know any homeless babies?"
me: "i...don'" (what?)
colby: "well, do we know any homeless mommies?"
me: "i think everyone we know has a home, love." (what the heck is he talking about?)
colby: "ugh!! mommy, i'm supposed to collect money to give to all the homeless babies!!"
me: "what?"
then i look back at him and see him holding up the empty baby bottle and it all makes sense.

our church supports a crisis pregnancy center here in town called the agape pregnancy resource center. for the past few weeks we've been handing out empty baby bottles for people to bring back filled with money that will be donated to the agape ministry.
apparently colby took my moms bottle from her after church. i, however, was not aware of this, so was very confused, as you can imagine, at the questions he was asking about homeless babies.
my mom explained to him what the money would go to, but somewhere in all that he got the impression that they're homeless. in reality, most of the cases are low income single mothers, and agape provides them with maternity clothes, diapers, formula, and other 'baby supplies', as well as ministry and counseling.

i explained again what the arpc is, but he's still been telling people he's raising money for homeless babies. hes taken the bottle with him the past couple of days while we're out running errands so he can ask people for donations, and he's been wanting us to give him chores so he can earn money. it's been so cool to watch him work so hard for this. he has such a sweet little heart.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

project 365, week 18

may is here!! i cant believe the year is almost halfway over!
i'm doing my very first giveaway in honor of my one year blog anniversary. i probably announced it a bit prematurely, but i'm so excited! click here to get details and enter!!

i'm sure you've heard about the swine flu pandemic. some schools have closed down here and all school extracurriculars have been cancelled (sports activities, concerts, etc.)
maybe i should be more worried, but i'm just not. the fear, or lack thereof, of this flu has not caused me to change anything in my daily routine. what about you? do you think its more media hype than anything else, or do you get concerned when you hear about these sorts of things?

heres our week...

SUNDAY, april 26th
we went to which wich for dinner and let the kids play on the playscape outside afterwards. they love playing hide and seek. molly always skips 4 when she counts.

MONDAY, april 27th
we went to dinner with some friends. colby ordered salad as his side and actually ate some of it!

TUESDAY, april 28th
i LOVE homemade guacamole, and make it at least once a week when they're in season. it's kind of become our 'monday night thing' to have quesedillas and guac for dinner, but since we went out monday night, we had it for lunch on tuesday. YUM!!!

WEDNESDAY, april 29th
my mom offered to pick colby up from mdo, so molly and i had some extra time after i worked out and showered to 'go play' before grammie and colby got back home. we went to the outlet mall, old navy, and hobby lobby. she wanted pizza but the subway at the outlet doesnt have the personal pizzas, so we had to go with plan b; the giant slice of 'mall pizza'. i'm not even kidding when i tell you she ate the whole slice!! look at that thing; its bigger than her head!

THURSDAY, april 30th
why am i even posting this picture?!? its the only one i took on thursday, so unfortunately i dont have a choice. my husbands head is on the left. our friend matts head is on the right. allen wanted to put their heads together and see if it looked like, well you can probably guess.
and of course i was right there with my camera. charming, yes?

FRIDAY, may 1st

its may! hooray! we saw a turkey vulture down in the drainage ditch next to our house, so we went down to investigate (i.e. look for a dead animal). we didnt find anything, and we scared the bird away. while we were down there the kids wanted to play in the water. i'm sure its not terribly sanitary, but i assure you they were scrubbed with soap immediately afterward. :)

SATURDAY, may 2nd

i cant remember the last time i cleaned my house all at the same time; its been months. i usually only get to do one thing at a time, so the house is never all clean. i spent 5 hours today cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. hard work but it is sooo nice to know my house is immaculate! i could eat off my floors...and i'm sure at least one of my kids will tomorrow. :)

have a fantastic week and dont forget to enter the giveaway!!