Saturday, December 29, 2012

threesixfive, week 52!!

happy almost new year!!!
i hope everyone had a very merry christmas! we spent christmas at my parents house in the dallas area. molly has been praying for a white christmas for about 2 months, and i can count on one hand the number of times i've seen real actual snow in my life (not sleet or ice, not that we get a whole lot of that either.....and none of it has ever been on christmas), BUT right before we turned into my parents neighborhood on christmas afternoon, lo and behold, SNOW!! big, white, fluffy, fabulous SNOW!! the kids were SOOOO excited. heck, we were all excited. my dad called and said, "get here quick! its snowing!" and i said, "i know we just turned into the neighborhood!" we didn't think it would stick, or snow enough to really be of any consequence. we were just happy to see any at all. to our surprise and delight it snowed hard for about 4 hours, and it was just starting to melt away when we left two days later. we made snow angels, had snowball fights, and built a snowmanturtle. 
a very white christmas, indeed.

allen and colby decided santa needed some bacon this year, but molly and i are traditionalists and thought cookies were more appropriate. we compromised, and i found a recipe for bacon-chocolate chip cookies. they were pretty good, and i think santa was more than happy with them.

our church did two christmas eve services, and we went to the early one (4pm) as did our friends the lamberts and barners. here are all our kiddos together. where are my sons shoes?!?

 lauren (due in february), april, and myself

putting the cookies and water (colby and molly decided it'd be a nice change after all the milk he has to drink) for santa.

merry christmas!!!!
my kids are kind of into legos.

snow, snow, beautiful snow! this is right after we got to their house. it isnt even sticking to the ground much yet.

a few hours later it was another story.....

we woke up the morning after christmas and had a snowball fight. well, i stayed back and took pictures.  getting pelted with freezing balls of ice? sounds fun!! no thank you.

there wasnt quite enough snow for a snowman in the kids' opinion, so they made a snow turtle instead. he was still hanging on when we left thursday to come home.

we took all our christmas decorations down, and i got my house put back together. i put new pictures in all the frames and changed a few things up. the white pitcher was my great grandmothers. its been on a shelf in my kitchen for awhile. i decided to pull it down and display it. allen got me the birdcage for christmas. isnt it pretty??

one of the girls in the youth group danced the halftime show at the UT basketball game, so we went to support her. even though we had great seats, we couldnt see her very well (she was facing the other way), so i didnt get a picture of it.

i think im taking over hosting the 365 project for those of you that participate. if you have no idea what i'm talking about, its this that youre reading right now! only this week i have a lot of extras. basically you take a picture every day, and post them once a week. its a great way to document life since it tends to get away from us sometimes; at least for me. i'd love to have some of my friends jump in on it!!
sara has been hosting it for 4 years now i think, but shes passing the torch. hopefully i'll figure out how to set up the link this week, and next saturday or sunday i'll start hosting for 2013!!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

threesixfive, week 51

we were gone most of the week. thats why im getting this posted later than usual. 
heres what we were up to....

i sang with the worship team. its something i absolutely love doing, but it does make a long morning for the kiddos who i usually have to drag out of bed, only to sit thru church twice. :-/

shayne and kristin (big brother, little sister) come every year and pray over colby and molly. this is the 6th year they've done it. we are so grateful they continue to be a part of our family.

we left tuesday afternoon for south texas, where allen spoke at the zephyr staff's winter retreat. camp zephyr is where we take our youth group for camp each summer. they updated some of the rooms out at the conference center, so we got to stay in one of them. the kids loved the bunk beds.

each year the the winter retreat, theres a themed christmas party and white elephant gift exchange. this years theme was high school stereotypes. allen went as the obnoxious football coach, and i went as the "mom" crossing guard. check out those mom jeans, baby.

there are 2 boxes of hats in the kitchen that the staff wear when they serve meals at the youth and childrens camps in the summer. they kept colby and molly very well entertained while we were there this week.

friday morning we got up and drove to houston to do christmas with allens mom and stepdad.

we all went to the houston zoo for their holiday lights trail. it was a lot of fun. we took a break to decorate gingerbread cookies.

merry christmas eve eve!!!! hope you have a blessed week celebrating our Savior's birth with your family and friends!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

one of life's disappointments

ive been meaning to share this story for awhile, but just havent gotten around to it.
a week or two ago, i was walking thru the kitchen and i noticed molly standing on one of the chairs. i didnt think anything of it. i let my kids do really dangerous things. they're not that high.
i watched as she jumped off, and came thru the living room past me, where i heard her say to herself, "i can't fly!! i guess im just too heavy."
she was completely serious and said this to no one in particular.
i really wonder what goes thru their heads sometimes.

threesixfive, week 50

merry week before christmas!! 9 days to go!
its been a very full but very fun week....

our youth worker christmas party was tonight, and i took several pictures, but then realized that my memory card was not in my camera, so those are stuck inside my camera somewhere and i cant get them off. BUT i did wrap a bunch of presents sunday night, so i took a picture of that. :-) i love seeing presents under my tree!

pastor perk; christmas goodies from church members!!

we went to dinner tonight with some of the other childrens ministry leadership. the cookies they brought out at the end reminded us of something else......

ace was naughty again this week, and broke one of my santas, i guess maybe while he was trying to clean up his marshmallow mess. fortunately it was my least favorite. ;-)

when the kids went to bed they each found a ticket for the christmas express on their pillow. it allowed them a seat, a bag of kettle corn, and a cup of hot chocolate. right before we left shayne and kaysie showed up because they had gotten tickets too!! imagine that!
it was really just us driving around looking at christmas lights, but it was a great way to do it! we had a blast and i imagine that will become somewhat of a tradition.

