Monday, September 29, 2008

poop makes ice melt

we came home from church yesterday and, as always, i asked colby what he learned in sunday school. sometimes he says, "i don't know," or "i don't remember," and then sometimes he tells us what he learned-as he remembers it.
me: "colby, what did you learn in sunday school today?"
colby: "we learned about the man that couldn't hear or talk."
me: "oh, you did? what happened to him?"
colby: "his ears didn't work and when he moved his mouth he just (moves his mouth like he's talking, but no sound comes out), and the people said 'Jesus! Jesus!' and Jesus came and touched his tongue and his ears and said, 'BE ALIVE!!!' (and thats how he said it--very loudly).
me: "wow, did he say it that loud?"
colby: "yeah. Jesus said, 'BE ALIVE!!!' oh no. wait, he said 'BE WELL!!!' not 'BE ALIVE!!!'
me: "then what happened?"
colby: "then he was all better. but he got sick again. then he died."

i'm guessing perhaps it came up in conversation that even though Jesus healed the man, he didn't live forever. he still died one day, like we all do.....maybe thats what happened?? or maybe colby just in his own thought process, figured that must be how it ended. eventually.

now we get to the poop thing (see title).

this afternoon i was in the kitchen starting the process of getting dinner ready, and colby was playing in the living room. i could hear him, but i wasn't really listening. you probably have done the same. although maybe not with your kids. :)
anyway, he comes into the kitchen with one of molly's dolls in one hand and the now naked doll's clothes in the other hand.
colby: "mommy, can you put these back on her?"
me: "why did you take them off of her?" (i'm expecting something to the effect of 'i wanted to see what she looked like under her clothes,' or 'i wanted to see if she was a girl.' we're easing our way into that stage).
colby: "so she could poop on mr. freeze."
me: (of course. duh.) "why would she do that?"
colby: "to melt the ice."
me: "but doesn't he shoot ice at people?"
colby: "yeah, but she pooped on it before he could shoot it at her."
me: "because poop melts ice?"
colby: "yes, it does."

good to know.

Friday, September 26, 2008

R.I.P lady the boy fish

we lost a fish today. the kids and i came home from a very successful shopping trip with my mom--molly got a very cute dress off the clearance rack at gymboree with coordinating leggings and colby got 2 outfits from carters. i was fortunate enough to get in on the action and made it home with a fabulous fuschia peacoat!! now it just needs to get about 40 degrees cooler so i can wear it!
thanks mom!!!!! :)

anyway, back to the fish.
allen very inconspicuously pointed to the fish tank while mouthing the words 'DEAD FISH'.
"what???" i said, and glanced over to the tank.
there he was, floating upside down. lady the boy fish. dead.
i killed the last fish we had basically by not treating the water before i put him in it.
i have been very careful with this fish, so i honestly dont know what happened. he hadn't been acting weird or anything like that at all. and sucky the sucker fish is still very much alive.
i hope he doesnt die of loneliness. or maybe i do....i wouldnt mind a reprieve from cleaning the tank every few weeks.....
at any rate, we are a 1 less fish family. colby was very excited about getting to flush lady down the toilet. he handles fish death well.
he's had plenty of opportunity thanks to his fish killing mother.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

furry legs and imaginary friends

i haven't posted in several days, so i suppose i need to. :)
allen and i celebrated 7 years of wedded bliss on monday. actually, we celebrated on saturday, but our anniversary was monday. the years go so quickly!!

colby informed me yesterday morning that i needed to get the fur off my legs.
they weren't that bad, really. my husband doesn't mind stubbley legs, but my almost 4 year old son does. go figure.

he also decided that he wants an imaginary friend, but expects me to get him one. i think he saw it on little bill, maybe, and said
colby: "mommy i want an imaginary friend."
me: "ok, thats fine. you can have one."
colby: "can you get me one?"
me: "colby, its not something i get for you. you just have to pretend you have one-its imaginary." colby: "but i don't know how."
me: " yes you do. its like when you pretend your trains talk to each other. or you pretend you're spiderman. pretend you have a friend with you but no one else can see him."
colby: "but i can't see him."
me: (i'm really at a loss here. not sure what to say.)"i don't think you quite understand what an imaginary friend is, bud."
colby: "what is it?"
me: "i told you what it is. its a friend you pretend you have, and no one can see him but you. you use your imagination."
colby: "i don't want to use my imagination."

case closed.

