Saturday, February 26, 2011

threesixfive, day 49 thru 55

can you believe its about to be march??? it hit me the other day how fast this year is going by. i hear that happens once you have kids, though...and start getting i'll be 30 in 2 months. eek!!
our week was pretty mundane. nice considering how busy we've been, which i suppose directly relates to the year passing so quickly.
heres the week!

day 49
we went to zach and aprils house for an extreme home makeover watching party. zach, whos a fantastic photographer, was asked to be the photographer on set for the episode that aired sunday night (it was filmed in kileen, about 40 minutes north of us). pretty cool to see all the pictures he took on t.v., hanging in the new house! the picture here is zach, seeing his photographs on t.v.

day 50
i've been meaning to take a picture of this, but i guess have had plenty of other things to take pictures of instead (not complaining!!). this is my very first digital scrapbook. i used, and am very pleased with the results. i probably wont ever go back to doing it all by hand.

day 51
i made.....wait for it......bacon jalepeno mac n cheese for dinner. oh. my. goodness. i almost didnt post this picture, because it doesnt even begin to do it justice. i will soooo be making this again, but next time i'll amp it up and use more bacon and jalepenos. heres the recipe if youre interested.

day 52
wednesday colby and i went to the childrens hospital to visit allen second cousin who was there recovering from a torn spleen (ouch!!) and a little friend of colbys who has sickle cell anemia, and some other stuff going on. the courtyard there is so cool, i took colbys school books and we did school there. he wanted to pose for a picture. who am i to say no? :-) even when he wears socks with his crocs hes a cutie.

day 53
we went to chick-fil-a for lunch and happened to catch the cow walking around.

day 54
i had to run to the grocery store to grab a few things for dinner, and molly and colby both found this little mirror at the checkout fascinating.

day 55
we spent the morning at a birthday party. molly was standing in line to hit the pinata, and you can bet she did it with that purse on!

have a great week!! allen is taking a sabbatical for the month of march, so we'll hopefully have some fun adventures over the next few weeks.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

threesixfive, day 42 thru 48

this week was SO much nicer weather wise. we had some cloud cover and a little drizzle friday and saturday, but it was warm, and thats the main thing. although i realized that molly has literally no clothes to wear on the warmish days. she has some sleeveless dresses she 'inherited' from another little girl, but i guess i forgot that she had grown out of all her shorts last year, so we had to make a trip to kohls yesterday to pick up a few things. i'll be making a trip to the consignment store for her this week i'm sure. 2 pairs of shorts and a few short sleeve shirts does not a spring wardrobe make.
heres our week....

sunday, day 42
we got to go hiking today!! the weather was perfect for it! allen couldnt go; he had a meeting at church. my friend heather and her boys, jaxon and cannon, came along and kept us company.

monday, day 43
happy valentines day! allen and i dont really make a deal out of it. sometimes we'll use it as an excuse to go shopping or out for a nice dinner, but it varies year to year. this year we went on a family date. we had papa murphy's heart shaped pizza, then went to a chocolate festival at a market down in austin. the festival was a bust, becuase, well, there was no festival. i had read online that each department would have some kind of chocolate to sample, 'come experience chocolate from around the world!' we got there and had walked through 3 departments and seen nothing, so i stopped at the hot tea counter and said
me: excuse me, the chocolate festival......
tea lady: (shakes head as i'm asking)
me: no?
tea lady: well, yeah. but its over tomorrow.
me: (wanting to say something smart-alec, like, 'well, its not tomrrow yet') ....ok, so there isnt anything?
tea lady: not really. we were supposed to have a few vendors here, but they didnt show up. i think it was mostly during the day.
me: ok. thanks.
so we walked around, and did end up finding a display of choclate from white chocolate with coconut to dark chocolate with cherry bits mixed in. we each picked a treat (or two). i got a salt and cracked pepper dark chocolate car. SO good! allen got a chocolate bar with bacon in it. oddly gross. i thought i would like it. false. and we got my dad (who loves spicy anything) a bar with peanuts and jalepenos in it. the kids each picked a few little pieces as well.

tuesday, day 44
colby picked this hot cocoa mix out at the chocolate festival monday night. i've had several mugs of it this week while allen and i sit and watch our recorded shows after the kids have gone to bed. yummy!

wednesday, day 45
when i put molly in the shower this evening, these fell out of her underwear!! she had somehow accumulated them on the playground. i know they can get in your shoes, and maybe pockets, but underwear? good gracious.

thursday, day 46
allens day off. we went to chick fil a for lunch, and the kids traded their kids meal 'toy' in for an ice cream cone.

friday, day 47
my dad is one of the chaplains for the police department, and i've been asking him to come by when hes on a ride out so the kids can see the police car up close. they caught us just as we were heading out to grab some dinner. the kids thought that was 'so cool'!