we went to an assisted living community and sang carols for them with a group from our homeschool co-op. there were about 30 of us total, all ages.

we went as a family to the winter celebration at sea world. it was perfect weather (about 70 degrees and a little breezy) for it. here, molly and colby are in the candy cane forest. there were 8 foot tall candy canes and all the trees were wrapped to match. you can see behind them a little bit better how neat it looked, especially as it started to get dark.

tonight we go caroling with a group from our church, and then tuesday we head down to zephyr (the camp where we take our students each summer) where allen will speak at the winter retreat for their staff. from there we'll go to houston to do christmas with his family, then we get back next sunday to do laundry, pack back up and head to dallas christmas afternoon. lots of traveling in our immediate future.

just 9 days of shopping left!! are you done???

be blessed!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

threesixfive, week 49

i apologize for all of my pictures being terribly underwhelming. i spent most of my week at my computer doing my christmas shopping, and the last few days on the couch fighting a stomach virus. yuck. back to almost normal now, and we hit the ground running tonight with our youth worker christmas party, and are non stop with stuff till christmas. glad i got that virus out of the way, although i did miss a couple of things yesterday we were supposed to go to.

i ran a 5K through our city's trail of lights. 34 minutes and change! 

i have to start going to the bank again. :-/ there was a branch at the grocery store, so i could just kill two birds with one stone when i went to do my grocery shopping. but i went monday to deposit a check and they've moved to another location. ugh.

colby has spent most of his free time this week in his room creating this lego "maze" i think he calls it. sorry the picture is at a weird angle.

our (very mischievous) elf is back. this morning we found him in a pile of sugar on our kitchen table.

another weird angle. sorry.
this year a lot of our gifts to family are coming from the IJM and world vision catalogues. we're making donations in their name to these companies to provide villages and families around the world with things like warm blankets, mosquito nets, and fruit trees.

this year we started a tradition of observing advent, something i had to read up on because i had no clue! its been really fun. we read a devotional each day and the kids make an ornament that has to do with what we read. the ornaments go on a special tree set aside for just that. its called a jesse tree. heres molly making our ornament for friday.

the kids gave us a dance show right as allen was trying to watch the heisman trophy announcement  right before bedtime.

have a great week!!! only 3 more weeks left in 2012!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

threesixfive, week 48

not a whole lot to preface this week, so i'll get to the pictures.

this is our hwy252 ministry's (kinder thru 4th grades) large group time. i just knew if i didnt take a picture at church, i probably wouldnt get one that day. :-) sundays are pretty mellow for me and the kids, or we're at a bunch of meetings. 

i had to go to goodwill to get a costume for a christmas party we have in a couple weeks. the kids said, "mommy take our picture!" this is what they were doing....

molly lost her first tooth! she lost her second tooth 2 days later, so now theres quite a substantial hole in her face.

allen calls this the crime scene. we're not sure what happened, but im guessing it didnt end well for the bird.

we went to the shane & shane/phil wickham Christmas concert. it was beyond good.

it was a beautiul day, so the kids and i stopped at a park for about an hour while we were out running some errands.

allen was asked to speak at an FCA baseball clinic saturday. it was from 10-1 with not much of a lunch break, so we took sonic to him and stayed for his last breakout session. 60 young men gave their lives to Christ later that afternoon at the closing session! God is awesome!

thats our week! 
not too much happening over the next week either. i'm running a 5K this evening, and we have a few christmas parties over the next several days. maybe i should plan to run another 5K or two.......

be blessed!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

thanksgiving reunion

alright, time for picture overload. every other year on thanksgiving we go to my extended family's ranch (on my dads side) for a family reunion. its a lot of cousins and great aunts and uncles we literally only see every other year, but we always have a great time. they're just amazing people, and i'm happy to be a part of their family.

since so many people drive or fly in from all over the country (mostly the midwest) they've turned it into a 3 or 4 day event. wednesday theres a big tour of the priefert factory and a bonfire that night. then friday there are other happenings and events that go on as well; mostly visiting and eating leftovers, but there may be some horse riding and hog hunting, too. :-)  its about an hour and a half drive from mom and dads, so we just drove up for thanksgiving day this year. with memaw and pawpaw (my moms parents) now living in the dallas area as well, they went with for the first time! 

we started off at "the hangar" for lunch. the hangar is literally what used to be the hangar for their plane, but for whatever reason, thats gone, and its now a big meeting and event room for my cousins company, and they host the thanksgiving meal there because of its size. i think the final count this year was 86 people.

this was one of my pictures for last week, but i'll post it again. colby and molly are on either side of my grandma (dads mom), and right behind her are memaw and papaw (moms parents).

this is the original house on the ranch, built in the 50's i believe. my great aunt still lives here. it was one of my favorite places to come as a kid.

after lunch anyone who wants to  is invited to go on a hayride around the ranch.

and heres what you came for. out on the property is a pretty steep drop off where my cousins have parked a huge crane on which they've rigged up a rope swing; literally a swing attached to an extremely long rope. my 3rd cousins kids who live out there, are on it all the time, so its no big deal to them to just hop on it and go. since i swung on it (yes i did!!), my grandma decided to go, too! she's 78 years old, and unfortunately i didnt get a picture of her brother, my uncle irv, who went on it too. hes 88!!!

 molly rode it three times. colby said it looked too dangerous.

heres a few other shots of some of the family taking their turns, just to give you some perspective.

its a little far away, but thats the crane in the distance.

then of course a stop to say hi to goliath and radar before heading back to the hangar.

i think i probably ate my weight in sweet potato casserole. seriously. then i went on a 2 & 1/2 hour hayride, then sat in a car for another couple hours. a completely wonderful sedentary thanksgiving. :-)