Saturday, December 26, 2009

project 365, week 52!!!!!!

this is it! this is the last entry for project 365, 2009. i may actually do an entry with the last 5 days pictures on it, just so its complete.
we had a fantastic christmas. the kids got way too much, as usual, and loved it all. molly actually got tired of opening presents. about half way through the gift wrapping massacre at mimis, she stopped. i had to open the last 4 or 5 things for her.
we changed up some things this year. the presents from 'santa' were to be assembled and unwrapped, sitting under the tree on christmas morning. we didnt realize mollys gift had sooo many tiny pieces, otherwise we probably would have started working on it a little sooner. allen and i were up till 1:30am putting things together and getting everything just right. then, we opened out presents to/from each other, which was nice. i personally enjoyed having that time with him, and getting to enjoy it without 2 preschoolers screeching and running around. that may become a tradition for us, at least until the kids are older.
we spent christmas day in h-town with my inlaws. we had to zip back home the next morning though; i had to be at the theatre by 1pm for the matinee show they added last week. i have 4 more performances in annie, then we're done. it's been a lot of fun, but i dont think i'll be doing the holiday show again, at least not for a few more years.
heres the week in pictures. i might throw in a few extras. :)

SUNDAY, december 20th
when i'm not being grace farrell, i'm the help. these are my friends and fellow maids in the warbucks mansion, jill and michelle.

MONDAY, december 21st
my grandparents came in from east texas to celebrate christmas and come see the show. this is my beautiful grandma.

TUESDAY, december 22nd
a friend of ours had a cookie decorating party. so. much. fun.
each kiddo got 4 cookies and everyone was asked to bring frosting and a topping of some sort. what a great idea! i'm not brave enough to do it though...i dont handle messy very well; especially messy x10 kids. i think there were actually more than that. yikes.
this is colby and his friend savannah at the party; pre-decorating.
on a side note, see the short sleeved shirts? i think it was in the low 70s. we had snow flurries the next day. crazy texas weather.

WEDNESDAY, december 23rd
some of my annie buddies. this is jenny (she's lily, if you're at all familiar with the show). i love her!!! the next pic is me with cody and diego. funny, talented, fabulous people.

THURSDAY, december 24th
merry christmas eve!
molly, colby, adler, and audrey.
the frans clan. molly was so over taking pictures at this point. we exhausted her with the kid picture. although, she wasnt very cooperative for that one either.
christmas pjs from ace the elf!
the yearly DUKE gear. can you tell we're fans!! i'm a fan by default. if allen likes it, i like it.
my big present this year was a red sink for the kitchen! its getting installed this week, and in can not wait! i've wanted one for 3 years, but we've never been able to find one, until now! i also got a gift card to go pick out new fixtures. i will definitely be posting a picture of the finished product.

FRIDAY, december 25th
merry christmas!!!
the kids were so excited to see what mommy and daddy and santa brought them!

SATURDAY, december 26th
this is me and james. he's one of the drakes (the butler) in the cast; william (whos made the 365 run) is the other one.

happy new year!!!!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

project 365, week 51

we are one week away from the end of 2009. that is just crazy to think about, and even crazier is the fact that i have stuck with this for the entire year. i think there was only 1 week that i didnt participate and only a handful of pictures missed along the way.
i hope you've enjoyed this christmas season. i say that now, because next time i post christmas will have come and gone. the kids are both old enough this year to really 'get into' the everything that goes along with the holiday season. giving, getting, baby Jesus, santa, baking cookies, making ornaments, decorating the house, seeing the lights around the neighborhood. its been a lot of fun!
here's the week...

SUNDAY, december 13th
the kids came home today from a weekend at mimis. they come home sunday night to new beds (pictured in last weeks post). i took a picture of their reactions when they walked in and saw them for the first time.

MONDAY, december 14th
i bought molly a little tube of lip gloss at the store today. she does pretty well at not smearing it all over her face. although, i think she gets more on the inside of her mouth than her lips.

TUESDAY, december 15th
pajama day! we stayed in all day and played games, made ornaments, baked cookies, all that christmas-y stuff. these are my favorite pj pants and house shoes.

WEDNESDAY, december 16th
ace the elf. we started the elf on the shelf tradition last year, and its really been a lot of fun. if you've never heard of it, check it out.

THURSDAY, december 17th
a trip to see santa. molly was a little wary at first, but once she saw that he wasnt going to, i dont know, pull her arm off or anything, she was good with it.