Friday, September 19, 2008


i went to midnight scrapping at church tonight. it was so much fun!! allens mom and stepdad are here in town as evacuees from houston, so she went with me. we had a great time. i got 6 pages done. here are a few of my favorites...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

did God create horton?

i love this weather!!
allen took colby to school this morning and i went out on my deck with my cup of tea and my bible study and sat with the Lord for about 30 minutes before i had to get molly taken care of.
it was so great to sit out there without sweating! i was almost cold.

colby has show and tell on wednesdays and his class is currently learning about creation. so for show and tell today he was supposed to take a stuffed animal and this would tie into God creating the animals (i'm assuming).
he narrowed it down to ogo pogo, which is basically the candian version of the loch ness monster (allen bought it for me when he and i first started dating and he went to canada to see his brother; colby inherited it at some point), and horton, as in horton hears a who.
now i'm not sure wither one of these is what ms. brandy had in mind. ogo pogo is for all due purposes a fictional mystical creature of the deep, and horton is kind of an elephant-in a very seussical way. he settled on horton.
i started having flashbacks to my experience as a 4 year old in sunday school; the class was told by our teacher to bring our favorite song the following sunday to share with the class. i guess they assumed, like most sunday school teachers of small children would i suppose, that we would tell our parents and then bring bible verses put to music (think salty songs) or twinkle twinkle little star, something of that nature.
not me. i was, even at 4, and still am, a big elvis fan. i had my own tape player and my own cassette tapes. so i made my selection on my very own and brought my favorite song-hunka hunka burnin love. it was confiscated (which i didnt understand. i followed directions!) and given to by only slightly embaressed mother, who later explained why elvis, particularly hunka hunka burnin love, is not appropriate for sunday school and why in the future i really should let her know about the assignments i'm given. lesson learned.
back to horton. i'm imagining colby taking one of these 'animals' to school and finding out thats not really what they had in mind. but, its his choice, and i figure if nothing else, God created dr seuss, right?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

how to kill a hurricane

mimi and papa (allens mom and stepdad) live in houston and decided to stay and 'ride it out'. well, not mimi's first choice, but she doesnt drive so there she sits. they are safe and sound, but i overheard a conversation between her and colby the other day before the hurricane hit.
mimi: "colby, did you know there's a hurricane comin'?'
colby: "a hurricane?!?!" (pronounced hurry-cane)
mimi: "yes, and papa says we have to stay here, so we're taping up the windows and making sure we don't blow away."
colby: "come to our house so the hurry-cane doesnt get you!"
mimi: "well, we're going to stay here so we can make sure our house is ok. do you know what that hurricane's name is?"
colby: "what?"
mimi: "ike."
colby: "that's a mean name. you know what you can do if that hurry-cane comes to your house? you just hit it in the back with your shovel."
mimi: "oh, is that what i need to do?"
colby: "yeah, just cut him right in half. thats what daddy does to snakes when they come to our house. he cuts them in half with his shovel."
mimi: "ok, well we'll do that."

it works for snakes; why not for hurricanes??
once again, mimi and papa are safe but currently tree'd in. they live in an older neighborhood with some of the biggest trees i've ever seen. many of them blew over in the storm, one right across their driveway. so we're hoping they can somehow get out and head this direction. they are expected to be without power for at least a week or two.

on another note, we went to my grandparents house last night for pawpaw's (he's the one with the stretched out neck) birthday dinner. colby found a new use for his dinner roll...
makes a lovely drink garnish, yes?
and he did drink his entire drink that way and ate the roll when he was done.
molly and pawpaw, 83 years young.
this has nothing to do with the blog, but its molly in her new peacoat. how could i not share this with you?
allen said she looks like a flasher since she doesnt have any pants on. :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

a few of my favorite things

a couple of the blogs i follow have recently listed their favorite things, and i thought "what a great idea," especially since some of the things i currently love, you might just like to try and find out you love it too! so here we go......

Hairspray- this is fast becoming one of my favorite movies. the soundtrack is incredible and my kids love it so i'm getting to watch it at least a few times a week!

Tide Simple Pleasures- this laundry detergent is some of the best stuff i've ever smelled. ever. you know those cheesy febreeze commercials where people lay on the floor, or can't stop smelling their pillows because the febreeze smells so good? well thats what i've been doing with my laundry. there are a few different scents. i have lavender vanilla and i wish i could wash my whole house in it!

