Sunday, August 28, 2011

threesixfive, days 230 thru 236

we officially started school this week and it went really well. i love the curriculum we're using, and colby, for the most part, has been very cooperative and agreeable with all the reading and writing 1st grade has required of him so far. mollys jumping right in, too. i think i'm going to order the kindergarden workbooks for her that colby did last year, because what i have for her is way too easy. shes been eavesdropping on colbys lessons and answering a bunch of his questions for him, so i'm thinking something to keep her a bit more occupied would be helpful for me, although maybe not for colby. ;-)
here are the pictures for the week.....

sunday, day 230
we got home from church and had nothing to do the rest of the day. it was glorious. we broke out into spontaneous wrestling mid-afternoon.

monday, day 231
allen took the kids to the ballpark before dinner to participate in the city-wide rain dance. thats why spike (the mascot) is holding the umbrella and wearing a poncho. unfortunately it didnt work. :-(

tuesday, day 232

molly had me put together a tea party for her and colby. she doesnt like tea, though, so she had sunny d. colby had (cold) tea....and i didnt have tea biscuits or whatever youre supposed to have with tea, so fig newtons had to do.

wedensday, day 233

my birds arent near as pretty as the bugs birds, but there they are...actually theyre not pretty at all...but we have a rabbit!

thursday, day 234

random train. i liked the different colored cars.

friday, day 235

today we met mimi halfway and she took molly for a few days. tomorrow we meet again and she and colby will switch. friday night colby got to pick what he wanted to do. we went to gattiland for dinner, played some games, then as an added bonus, we met up with some friends for bowling. it was a fun evening.

saturday, day 236

a mid afternoon snack. nutritious, yes? anything that turns your tongue blue must be good for you. that means theres blueberries in it.

like i said, tomorrow we meet to exchange the kids out, and i'll have molly by herself for a few days. i've enjoyed my concentrated time with colby, and i'm looking forward to the same thing with mo. then next week its back to our fabulous, predictable rountine! :-)

have a blessed week!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

my kids are so hip

i dont know if its being around teenagers a lot, or because i'm so awesome (note the sarcasm), but my kids are pretty stinkin cool.
in the years since colby started talking, the students have enjoyed teaching both molly and colby things to say that they think would be hilarious to hear out of the mouths of small people.
for example, we came back from senior trip one year, and i had to listen to my three year old, for the next several weeks, say things like "i'm spicy!" (thanks to the old taco bell commercial), and "i'm a balla," which is admitedly funny.

anyway, so two things have happened in the last twenty four hours that make me think to myself, 'seriously? where are you getting this, kid?'

we were sitting on the couch yesterday. i was reading a book, and molly was playing with her dolls. out of nowhere she starts singing the thermos song from the classic steve martin movie 'the jerk'. now, this is absolutely one of my top 5 favorite movies (which probably says a lot about me and my bizarre sense of humor), however i havent seen it in quite a few years and molly certainly hasnt seen it. at any rate, it pretty much made my day. if you have no idea what i'm talking about, heres a sound clip. i couldnt find the movie clip on youtube, unfortunately.

today i was doing school with colby, and i was looking over his spelling list he'd just finished. on one of his words, he wrote the 'c' backwards, which is weird for him. he gets b's and d's confused, and the occasional g or other random letter, but never c's. thats what his name starts with for crying out loud!
me: colby, your c is backwards! what happened?
colby: i just thought i'd write it that way. it looks better in the word.
me: well, you cant just pick which way you want it to face. c's always look the same.
colby: thats just how i roll.
end of conversation. i was laughing too hard to say anything else about it.

and just for grins, because now i'm really wanting to watch it, another clip from the jerk. :-)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

threesixfive, days 223 thru 229

we're gearing up for school around here. i did three days with colby this week and we'll probably stick to that till september. we've been doing pretty much phonics only, a little math here and there. i finally opened and went thru the box of curriculum for this year. it looks pretty great. i'm excited about it.
heres the week...

sunday, day 223
i took this of molly playing on colbys bed. shes a cutie.

monday, day 224

allen and molly havent had a 5D (daddy daughter dunkin donut day) since may, so he was going to take her monday morning, and take colby tuesday morning. when he asked molly about it sunday evening, though, she wanted colby and i to go with them and make it a family event. so breakfast was at dunkin donuts monday morning. i was trying to get a picture of colby eating his donut, but this is the best he would give me. always a comedian.

tuesday, day 225
the 1st grade curriculum! hooray!!

wedensday, day 226

after a ridiculous fiasco, way too long to go into on here, i got a new phone! its a samsung replenish. i love it!

thursday, day 227

allens cousin justin was in town this week, and stayed with us a few nights. the kids loved getting to spend some time with him in the mornings before he headed out for the day.

