Saturday, February 25, 2012

threesixfive, week 8

we had a good week here in central texas, but have been a bit thrown off by the weather. wednesday and thursday it got up to almost 90 degrees, and has been back down in the upper 50s/low 60s with strong winds (which makes it feel colder) since then. my skin is freaking out, and i never know if i should shave my legs or not. :-P

i'm starting beth moores new bible study this week. i'm really looking forward to it.

the kids dug their perler beads out the last part of last week and have been obsessed with them. allen printed off some super mario character bead pictures, and we've been recreating them with what we have. molly asked me to do this one (princess peach) for her. i was pretty proud of myself. of course then we iron them to melt the beads together, and its like 'now what?'


my friend emilie and her husband had a work banquet to go to tuesday night, and their sitter cancelled. she asked if she could bring her girls over (their oldest is one of mollys best friends) for the evening, and we told them of course they could. they were over pretty late and katie fell asleep on allen. i had a flashback to when molly was that little and had to capture the moment.


this is what colby did in his art class this week. hes so good!


we were introduced to a new family activity by some friends of ours; geocaching. they took us on a hunt thursday afternoon, and we found i think 4 in the area where we were. it was really really fun. this is one i found; it was the trickiest of the day. if you want to know what it is go to and check it out. its national and other than an app for your smartphone, which isnt necessary, but extremely helpful, its free!

we inherited some roses when we moved into this house 6 years ago. they look pretty good considering i dont do anything to them!


molly woke up with a sore throat and upset stomach. unfortunately this set-up was advantageous. better my trash can than my couch. :-/

hopefully the illness is short lived and stops with her. she seems fine right now, but she just ate for the first time today, so i may be speaking too soon.
have an excellent week!!

stay warm...or cool as it may be where you are. i'll probably be doing both!

Monday, February 20, 2012

my little songbird

molly sings. a lot.
sometimes she sings actual songs, and sometimes she sings what shes doing.
kind of like opera. or a musical.
she got a cd player for christmas from my mom with a cd of disney princess songs. she knows almost all of them by heart, and earlier today was singing one of them to me in the bathroom while i was getting ready. she couldnt remember the words, so she went to her room to listen to it so she could come back and sing it correctly.
while she was gone, i snuck the camera onto the bathroom counter but she noticed it when she came back and wouldnt sing.
but for whatever reason, she said she would film herself, well, herself. so i showed her which button to push, and she took it in her room and filmed herself singing one of the songs from the movie tangled.
and here it is for your viewing pleasure. shes stinkin cute.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

threesixfive, week 7

happy valentines week! i realized on monday that i never put my valentines decorations out, and at that point i was over it. no heart tree or love birds on my mantle this year.
we've had lots of rain this week, which has been nice for the grass and all the lakes we have around here, but a bummer for anyone planning to do anything outside (us!!). we've been trying to get out and go hiking for a couple weeks. last week was too cold, and this week was too rainy. maybe next weekend we'll have a shot at at.
here are the pictures for week 7...

i love that my kids will eat a big plate of salad!

heres that latch-hook rug ive been working on. i was trying to have it done by the first weekend of february, but its proved to be a much bigger project than i anticipated. its finally starting to look like a rug though. im not going to have enough tshirt strips to finish the whole thing, not that i wouldve; i think that would take me the rest of 2012!! but if i use what i have left, i can get half the mat done, and it will go perfectly in allens office. think orange!

happy valentines! we never made a huge deal out of valentines day, and the last couple of years its been an excuse to do something fun together as a family. this year allen had this project for them to do (from micah 6:8). i'll post a picture of the finished product next week. when we were done with that we dipped our own chocolate covered fruit; the grapes are my favorite!!!

i couldnt pass up this picture of mojo with a little left-over chocolate on her face. :-)


we met my parents for dinner, but got to the restaraunt early. they were able to entertain themselves pretty well while we waited, despite molly feeling kind of yucky this evening.

we're slowly giving our master suite a facelift. the bedroom is a work in progress, and i'm hoping to tackle the bathroom with some of our tax return (assuming we get one...). today we made a trip to hobby lobby and bought new knobs for our dressers and nightstands. they're all mismatched in shades of orange, turquoise, and brown.