Canon PowerShot- my new digital camera. i can now take pictures and put them on my blog the same day! i haven't figured out yet how to get a video on here. i tried but it never uploaded. still working on that one. here's a picture of colby in his chapel uniform for school ...taken with my new camera. :)

Mary Kay Mineral Powder- and i'm not just saying this because i sell it. this is the best powder i've ever used. i don't use foundation anymore, becuase this powder gives the skin such a flawless smooth look. seriously. and if you want some, i can hook you up! ;-)

Sweet Leaf Tea- diet mint and honey is so yummy and doesnt have any calories!

there are many other things i am quite fond of, but these currently top the list.

and for those of you that read my blog regularly, colby is now going to be a tiger on sundays at church. while not quite as ferocious as a lion, a tiger is a pretty close second i would say.
as far as his identitly crisis, well, i haven't broken the news to him yet. i'll have to get back to you on that one.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

identity crisis

as most of you know, colby is going to MDO (mothers day out) on mondays and wednesdays at RRCA, which is at our church. in addition to those days, we're also up there for church on sundays and wednesday night and womens bible study on thursday mornings.
lots of church going on.
thursday morning was the start up of the fall bible study (we take a break for summer).
we're getting ready to leave...
colby: "where are we going?"
me: "we're going to church."
colby: "i don't want to go to church!!" (this is followed by tears and a dramatic collapse to the floor)
i have to admit i felt sorry for him. 5 times a week at church is alot for a 3 year old. especially when its really all happened at once. up until last week we had only been going twice.
me: "why dont you want to go to church?"
colby: "i just want to be a lion."
....give me a second....processing....a lion?......what's he talking about?.........ooohhhh! got it........
me: "colby you're a lion on sundays. at school you're a fish, and on wednesday nights you're a cubbie; thats a baby bear."
colby: "oh, i like baby bears. what am i today?"
me: "well, today, you're a 3 year old."
colby: "what about the penguin?"
me: "you were a penguin. now you're a lion. you got promoted."
thats quite a step up the food chain if you ask me. penguin to lion? then he goes from lion to lamb. wouldnt you think they'd end with the lion? he is after all the king of the jungle. but no one asked me. i'm just the youth pastors wife. if we ever "name" the youth sunday school classes, i'm all over that. 7th graders can be wal-mart and seniors can be....louis vuitton, or maybe gucci. i'll have to do some research on that one....i digress...
he's having an identity crisis!! he can't remember which loveable forest/jungle creature he is from day to day. no wonder he had a melt down. penguin to lion, then a fish then a cubbie, back to lion. i thought i had a lot of "hats" to wear. poor kid. i don't know what i'm going to do when molly starts getting 'animaled'. then i'll have 6 to remember. she's already a firefly. now, thats a good place to start. you don't get much lower than that. except maybe an ant or a roach, but i dont imagine those are very good names for small groups of adorable children.

so my precious children, for today, are just colby and molly.
tomorrow they will be the lion and the firefly.
...and i will be the mother trying to keep it all straight.

Monday, September 1, 2008

mollys almost ER visit...

fortunately there was a nurse present, so she was able to "talk me down".

we went to the smiths house for labor day burgers, dogs, and hold 'em. plenty of people around so i didnt worry too much about the kids. then i hear molly cry. not just cry, but really cry. you know, moms, that deep from the gut, take your breath away, "oh, crap, she's hurt," cry. i make break for the kitchen, where i see someone (it was such a blur, i dont even know who) holding molly against her. i hear "she's bleeding." i cant see her face, but then she turns and looks at me, and theres a trail of blood coming from her forehead, running right down the center of her nose and pooling in that little crease where the nostril meets the cheek. from there down its just smeared with her tears. poor thing. i take her and set her on the counter while someone (again, a blur) dabs her forehead. theres a very small (holy cow, the head bleeds!!) gash, only about a cm long but its pretty deep. apparently she fell down the stairs and landed on the corner (solid wood, so its pretty sharp...obviously). she was only about 3 steps up, so i guess it could have been worse. allen comes in and my first reaction is, "we need to take her to the ER." allens like "we? what about colby? should one of us take her and the other one stay here with him?" and i said, "well, i can't take her by myself, with her bleeding in the backseat. colby can stay here, we'll get him later." then anna steps in and says, "you just need a butterfly bandage. thats all they'll do at the ER anyway." thank goodness she was there. i'm so thankful we have friends that are nurses! i have been saved many a visit to the ER, because i can just pick up the phone and call one of our 3 or 4 nurse friends! anyway, so we got her calmed down. she was very happy that she got to wear a band-aid, and thats that. not that injuries are ever cute, but this is just a precious picture....
she's just pitiful, isn't she?
cheese!!! she can still smile for the camera.