Tuesday, January 26, 2010

mollys prayer

i was putting molly to bed last night and when i started praying she said
molly: "no, no. i want to do it."
me: "ok, thats great! go ahead."
molly: "dear Jesus, thank you for this day, and for just everything. please help colby to feel better (hes been having trouble with his asthma), and help me to find the screws that fell out of my light on my wall, and help me to not get swat. thank you for the butterflies and my pretty hair. amen."

priorities people.

Friday, January 15, 2010

ladies or money; cant have both

my friend sean came over last night to do some work on our computer.
we were sitting in the playroom and colby comes in and sits down. sean and i continued our conversation (i dont even remember what we were talking about) and colby out of nowhere says
colby: "i like ladies."
me: "what?"
colby: "i like ladies. i like them a lot."
me: "well, thats good. we want you to like ladies."
colby: "i like ladies more than money."
at this point i cant respond because i'm laughing to hard to say anything.
sean: "that will help you in the future."
colby: "oh yeah?"
sean: "yeah, cause if you like ladies you wont have any money."
colby: "i'm going to give all my money to the ladies."
sean: "yes you will. if you like them, you will."

so random but so funny.
i still have no idea where that came from.

im a heartbraker...dont you mess around with me

sorry, i couldnt resist that last part. and now i'm singing the song. dang it.
ok, i was putting colby to bed tonight and as i was leaving he said
colby: "wait mommy! i have to tell you something."
me: "ok, what is it?"
colby: (starts to tear up and wipes his eyes) "i love you so much."
me: "i love you too baby."
colby: "when you're with me it feels like theres a heart around me, but when you leave it feels like the heart is breaking."

this is all said on the verge of crying. he is the sweetest little thing. or hes a freakishly talented 5-year-old actor. at any rate i stayed a little bit longer and loved on my sweet boy.
tomorrow i will look into acting classes.
kidding, kidding.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

ladies' man

i went to pick colby up from awanas last night and the teacher, ms. chris, pulled me aside...
ms chris: i have to tell you what colby did tonight.
me: thats always an exciting way to start a conversation.
ms chris: colby looked around at the girls as said, 'who wants to marry me?' and tayler said, 'i want to marry you more than a rainbow!!' i dont even know what that means, but she seemed to think it was a very big deal. then ruth said, 'i want to marry you too, colby.' so colby put his arms around both of them, but you could definitely tell there was some love there between he and tayler.

as shes telling me this, colby and tayler are locked in a farewell embrace. i guess you cant fight a love stronger than rainbows.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

project 365, week 2

its been so good to get back into a routine this week after 3+ weeks of holiday craziness!
went to the gym 4 times. did all 3 days of school with colby with only minimal frusteration. grocery shopped on monday. life is good. this week we'll add awanas at church on wedensday night back into the mix and maybe squeeze in a midweek playdate.

SUNDAY, january 3rd
allen preached last sunday. his sermon was callen "new years resolutions are from hell." you can listen to it here. we hung our ornaments up yesterday. i'm not going to tell you what they're for, but if you listen you'll find out. haha, hows that for leaving you hanging?? :)

MONDAY, january 4th
molly got a serious hair cut today. she wont let me do anything to it, so it always looks stringy and scraggley. they took about 2 inches off and trimmed her bangs. she was not a fan of the idea, but i told her she'd look like dora. SOLD!

TUESDAY, january 5th
i made a greek salad today. i've been craving greek food, but cant personally cook it, so this will have to do for now.

WEDNESDAY, january 6th
no picture. i'm a failure.

THURSDAY, january 7th
worked on my blurb book for most of the afternoon. its coming along....slowly.

FRIDAY, january 8th
my water was frozen solid when i got in my car to go to the gym this morning. this doesnt happen in texas, so it was worth taking a picture of.

SATURDAY, january 9th
cute napkins i picked up at the grocery store. this picture is NOT sideways on my camera, and my computer wont let me flip it, so......grr.

have a blessed week!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

a post for my husband

i shared this story with allen the other night and he said, "you have to blog that! its great!"
i dont really want to blog it, because its embarrasing to me, but it is funny so.....

the kids and i were in colbys room a few days ago. we had done colbys school work in there that day, but had finished up and were playing on the floor.
i passed gass, tooted, farted, whatever you want to call it (eek, i hate putting this into print), and it was loud; not my usual...style, if you will. colby turned and looked back real fast to where i was sitting with big eyes and i said,
me: "excuse me!!"
colby: "mommy, that was you?!?"
me: "yes, it was me, colby."
colby: "oh, i thought daddy was home. he's the only one that toots like that!"

there ya go, allen. now we can remeber this forever.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

project 365, week 1 and the last few pictures of 2009

i wanted to wrap up the year in pictures if nothing else, than for the sake of my blog book i'm putting together.
i will probably more or less do 365 again this year, but i wont be as particular about it, and if i miss a day, then i miss it. no biggie.
my main goal is to blog more of the day to day. i missed that this year. part of it i think is because i feel like if i dont have anything particularly funny to share, then no one will be interested. i need to get over that.

so here are my jan 1st and 2nd pictures and then the rest of 2009.

FRIDAY, january 1st
the very first picture taken with my camera in 2010. approx 12:01 am

SATURDAY, january 2nd
these were one of my pictures a few weeks ago because i saw them while i was out christmas shopping at pier 1. allen got them for me for christmas (he takes a hint so well) and he hung them up today. love!!

and to finish up 2009....

SUNDAY, december 27th
my new red sink!!! love it!

MONDAY, december 28th
my last performance as Grace. bittersweet. this is Lana. she was my Annie.

TUESDAY, december 29th
shayne and kristin came over today to pray over the kids. shayne and kristin are the ideal picture of the big brother/little sister relationship. we love their family and the relationship they have with their parents and each other and would love to see colby and molly have that same closeness. when molly was a newborn, we asked them to come over when shayne was home from college for christmas, and pray over the kids. each year we grab them for a couple hours one afternoon before they both have to get back to their respective universities. this is the fourth year we've done it and its just a sweet time for us all to visit and catch up.

WEDNESDAY, december 30th
some of my friends from 'Annie' came over for lunch today and then we went and saw 'NINE', the new musical movie. it was, eh. i was disappointed overall if i'm being honest about it.
after the movie we went back to my house, got the kids (my mom watched them for me), and went for ice cream. this is diego and erica with molly and colby.

THURSDAY, december 31st
allen did a wedding ceremony at the botanical gardens this afternoon. its been cold and rainy for a week , but today it was 68 and sunny; a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding. i took the kids and we kind of hung out in the back till the ceremony was over, then we walked around with daddy for a bit and went and had lunch at the reception. it was a very nice afternoon.

happy new year!!
this is the 6th year in a row we've spent new years eve with the lamberts and the barners. we go to dinner, then come back to one of our houses for dessert, sparkling grape juice (i make myself sick on the stuff) and games to ring in the new year. we love them and i hope this is something we can do for mayn many more years to come!!!