this is what allen surprised me with for valentines!! he made it!! i showed him something similar on pinterest awhile back and have been wanting to do one myself, but just havent got around to it. i was so proud of his craftiness....or handiness, rather. that sounds more manly.


today we, along with about 5 other families from the preschool department at our church, went to our local serving center to deliver some cans that had been collected by the youth group the weekend before for disciple now. we got a tour of the facility, then put a sticker on all the cans and boxes donated by our group that says 'Jesus loves you!' colby and molly had a great time, and it was a great opportunity to teach them about 'being the church'.

allens out of town this weekend speaking at a youth event, but will be back super late tonight. colby has a friend over right now, and the easy-bake oven made an appearance earlier to appease molly. its looking like a pizza and a movie kinda evening.

have a fantastic week!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

colbys latest

as you know, hopefully, colby gave his life to Christ a couple weeks ago.
we were at co-op on friday, and one of the boys in his class gave him a shove on his shoulder or something. i didnt actually see it happen, but i was in the room, and i think the boy was "play fighting", if that makes sense. anyway, colby didnt react at all really; he basically ignored it. his teacher saw this happen and said
ms sheri: thank you for not hitting him back, colby. that was good self control.
colby: (as serious as can be) its because i have the Holy Spirit.
we laughed because it was cute, and so sincere. how can you argue with that?

on saturday, molly and i were out of the house the first part of the day and allen and colby went to sonic for lunch. allen said they were sitting in the car eating and colby said
colby: daddy, i wish they made air fresheners that smelled like sonic food. that'd be awesome!!

we had a graet valentines day evening last night. i may post some pictures of that tomorrow or friday, or i may just wait and post extra pictures with my 365 on saturday. havent decided yet.

be blessed!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

threesixfive, week 6

yay! a normal week! we got all our school work done, went to the gym 4 out of 5 week days, no one was sick, allen took his regular day off. it was glorious. im definitely a creature of habit.

to the youth pastor go the left-over disciple now spoils. the only time we have junk-food cereal in the house is when we get the left overs from the annual youth event. i eat a lot of cereal for a couple weeks. :-)

the table in the school room was cleared off enough for both colby and molly to sit there and do their work. i thought it was a cute photo-op.


theres a sandwich place here (which wich) that ive mentioned before. your sandwich is delivered in a paper bag, and "the thing" to do is decorate it and hang it on the line. i spotted these two bags side by side. its wesley and inigo montoya from the princess bride. love it.


who knew lunchables could be so much fun?


colby drew a picture of me. i didnt realize my hands were so large. and apparently i wear a bad toupee.

the boys' class at co-op played with cornstarch and water. it was a ridiculous and very fun mess!!


my friend emilie had a candyland birthday party for her 2-year-old. she and i made this cake saturday morning!!! we were so proud of ourselves. it was so much fun.

another mostly normal week awaits me. it was actually cold enough this afternoon for some sleet, and if that keeps up we wont be getting out much tomorrow, but i think its supposed to be back up in the 70's by tuesday. another month or so and we'll be spending our afternoons at the pool!!
have an excellent week, my friends!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

threesixfive, week 5

we had such an exciting week!! colby became my little brother in Christ tuesday night, we just wrapped up disciple now weekend at church (more on that with friday and saturdays pictures), and i'm going to make this quick because we have people over for the superbowl!

i dont know where they heard about it, but molly and colbys new favorite thing to do it plank. molly climed up on the kitchen counter and said, "mommy, come take a picture! i'm planking!"


dentist appointments. :-/


colby gave his heart to Jesus!!! hes been asking questions lately, and wanting to talk about it a lot. when allen got home from a dinner meeting, we talked about it as a family, and prayed together. he was so excited! i took this picture while he was on the phone telling my dad.


we went to chic-fil-a before church, and this is how they spelled my name on the ticket. i've never seen amy spelled this way. very interesting.

colby and molly waiting for swim to start.

its disciple now weekend! i was a co-host for one of the 7th grade girls' houses. we had 174 students in 25 homes this year. it was an amazing weekend.


each group is assigned a mission project to do on saturday. about half are for widows and elderly within our church body, and the rest are projects we get thru our local serving center for people in the community. we we given the task of pulling up and rebuilding a single mom's patio. we also mowed her lawn, pulled the weeds, and planted some flowers in her flower bed.

have a blessed week!!!