Saturday, October 27, 2012

threesixfive, week 43

this week has been a bit of a blur. the kids went to mimis last weekend, so i went to houston and back to get them on monday. 
my grandparents are moving to be closer to my mom and dad who moved to the dallas area back in may, so mom and dad drove down with a uhaul on thursday to load them up. dad went on back with the truck on friday after they closed. mom stayed here for the weekend so she can celebrate colbys birthday with us tomorrow. she'll go home tomorrow evening.
the kids had soccer games today, and did wonderfully. we also had our church-sponsored community fall festival at the texas baptist childrens home. however, i didnt get pictures of any of that. go figure.

heres what i did get this week.

allen and i went to the pentatonix concert. it was absolutely, ridiculously, incredibly good!! everything they do is acapella, and theyre all phenomenal singers. we were on the second row, so this picture is legitimately how close we were. so glad i came across those tickets!!!

colby came home with a couple new sets of legos mimi and his great aunt nita got him for his birthday. this is how his room has looked since we got home. actually, now that i look at it this isnt that bad. most of it is still packaged up in this photo.

this is the doll house molly got from mimi. its almost as tall as she is. she loves it.

ok, so i actually took this picture today, BUT i spent a lot of wednesday working on them. these are the pajama pants i made from my fabric i got while i was in ghana a couple years ago! yay! im so proud of myself for figuring it out.

our precious friends the barners said goodbye to their sweet baby girl caroline only 66 short minutes after she was born last year on november 25th. today their family and close friends released pink balloons in her memory.

80's day at co-op. i was really wishing i had more hair.....

mom and dad gave us their hammock back when they moved. allen and dad got out and put it together on the deck the other day. the weather is perfect to enjoy it!!

as i said earlier, tomorrow my sweet colby turns 8!! what?!? and in only ten more days molly will be 6. this is all happening way too fast.
maybe if i stop feeding them they'll stop growing??
i kid.

have a blessed week!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

threesixfive, week 42

this weeks pictures are admittedly boring to look at, but i assure ive been crafting my little hiney off. crafting doesnt translate well to pictures, especially for my mother who only wants to see pictures of colby and molly. love you, mom.
i dont know what gotten into me, but it definitely comes in spurts. i get the bug, ride the crafting wave for a few weeks, then put all my stuff away until the next train comes thru. like i how used 3 completely  unrelated metaphors in that sentence? it probably doesnt make sense, but that is beside the point.

heres a preview of what im working on to go in mollys room. 

ive mastered iced coffee at home! thanks starbucks, but i'll keep my $4.50. now i just have to fight the urge to drink it all day.

i got this book at a garage sale a couple months ago, and its proved to be such a good purchase!! think "The Help", only about 150 years earlier and way more dramatic (i.e. not funny). i highly recommend it if you like those kind of books.

the little girl from next door came over for about an hour. shes only 2 &1/2 and doesnt really talk at all, but the kids loved reading to her, and playing with her.

heres the finished product for mollys wall. its was a tedious process, but im pleased with the result. pinterest is a beautiful thing.

my cameras being wonky and wont turn this picture. :-/
i bought a couple of patterns at a fabric store because they were on sale for 99 cents!! ive started on the pajama pants, but i have a long way to go. i'll share a picture when im done. i also cut off a pair of old jeans and added some lace to them, which turned out super cute. i'll share a picture of those soon!
who's sewing machine is sitting on the dining room table collecting dust?? not this girl's, allen frans.

we got to go to the UT/Baylor game and had phenomenal seats!! too bad it was a televised game so it took we ended up leaving at half time so we wouldnt get home at midnight; allens sunday morning wake up time is a bright and early 6:30.

the kids are at my in laws in houston this weekend since we had the UT game last night, and we have big plans tonight, too!! i dont know if any of you have watched the sing-off (an acapella singing competition), but we have tickets to see Pentatonix in concert tonight in austin!! YAY!! they won last season and are SO GOOD. google them. you wont be sorry.
in fact, i'll save you a little time.....but still google them.....

have a great week!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

threesixfive, week 41

last weekend the kids and i went to my parents for a few days. i just missed my mom and dad and needed to get away for a bit. the first couple pictures are from that trip. 
sooo.....we missed school monday because we were on the road coming home. i hadnt done any prep past september, AND one of the charter schools in round rock had the whole week off for fall break. all that in combination with us being a couple weeks ahead of the school schedule lent us a week off. we did nothing, and it was wonderful. we didnt do any school. i didnt go to the gym (i kind of feel like a blob, but thats beside the point). nothing. 
monday will come all too quickly.

mom had craft pumpkins for the kids to decorate.

we went to the bass pro shop and walked around. the kids love looking at the huge fish in the pond out front.

i made this!!! the crafting continues.

this is the only picture i took. its for a craigslist ad.
i bought these boots online a couple months ago, but i dont love them like i hoped i would. they look weird on my feet, so im trying to sell them and use the money to buy another pair. fingers crossed.

i took some pictures at the pumpkin patch with my phone, but i cant seem to get them to send to my email. i'll post it if it ever comes through.

i needed a pic for the day but was drawing a blank, so i just asked colby and molly to stand still and look cute. i dont typically think they look alike, but they have almost the same face in this picture. its creeping me out a a very cute way of course.

got a great one of colby this week. both kids' teams won their games, so we came home happy.

as i said before, we're back to the grind on monday. my body needs it. i'm all outta whack.
hope you're enjoying the cooler weather (and please, if you are, send some down here!!).

be blessed!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

threesixfive, week 40

yes i am getting this up ΓΌber late this week. i decided very last minute to go to my parents for a few days, and left saturday after the kids' soccer games. they dont have internet at the house; they have it on their phones. c'mon parents, dont you want to pay $50 a month so i can update my blog from your house?!? guess not.
anyway, so i got back last night, and am just now getting around to getting last week's pictures up.
here ya go.

heres the screen door that will soon become a masterpiece.

ta da!!!!
like the new wall color, too?

heres a close-up.
thats a laser-cut wood frame from michaels that i spray painted teal, and hung with ribbon from a hook allen put on the door for me. i stenciled the pattern there in the middle with some white craft paint, and on the far left i wired some fabric flowers to the screen. the top hole was missing its screen when we bought the door at the habitat for humanity warehouse, but i think it gives the door some extra character.

i took the kids and a couple of colbys friends from church/co-op to a mummy exhibit at a museum in san antonio. no thats clearly not the mummy exhibit. i couldnt take pictures in there. this was the product of a dress-up trunk at a small circus exhibit they had in another part of the museum. im in love with this picture. colbys on the left, molly on the right. thats axel and david in the middle.

spaghetti squash returns! this is spaghetti squash carbonara, and its fabulous. heres the recipe if youre interested. her picture is much better than mine, partly because its turned the right direction. :-/ one day i'll figure out how to fix that.

colby was playing outside, and came in with this little guy. its a frog if you cant tell. he was promptly returned to the yard.

my friend jeanie waxed my legs. this was serious spa grade wax, man. and it hurt! but shes been doing it for, like, 20 years, and has pretty much no hair left on her legs, so if i can tough it out for 19 years 11 months and 3 weeks longer, i might be as lucky.

first soccer games! finally!! i didnt get a great shot of colby. thats molly mid-kick on the left. they both did great and had a lot of fun. i cant wait for their next games!

we're kind of having a lazy school week. we're way ahead of schedule since we started a full month before everyone else, and a couple of the private/charter schools in the area are taking this week off for fall break, so i feel justified. so far we havent done anything this week. we may do a little tomorrow. or not. :-)

be blessed!!!