friday, day 228

i had a picture of molly with, like, 4 headbands on, but it wouldnt upload. :-(

just know the girls hair is out of control.

saturday, day 229

we went to a 1 year old bday party today, and this was the cake for him to devour in his highchair. there was another one that was equally as cool that looked like a big dr seuss book. brandon (the dad) made them. like, rolled the fondant and cut out the shapes, and the whole shootin' match. crazy good.

try to keep cool! we've been hovering around 104, give or take, and no rain in a few months at least. maybe longer. :-/

have a fantastic week!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

bad timing

its been several weeks since this happened, but its a story i have to share, or i risk forgetting it someday.
colby and i were in the bathroom together. he was peeing, i was hanging some towels up or something like that.
colby: i have two balls.
me: (long pause) well....yes you do. God made you that way.
colby: what?
me: you were born that way....with two....balls. (really? why are we even talking about this?)
colby: no i wasnt. i got them from mimi.
me: what? wait, what are you talking about?
colby: my bouncy balls that light up. mimi gave me two of them.
me: oh.
colby: what are you talking about?
me: nevermind.
sure enough he had just spent a week with mimi and came home with two rubber balls that light up when you bounce them. he just picked a terribly awkward and ironic time to talk about them.

not to be out done though, molly was with my mom the other day and apparently she wasnt eating much at dinner. unusual for her; she usually eats very very well.
my mom: molly why arent you eating a good dinner? are you not hungry?
molly: my eating arm is tired.
colby: just use your other one! you have two!
not sure how that ended, but it got some good laughs. my mom said molly was completely serious. her "eating arm" was worn out, so dinner was just not going to be an option for her.
she cracks me up.

Monday, August 15, 2011

threesixfive, days 216 thru 222

this week flew by. we had a 6th grade event at church monday thru wednesday to more or less promote them into the youth ministry and i was in charge of the event on tuesday (hiking). my mother in law has been looking for a couple days to come down to take the kids shopping for their new bedspreads (her contribution to their room re-dos), and we needed someone to watch the kids tuesday so i could lead the hike, so we killed two birds with one stone and she was here to do all of the above monday thru wednesday.

sorry im just now getting this up. allen and i were at a marriage retreat friday thru sunday. we were in town (so we got to sleep in our own bed), but i just havent had a chance to get this done till now.


sunday, day 216

although colby has two perfectly good beds in his room, his sleeping spot of choice for the past several days has been his beanbag chair. a couple weeks ago he slept on his floor for three or four nights "because he likes it".

monday, day 217

i finished this book in about 8 days. SO GOOD! i cant wait to see the movie!

tuesday, day 218

we took a group of seventeen 6th graders, plus sponsors (25 in all) for a 5 mile hike. it was HOT.

wednesday, day 219

mimi bought the kids a craft activity to do while she was here with them all day tuesday. they picked out these little bead things. i used to make magnets out of these when i was a kid....i think i know what the kids will be making for christmas presents this year. :-)

thursday, day 220

mollys new bedspread. im kind of jealous.

friday, day 221
colbys new bedspread with a molly in the way. you cant really tell, but it has rocket ships and planets on it, and all the white lines glow in the dark.

saturday, day 222

i came home and this little guy was in our yard. the kids have been talking to him; trying to find out where he came from. im sure he'll get a name at some point.

we're starting school this week....i think. :-/

it will probably be another couple weeks before we're back into the 'school every day' routine.

i have to take baby steps.

when does school start for ya'll?

have a blessed week!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

threesixfive, days 209 thru 215

it was a very hot, sweaty week. we need rain!!!
we stayed indoors unless we were in a pool, which we were several times.

sunday, day 209
this is what sunday afternoons were made for.

monday, day 210

push pops on a 108 degree day? yes, please!

tuesday, day 211

i got this dessert recipe off another blog. its basically smores in a pan. oh. my. goodness. it was warm and gooey and delicious!

wednesday, day 212

ah, the spoils of being the youth pastors kids; leftover youth event food. these should last us a few days.

thursday, day 213
lunchtime at the pool. not sure what that look on his face is about.

friday, day 214

we had a double date friday evening with our friends jeff and melissa. the two of them and myself have seen labyrinth (its melissas favorite), but allen never had, so jeff decided there needed to be an intervention. if allen was going to continue being their friend, labyrinth needed to be on his list of "movies ive seen". nothing like a jim henson movie with david bowie, bad acting, and horrible CGI effects. a true cult classic.

saturday, day 215

two of my very favorite people. :-)

we're going to be out of town next weekend, so i wont get to post till sunday evening next week.
stay safe and dont melt!!!
have a blessed week!