Saturday, June 18, 2011

threesixfive, days 153 thru 166

two weeks of stuff! eek! i didnt get to post last week because we were at youth camp from friday to tuesday. rather than post late when we got back and not have anyone see it really, i decided to hold off and post the last two weeks as one entry. so this will be a long one!

sunday, day 153

we went to homefield grill for lunch after church. its a local place thats fast becoming one of our favorites.

monday, day 154

VBS week at church. monday night we went out in groups and hung hangers on doors in the surrounding neighborhoods to invite everyone.

tuesday, day 155

colby lost his other middle tooth. it wasnt quite ready to come out, but he was determined. lucky me, i got to be the one to do the dirty work. ick.

wednesday, day 156

i took the kids to the pool for a couple hours. no they are not laying out. theyre drying.

thursday, day 157

katie and i went to party city to get stuff for our rec team at camp. we had to try on a few masks while we were there. molly looks a little creepy in this one.

friday, day 158

me, april, and katie at dinner friday night. our first meal at youth camp!

saturday, day 159

kayaking during free time. i love it!!

sunday, day 160

representing the green team!!

monday, day 161

its our youth groups tradition to pray over the rec team, worship band, and speaker on the last night of camp each year. they give and give for weeks, and we want to be able to give back to them a little bit.

tuesday, day 162

about to head home! on the left is the cabin our group of girls stayed in. isnt it pretty! the view....not the cabin.

wednesday, day 163

i just realized i have a picture of each of my kids with a mask on. colbys is homemade, though. and he wore it all. day.

thursday, day 164

i took colby to the dr on thursday because hes been having frequent episodes of coughing and wheezing. they started him on asthma meds (daily inhaler and rescure inhaler for attacks). the kids were laying on the floor looking under the door while we were waiting for the dr to come in.

friday, day 165

molly and colby spent a lot of thursday and friday working on allens fathers day present. it involoved many colored pencils. thats all i can disclose at this time. :-)

saturday, day 166

we went to intimate life ministries family day this afternoon. the kids got to make fathers day trophies for allen, jump in a bounce house, get 'tattoos', and have a balloon creation made. molly chose a hat.

we leave tomorrow for two weeks down at a camp near corpus. allen is the director for their two youth camps they do each year, and the weekend between the camps hes officiating a wedding (that, thankfully, happens to be in corpus, so we wont have to go far). all that said, i'll probably have to post two weeks together again, as i dont think i'll be able to post my entry next weekend.

hope youre enjoying your summer. we'll be back july 2nd, and allen has one more week away for mission trip mid-july, which i'm staying home for that one. junes been crazy. its been great, but i'm looking forward to being home for more than 4 days!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

threesixfive, days 146 thru 152

we had a great week at the beach!! each year we offer the senior trip to those who have 80% attendance or better in sunday school. this year 14 qualified, and 9 went, plus the 12th grade sunday school teachers, and the frans clan. colby and molly had a great time, and allen and i enjoyed watching them soak up the experience. you get a few extra pictures on our "beach days" this week.

sunday, day 146
we went to a graduation party for one of our seniors, who was in the tenor line in the marching band. he brought his set out and let colby play on them.

monday, day 147
we left for the beach around 1 and got there shortly after 5. after some dinner and a trip down to the water just to make sure it hadn't gone anywhere since last year, we went to play putt-putt.

tuesday, day 148
after a full day on the beach, we went for a sunset dolphin watching cruise. there was a touch tank on the boat where colby got to hold a stingray. we saw probably 20 dolphins, and the kids made friends with the captain, who let them drive the boat! molly spent most of the ride right there with him, and he put her to work. she loved it!

wednesday, day 149
another full day down by the water. can't wait to back next year!

thursday, day 150
on the way home from the beach we got a call that my dad was in the e.r. waiting to hear if he might have to have his appendix removed! he had surgery that evening, so we went to visit him and were able to spend about 10 minutes with him before we had to head home to get the kids in bed. even coming out of anesthesia he was just as goofy as ever. I love my dad.

friday, day 151
as if we weren't in the water enough this week, we met some friends at the pool for a couple hours. this is molly and her buddy, addie.

saturday, day 152
this picture isn't very exciting. but it's the only one I have. molly went to a birthday party at chuck e cheese for a friend of hers from school. she, addie, and wynter discovered the screen that makes it look like they're on tv, and they were hooked.

this week we have vbs in the evenings, then we leave friday morning for youth camp where we'll be till tuesday, so I'll have to post my week a few days late unfortunately. or maybe I'll make it one long post the following weekend. to be determined....

have a good one!!