saturday, day 48
major spring cleaning today. this is my spotless kitchen. i hadnt even put the chairs back at the table yet. i wonder how long until its dirty again.....

have a blessed week!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

threesixfive, days 37 thru 41

i hope everyone had a great week!! ours was pretty low-key, so i'll get right to it.

sunday, day 37
this is a group picture from DNOW (the youth event at church last weekend).

monday, day 38
i didnt have to pick up the kids from my inlaws till tuesday, so monday night allen and i went out for a nice dinner. i had wolfed mine down before i even thought about taking a picture, but allen wasnt done with his yet. it doesnt look very appetizing here, but it was. he had pork tenderloin with a rasberry reduction and mashed potatoes. we will definitely be going back to that restaraunt.

tuesday, day 39
went to get the kids. colby learned about deciduous and evergreen trees a couple weeks ago, and i was able to point out a very clear difference to him while we were driving home.

wednesday, day 40
when i pick molly up from preschool (at our church), we always go upstairs to say hi to daddy and papaw (my husband is the youth pastor, and my dad is the worship pastor, for those that dont know). colby saw this odd fabric christmas tree in the childrens pastors office, and thought it was really cool, so pastor tom told him he could have it. thanks....a lot.

thursday, day 39
i noticed tuesday that there was some water pooling in our garage, but couldnt tell where it was coming from. our friend brandon came over thursday to take a look around. turns out our water heater went out, so he and allen spent all day installing a new one. the bad; we had to buy a new water heater. the good; brandon knows how to install them so we didnt have to pay for someone to do it. and we caught it just in time, if we had waited another day, it would have flooded our garage and probably mollys bedroom.

friday, day 40
we actually had a very busy day (a movie and lunch with friends, handing out homeless bags), but i didnt get pictures of any of it. molly has been suddenly obsessed with her color wonder book this week, so we spend quite a bit of time each day coloring together.

saturday, day 41
allen and i were given tickets to the UT vs Baylor game. we've been to several, but always on a weeknight and always a team from out of state. going on a saturday was awesome! it was packed and the game was close, so that made it pretty exciting.

our temperatures have been slowly climbing and tomorrow its supposed to be back up in the 70's hopefully we're done with the cold weather. it was nice for a couple weeks, but i'm a wimp.
stay warm my north-dwelling friends!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

threesixfive, days 30 thru 36

it was a very cold week. molly was still recovering from pneumonia. i sent her to school monday, but ended up keeping her home wednesday because she just wasnt quite well enough to participate in recess and p.e.
they have an hour of recess!! thats nuts! after that and p.e. and lunch, i figured she was only getting a solid hour of 'school' anyway, and it wasnt worth it to make her have to sit out half of her day there.
it was freakishly cold all week. monday was actually ok, but something blew in monday night and it was in the 30's (and lower at night) until saturday. it even snowed overnight thursday!! we never have snow, so the 2 inches we woke up to friday morning were unbelievable. saturday it was back up to 75 degrees. typical central texas weather. i heard someone say that they loving living in texas because they get to wear their whole wardrobe all year long. so true.
disciple now weekend was incredible. my kids are in houston till tomorrow so we can recuperate. we had approx 160 students this year, and i was so blessed to be a part of the band that led worship. the theme was FANAt>iC. the message in the middle of the word is 'the cross is greater than i'. the kids really grabbed it and some hearts were changed. so cool to see God at work in the lives of students.
on with the week.....

sunday, day 30
heres the theme i was telling you about. this sign was put up in the worship center, and it was also on the tshirts for the weekend.

monday, day 31
the band, Seven Day Shout, had rehearsal monday night. i had to stop and get a hot tea beforehand. this is my favorite!

tuesday, day 32
i got out and ran a couple errands with the kids. molly fell asleep on the way home, a sure sign she wasnt feeling completely well yet. i just put her on the couch and left her to it.

wednesday, day 33
DNOW kickoff in the worship center. the students are broken into groups, so when they arrive they had to find their name on a cross and that would put them with their group for the weekend.

thursday, day 34
colby helped me make dinner.

friday, day 35
snow day!!! they loved it for about ten minutes, then decided they were too cold and wanted to go back inside.

saturday, day 36
in one of the small group sessions this weekend, the kids were given the opportunity to eat bugs (chocolate covered larva and crickets) in true john the baptist form; they studied his life and used him as the example of what a fanatic for Christ looks like. at the worship service saturday night, allen called a few kids up for a bug eating speed challenge (who could eat a whole box the fastest). the girl in the tye-dye shirt won, and her house got an ice cream party that night. the other girl got really close. the guy went outside and threw up.
have a great week! hopefully we'll all stay warm!!!