Tuesday, March 27, 2012

over the river and thru the woods.....

to grandmas house we go!!we got back a week ago from a 5 day trip to my grandmas house in mt. pleasant, tx.my mom, myself, and colby and molly loaded up friday morning and leisurely made our way up there. my grandmas sister-in-law (widowed) lives there as well as a niece, nephew, and several of theirkids...and their kids' kids; not to mention numerous cousins. you get the idea.
my grandmas brother started inventing ranch equipment in his garage in about, oh i don't know, the early 60's, and over the years, its grown into this huge global company that his oldest son bill
my point in sharing all that is to say that so much of my extended family lives out there, and they all have ranches and land and animals. its very different from what I'm used to here in the austin suburbs. its country, and its beautiful, and i love visiting.
it was my first time back since grandpas funeral in january, and grandma welcomed a houseful for
the time we were there. we explored the ranch (she lives on bill's land in a house he built for her and grandpa when they moved there from dallas 6 years ago), played in the creek, drove the tractor, and got dirty, among other things.
colby and molly loved the experience. its one I'mhoping they'll get to build on as they get older.
here are some pictures from our stay.

uncle irv (one of grandmas brothers) drove the...tractor?? (insert joke about me being a city girl) over saturday afternoon, and let the kids drive it around in the field in front of grandmas house. they loved it.

we spent an afternoon at daingerfield state park (a beautiful place to spend a weekend camping!!). we rented a peddle boat and went hiking...and i use that term very loosely.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

threesixfive, week 12

it was kind of a weird, off-week. the kids and i got back from east texas late tuesday afternoon, and wednesday, although i had intentions of getting right back into our routine, ended up being a lazy pajama day, except when we had to get dressedto take molly to dance.
the rest of the week just passed without us getting much of anything done. so next week we'll start fresh on monday. its weeks like this I'm so glad we homeschool.

my precious grandma with colby and molly

colby and molly were playing game where they were asked a question and if they got it right they got to take a step up. the first one up to the porch won. they played that with my mom several times. but seriously, check out the view from my grandmas back porch. beautiful!

we said goodbye to grandma and general lee, her sweet dog that keeps her company.

molly got her recital costume in dance class today, so of course we had to try it on when we got home!

we went to see/hear price hill, some friends of ours and the band that we are fortunate enough to have lead worship for our youth group every wednesday (when they're not on the road). aaron, the bass player, whipped out a banjo for one of their songs. how can you not love a banjo?

bluebonnet pictures. :-) the wildflowers are stunning this year, but unfortunately my kids, at least on friday, were not. they were super into running around in the field of flowers, but not at all into having their picture taken.
aren't the flowers beautiful??

this was really the only good one of them i came away with.

we went to a birthday party this morning for one of mollys best buds, ramona. happy birthday sweet girl!!

we'll have a guest all week as we host the speaker for spiritual emphasis week at the academy. he's one of allens best friends, so it'll be great having him here.
other than that it should be a pretty standard week.
be blessed!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

threesixfive, week 11

hello all! sorry I'm getting this posted so late. :-/
we were in east texas visiting my grandma when thi
s would've posted, and i thought i could get it
done yesterday, but having been gone for a we
ek, there was quite a bit to catch up on, so this fell to the bottom of the list.
here are the pictures from last week.

our birds are back! i'm sure there will be baby birdies soon enough. and all the poop that comes with them.

i had a hankering for soft serve, so we drove thru mcdonalds monday afternoon.

i started this book late sunday night and finished it today! can't wait to read the rest of them and see the movie!!!

alleys brother and his wife and daughter came from ca
nada for a visit, so we went to houston for a couple
days to see them. mimi took us to build-a-bear (a first for my kiddos) to celebrate the occasion; we only see them about every other year.

colby, molly, and their cousin riley got up early thursd
ay morning and helped mimi set up a beautiful breakfast for us out on the back patio. it was a great morning to sit outside and eat and visit with the family before we had to head back home.

my mom and i along with the kids headed to east texas (mt pleasant) to spend 4 days with my grandma. its the first time id been back since grandpa died in december.

