Saturday, February 23, 2013

project 365, week 8

delicious food photos and descriptions ahead. do not continue if youre hungry. please stop and have a sandwich.

ok. just thought i should warn you. almost half my pictures this week are of food. i'm trying to get my family back to eating whole, healthy foods when possible, and to stop "grabbing something while we're out" so much. i tried some new things this week, and they all turned out so well, that i captured them on camera. bon appetite.

we went to some friends house for dinner and games. the kids decided it would be more fun to turn the lights off and tell ghost stories, complete with flashlight under chin.

i made a cornmeal breaded, pan fried tilapia and served it over greens. the dressing was the juice of two limes, a tblsp of dijon, and a quarter cup (i think) of canola oil. oh. my. word. it was SO good. i accidentally asked for twice as much fish as i needed at the market, but we ate every bite! even the kids had seconds!

for breakfast this week ive been alternating between a green smoothie, and this bowl of loveliness. yogurt, quinoa, blackberries, almonds, pumpkin seeds, mint leaves, and honey. no measuring; just throw it together. yum!!

mollys hair is getting long enough that i have to wrap it for a bit to help it dry. shes so cute. :-)

we made a trip to a bakery in austin this week to get some fresh bread with no preservatives. i bought a loaf of spinach provolone bread as a special treat. i used it to make grilled cheese sandwiches a couple of times. i have got to figure out how to make it. delicious!!!

molly learned to ride her bike this week!!! she was SO proud of herself, and we were proud of her!!!

complete and total house cleaning. anytime the chairs get moved off the kitchen floor into the living room, the kids ask to make a fort. the spent all morning in there playing.

this week should be interesting. allens having knee-replacement surgery on tuesday at 1:30. we've had offers of help from friends and family, so i know we'll be taken care of, and my sweet mother-in-law is coming to stay for a week to help out. he'll be in the hospital for a few days, and then recuperating indefinitely. prayers are appreciated!!
have a blessed week!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

project365, week 7

we did pretty well with our school schedule this week, all things considered. we went to a childrens museum with some friends on tuesday, so the kids agreed to do double school on monday, and my parents came for a couple days, which is always a nice treat. 
here are the pictures.

the fence we share with one of our neighbors keeps blowing down in one spot, and their dog comes into our yard. colbys allergic to dogs and cats, so we dont have cuddly pets, but when we looked out our backdoor and see her cute-ugly face staring in at us, we had to go out and play with her for just a little bit. did i mention her name is sexy? i cant tell you how funny it is to hear both of my kids yelling "come here, sexy! over here, sexy!"

we did a few science experiments monday afternoon. one bowl is hot, the other is cold, and the one in the middle is room temp. if you hold one hand each in the hot and cold at the same time for about 3 minutes, then plunge them together into the room temp water, your brain cant tell what temp the water is. it was a pretty neat experiment.

david, colby, and molly playing dress up in the "nana's attic" section at the childrens museum.

i labeled, chopped, prepped, and bagged food for about 7 hours on wednesday. the result? 18 fresh, homemade crock-pot meals, ready to be thawed and cooked. most of the meals feed 6-8 people, so there'll be leftovers for lunches, too.

happy valentines! we had heart-shaped pizza, and made our own chocolate-covered fruit. this was our second year in a row to do that. it may be a tradition.

my mom and dad brought me a priefert backwoods bloodline shirt. its a hunting show on the sportsman channel. the three priefert brothers on the show are my cousins. the priefert ranch is where we went for thanksgiving, if any of you remember grandma on the rope swing. :-)

the flood plane/rain drainage area out next to our house is always a fun place to explore and play on a pretty day.

everyone have a great week!!! thanks for stopping by!
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Saturday, February 9, 2013

project 365, week 6

our week was a little different coming off disciple now. i think we may have had our spring break this week, and will just power thru school the week everyone else has off here in another month or so.
we're had weird weather this week too. it was 84 degrees and beautiful on thursday. yesterday it was quite that warm, but still a great day for being outdoors. today its 55 degrees, and just drizzly enough to keep you indoors. hopefully the pretty weather will return. we loved being outside this week!

some of the DNOW small group leaders hung around sunday and took naps at our house before driving back to their respective college towns. we ended up going out to dinner and ice cream after. the guy at Amy's Ice Cream let us get behind the counter when we asked him to take our picture, under the condition that we each wear a hat.

i went to houston to get the kids from mimi and papa, where they spent DNOW weekend. i stayed the night, though, so that we could go to the zoo on tuesday.

