Tuesday, January 14, 2014

new blog

hi friends!
i just wanted to let those of you that check this on somewhat of a regular basis, that i've started a new blog. the target audience is pastors' wives and women in ministry, but the entries won't always be that specific.


 i hope everyone is doing well.
it feels weird not doing the 365 project this year. i need to remind myself to check in on some of you, since i don't have the built in reminder every week!!!

no pictures to attach to this one! so odd…..

Saturday, December 28, 2013

threesixfive, week 52

this is it! the last post of 2013! i'll probably get on and post the last few pictures of the year sometimes next week, but this is the last full week and last official P365 post. and in true 2013 fashion, i missed a day…..

we went to a coffee shop in austin that does a 15 minute light show at the top of every hour. we met some friends down there and had cider and hot cocoa and of course coffee. colby borrowed this hat from his friend adler. recognize it from a couple of weeks ago? allen was hoping to win it in the white elephant exchange at our staff christmas party.

no pic. christmas prep!!

for the first time in way too many years, we got a family picture after the christmas eve service in our nice clothes. we don't all look this good very often. ;-)

merry christmas!!! i made a traditional christmas dinner, ham and all. it was a hit!! pay no attention to the 'ugly christmas sweater'. its cozy.

kristen and her new husband jeremy (not pictured) were only in town for a day, so she and shayne came over to pray over colby and molly thursday afternoon. this is the 8th year they've come to pray a blessing over the kids for the coming year. we appreciate them still making that a part of their holiday.

for christmas, allen got us a dance game for the wii. molly played for about 2 hours on friday and was a sweaty exhausted mess. i can't remember the last time she fell asleep as quickly as she did that night, though!!

i got a very nice gift card to hobby lobby from my sweet husband. if you don't have hobby lobby where you live, i'm sad for you. we went this afternoon, and i got this pillar and bird for the mantle. i also got a new lamp, and have a little left…..decisions, decisions…..

thanks to the handful of you that stuck with me this year, and participated in P365. the novelty seems to have worn off, and there isn't anyone that has wanted to take the reigns, so this is the last of it i believe. i'll still post pictures and whatnot occasionally, so don't be strangers. i'd love to keep up with those of you i have met thru this project over the years.
enjoy the rest of 2013 and have a blessed new year!!!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

threesixfive, week 51

my pictures are all over the place this week. i have multiple pictures on some days, and no pictures on other days, so its kind of a mess. sorry. :-/

i'm really loving the way the stage at church is decorated this year. my friend april did the chalkboards. they look pretty awesome.

i drove up to dallas to see my parents for a couple days and take the kids to medieval times…more on that in a minute.
this picture doesn't do it justice, but the moon was just gorgeous as i was coming into town that evening. the sky was a beautiful mix of blue and pink.

up where my parents live, they actually have autumn and have to rake leaves. colby and molly got out tuesday afternoon to…help.

tuesday night i took the kids to medieval times. its a dinner theatre, where knights reenact the tournaments and games they would've had in that time period. its what we've been learning about in history for the last month or so, and i thought it would be fun for us to see it in person.

the best part of the evening, was that our knight (the red knight; you're assigned a color to cheer for) won the tournament, and he and the princess picked molly to be the queen of love and beauty. she had her picture made with them, was introduced to the audience as the queen of the tournament, and she was given a sash and tiara that she got to keep. definitely a great night.

lunch with the family. we tried a new restaurant that just opened.

time for the christmas express (when we go look at christmas lights on our pajamas). the kids never know when its coming. we invite someone to join us that evening, so they just show up at our house with their tickets and colby and molly immediately know to go check their pillows for their tickets. this year robin and caitlyn went with us.

thats all i have this week. between christmas shopping, traveling, and just other various craziness, some days got overlooked. one week left to redeem myself.
link up below if you have pictures to share.
have a blessed and merry christmas!!!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

threesixfive, week 50

so, so, SO sorry i'm getting this up so late. i debated even doing it. it's been such a busy weekend, i'm trying to get out of town in the next hour, my kids have been fighting with each other all morning, and i don't even have all the pictures i should. i'm throwing this up in a super rush, so i'm sure there will be typos, and sentences that don't make sense. 

staff christmas party at our pastors house. this was allens white elephant gift he won, only to have it stolen by the worship pastors wife, then our media directors wife. he was bummed, but it will be super cute on her boys.

this was what i got for my gift at the party sunday night. its supposed to be chalkboard, but it wasn't working out that way, so i just used a silver sharpé and took a chance that it would look ok. i like it. :-)

rosemary potatoes with our dinner. so good.

no picture wednesday

allens mom and stepdad came to town to do christmas with us. colby got a snap circuit set he's been wanting. can you tell he was excited?

allens mom made some clip-on earrings for molly. she loved them.

my son is….odd.

no picture saturday
heading out of town, but i'll be back to post this weekend.
link up to share your week. only a couple more to go!!!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

threesixfive, week 49

we had a pretty good week….except for my oven breaking. :-/ guess what my christmas present is! 
moving on…..
here are the pics!

several families in our church participated in the round rock reindeer run. its a 5k through our city's trail of lights. all four of us participated. we even ran a little.

molly confiscated my camera and took an inordinate amount of pictures. this was really the only salvageable one. not a great angle, molly girl.

our homeschool co-op had its christmas party tuesday evening. mollys music and spanish class both gave performances.

we spent most of wednesday indoors. colby and molly had a "secret club" meeting that afternoon in mollys room. they drank water out of coffee mugs and ate a concoction of goldfish crackers, chocolate chips, and pretzels.

allen brought this…neat???...christmas tree home wednesday night, so the kids and i put it up in the guest room thursday morning. the guys think its awesome. us girls, not so much.

some friends of ours hosted a murder mystery dinner party. we all had to take mugshots when we came in. i was ivy the elf, suspected for the murder of jingle the elf. my motive? i suspected him of recently killing my husband tinsel, hence the forlorn look and runny mascara. i was innocent.

colby is on this new kick where he wants to take things apart, electronic things to be exact, and recreate things. so far he's been unsuccessful at the recreating part.

we get to celebrate christmas with my inlaws this week. looking forward to them coming up thursday morning. i have lots to do between now and then!
only a few more weeks in our 365 year! live it up, people!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

threesixfive, week 48

i hope everyone had a blessed thanksgiving holiday! we certainly did.
here are the pictures from our week…

this is my high school small group i've been leading on sunday nights, minus one. our last meeting was sunday; i made them dinner and we played some games. they're a great group of girls.

this is what it looked like here from friday thru monday. we're grateful for the rain, but it kept us indoors for the most part.

allen found a blow gun he got for a white elephant gift several years ago. colbys had a lot of fun playing with it.

we went to my parents house for thanksgiving. she had gingerbread men for the kids to decorate.

allen was asked to carve the turkey. he did an excellent job!

what a good-looking' family!

we came home and promptly decorated the house for christmas. i love seeing all my santas out on the mantle.

let the parties begin!!! our church is participating in the round rock rotary reindeer run (say that 5 times fast) tomorrow night; a 5K thru our city's trail of lights. we have our homeschool co-op christmas party monday night. friday night we're going to a  murder mystery christmas party (costumes are involved). no doubt one or two other things will pop up as the week progresses.
'tis the season!!

link up below to share your turkey day pictures!!