a lot of my dads side of the family is out there where grandma lives and they all have mass quantities of land with cows and horses, creeks and ponds, 4-wheelers, tractors, etc. its a complete 180 from the city life we're used to. saturday we took it easy and explored. molly and colby (and grammie) had fun throwing rocks in the creek.

i'll probably post about our trip to grandmas in its entirety. there are too many pictures to pick just one from each day.
have a great week!! well, whats left of it.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

week 11 coming soon

to all my fellow p365ers, I'm out of town thru Tuesday and not in a place to get my pictures posted, but I'll get them up when I get back!
there's some good ones! :-)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

threesixfive, week 10

nothing major to mention this week. i'll get right to the pictures.

i started this book months ago, and never fininshed it. i picked it back up today. its very very good. i highly recommend it if you have kids at home.


a new park opened over the weekend. its a play for all abilities park. they have swings for wheelchairs, a section for music and sand therapy, areas that are designed for children with autism, etc. theres also a "town" with streets and traffic lights where you can ride your bike or scooter and learn how a city operates. each building in the town has educational aspects when you go inside. its amazing. we didnt get to stay for long, so i took the kids home with the promise to bring them back in a couple days.


we got to hang out with our friends the brownings. i got by tail kicked in yahtzee.

we went and spent some time at the new park. this is a seat that spins with your body weight. if you get your momentum going it gets pretty fast. it flung colby and molly both off. i was able to get a picture of colby mid fall, and another right after he landed. i tried it too; it wasnt pretty.


i didnt actually take a picture today, but this is a cute one from the park yesterday. :-)

i peeked in one of mollys classes at co-op and took a couple pictures. they were learning about instruments.


its been wanting to rain all week, and we had kind of a drizzly day yesterday. the sky finally opened last night and it poured. i was thrilled to see puddles in my yard this morning.

have a blessed week!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

celebrate the forgiver!

here's the video we showed in church Sunday morning.it's so good!
these are all people in our church body.
notice Colby towards the end holding his sign "son of a pastor, child of the King"

Come as you are. from Central Round Rock on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

threesixfive, week 9

another great week with some crazy texas weather!
my friend katie moved in with us tuesday. she'll be here for about a month probably until she's able to move back in with her parents (they're in the process of moving out and finding a new home). we also have a houseguest this weekend; a junior at baylor who we've gotten to know over the past couple of years thru the camp allen directs in the summer, as well as her being a disciple now leader for us for two years now. needless to say we've had a housefull this weekend!

we're launching a new curriculum and strategy for our k-4th graders in april. this is the training we did for the teachers (now called shepherds). i was the 'MC' for the trial run this evening.


allen got this for me for christmas, and i finally started it! so far so good, although all the swedish names are confusing me.


we're showing a video sunday morning (allens preaching) of cardboard testimonies with members of our church. colby and our pastors son, josh, held signs that said "son of a pastor" on one side and "child of the KING" on the other, while the 'pastor dads' stood beside them. it was funny, because josh is very tall, so it was difficult to get both he and colby in the same shot with the height difference. its an amazing video. i'll post it later this week if i can get my hands on it.

the evening sky was beautiful!


allen got the new "headboard" up today! its actually 4 garden trellesis (sp?) i found at hobby lobby, and he mounted them to the wall. the DREAM will probably come down, but i dont know yet what i'm going to put in its place.

with a house full of people, we had to do some rearranging at bedtime. katies occupying the guest bedroom while shes here, so our weekend guest, anna, stayed in mollys room, which means colby and molly got to do a sleepover. they were so cute sleeping next to each other, i couldnt resist a picture.

we went to lunch with the lamberts and to the park for a few hours to enjoy the absolutely beautiful day! aunt april was passing out the rice krispie treat (the size of a small town) after lunch.

we had weather in the almost 90's this week, and weather in the low 40's, so i'm just as confused today as i was this time last week. but i figure if thats my biggest problem, i'm doing ok. :-)

have a blessed week!!