i was trying to get  the kids to pose for a "sweet" picture. this is the best they could do.

we sold jake the snake. we're done with pets until the kids can take care of them themselves. we got him out to play one last time.

after a trip to the library, we went to the big park here in our city to ride scooters. what a beautiful day!!

after co-op we went to a nearby park with some friends. another great day to be outside.

molly and i had a baby shower to go to, so i took colby to the lamberts house to hang out with adler, tate, and uncle zach (allens out of town, and aunt april was going to the shower as well). when i got there, this is how i found colby and adler. adler just turned 5 and looks up to colby so much, and colby loves being that example to adler. we told them they're only allowed to sit like this for a little bit longer. then its just awkward. 

i posted a lot of pictures from our zoo trip a couple days ago. i got some fantastic close-ups of some of the animals, if youre interested in that kind of thing.  
have a great week!!
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

a trip to the zoo

19 pictures!!! thats what youre about to look at if you proceed. the kids stayed in houston with mimi over the weekend so i could participate in disciple now at church. i headed to houston monday afternoon, stayed the night, and tuesday morning we got up and went to the zoo. the weather was perfect, and the animals were super active. it was the first time i really had a chance to play around with my new camera, and i got some great zoomed in animal shots im proud of. i figured rather than post a ridiculous amount of extra pictures with 365 this weekend, i'd give tuesday at the zoo its very own post. enjoy!

my sweet molly girl

i was trying to get a cute picture of them together. they just wanted to be silly.

more sillies.

were happy to have mimi go with us.

turtle sandwich!

"its eating my arm!!!"

playing the bongos in africa

i loved this chimp hiding under his blanket.

zoomed in a little closer.

this one kept making faces at us.

i think this was the 'grandpa'. he was unfazed by the whole thing. 

allens favorite. i always take a picture of the rhinos for him.

a ride on the carousel 

using my zoom. i love owls.

another great shot with my zoom.

for $5 we were able to feed the giraffes! pretty cool!

we couldnt touch them though. that was a bummer.

this one we could touch, but its just not the same. :-)

we had a great time. the houston zoo is fabulous if you ever have the chance to go!!
see you back here for P365 on saturday!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

project 365, week 5

we are in the thick of disciple now weekend at our church, along with 5 other churched in the area. i came home between mission project and dinner to post my blog take a shower. ;-)
really quickly before i get onto my pictures, i need to clear something up. i think the name of my blog must be confusing. a lot of ya'll think my name is fran. understandable mistake. i'm actually amy. my last name is frans, hence "the frans clan." just thought i'd throw that out there. its been a common occurrence with several people that follow the blog or participate in P365, but dont actually know me, so there you have it. :-) no worries.

ok, pictures!

the kids and i were at my parents last weekend, so we got to go to their church on sunday. i hadnt heard my dad lead worship in about 5 months, so it was great to have that opportunity. i even got to sing with the praise band, because his background vocalist got sick saturday night.

my sweet boy reading at bedtime.  ive always envied his eyelashes. they go on for miles. he doesnt get that from me, unfortunately.

allen is the speaker at a youth camp this summer, and the camp sent him a publicity poster in the mail to have. he's so handsome. :-)

disciple now kick-off was tonight at church. all the students found out what homes they'll be staying in, who their leaders are, etc. this is on the stage as part of the 'decor'.

ugh, im so mad. the picture i wanted to post accidentally got deleted (by me). tonight we celebrated colbys 1 year salvation birthday. we gave him a max lucado devotional book for kids, which i took his photo with, but its gone. forever. we also went and got dessert. colby wanted a smoothie, and i got a shot of wheatgrass juice; bleh. so good for you, though.

disciple now is under way!! we ended up with about 170 students signed up from our church, with a total of approximately 600 from all 6 churches combined, plus adults, leaders, etc. overall there are roughly 1,000 people involved in the event this weekend. pretty awesome.
this is the tshirt from the weekend. its....different.

on saturday afternoons, the groups scatter all over the round rock area and do service projects in the homes of those in need. this is dolores. we completed a very long list of tasks at her house that she's unable to do herself. she's precious lady, and we loved visting with her and hearing her story.

i really am about to take a shower, and then head to dinner at the home i'm helping, and then worship tonight with all the other groups. i hope you're having a great weekend, and enjoying the beautiful weather if you happen to be in this area. if you're not having beautiful weather where you are, i'll try to send some your way. :-)
be blessed!