FRIDAY, december 18th
william and i were going to take before and after pictures of drake (the butler) and grace (the secretary). this is the before, but then we got into 'show mode' and forgot to take any afters. i need to get on it!! i havent taken any backstage pics since we started the show run!!

SATURDAY, december 19th
yet another pajama day for the kids and i. colby started running fever last night and was kind of a wet noodle all day. we spent most of the afternoon on the floor coloring or watching christmas movies on the couch.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

fun on the moon

colbys getting really good at reading. i'm using "teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons" and we're on lesson 68.
at the end of the lesson theres a very short story to read and a picture that goes with it.
the story today was called 'finding some fun on the moon'.
we read the story and as he reads i ask him comprehensive questions to make sure he understands what he's reading.
so this girl goes to the moon and meets a moon cow who takes her swimming. (don't ask questions, becuause i dont get it either). the last sentence of the story is 'the girl did not tell the other girls that she went swimming with a moon cow.'
i asked colby why he thought she didnt tell her friends.
i was expecting something like, 'becuase she wanted the pool all to herself,' or 'she didnt want anyone else to be friends with the cow.'
i personally would have said, 'because if i told my friends i went swimming on the moon with a space cow, i'd be commited.'
however colbys answer was, "because they would kill him for meat."

guess the moons not so much fun for the cows.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

project 365, week 50

2 weeks away from the end of 2009!!!
with the exception of stocking stuffers, i am done with my christmas shopping! woo hoo!
we've had a busy weekend so the kids are with mimi. allen and i went to toys r us thursday and got all their gifts. friday we made a trip to ikea and target to get items to redo the kids' rooms. molly got colbys bed, taking her from her crib to a twin bed, and colby now has bunk beds, but the bottom is a full-size bed, so mimi and papa have somewhere to sleep when they come visit.
on our way home from ikea, with my car full of furniture, the drive shaft fell out of my car onto the road!! it goes without saying that we didnt go any further. praise the Lord we have a friend whos a mechanic and was able to fix my car the same day!! its been a crazy weekend of shopping, building, and reorganizing, with some car trouble, 3 'Annie' performances, and 2 christmas parties thrown in for good measure. whew!!
heres the week:

SUNDAY, december 6th
mollys been asking to dress up like mary, which means putting a blanket on her head. she walks aroun dlike this for hours. its adorable.

MONDAY, december 7th
we came hom efrmo the grocery store to ants, ants, and more ants!! they were coming through a crack in the baseboard. i've been fighting a small amount of them for several weeks, but all of a sudden there were hundreds all over the floor, on the counters, everywhere!! we had a visit from terminix the next morning, and they're gone!

TUESDAY, december 8th
cookie baking extravaganza!! i baked 3 different batches of cookies and they were all delicious!

WEDNESDAY, december 9th
i took the kids to toys r us so they could look around and give me some ideas for christmas. mimis getting colby the only thing he's asked for so i had to have something for 'santa' to bring him. when i asked molly what she wanted, she told me, "a dolly, pink, and butterflies."
i took a picture of this playscape to show allen. i would love to get this for the kids, but it would take up our entire backyard and probably require pulling up a tree. that being said, its a good dream to have. :)

THURSDAY, december 10th
after i took the kids to our drop off point, i got right to shopping. i went to pier 1, which i pretty much never shop at. i walked around for about an hour. l-o-v-e- it!! i saw these canvases, and took a picture. i'm hoping to get a few of them (believe, laugh, and home) for christmas (hint, hint, allen) to hang on the wall above the t.v.

FRIDAY, december 11th
allen was having too much fun with the cart at ikea.

SATURDAY, december 12th
the kids new beds!! they dont know we did this, so they'll be surprised when they get home tomorrow. :)

i hope you're having a fabulous christmas season!!!

stay warm!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

project 265, week 49

woo hoo!!! i have a full week of pictures! and they're not all about theatre! even better!!
its beginning to look a lot like christmas. we got the lights up on our house this week, and went to a couple of different christmas parades/strolls in the area.
we pulled ace the elf out on the 1st too. you'll get a picture of him eventually and the story to go with it.

the other day we were picking up toys, and i threw something towards mollys room without even really thinking about it. i tell colby amd molly not to throw toys, so colby looks at me and says, "did you throw that?" i told him that i did and he said, "hmm, looks like you're not getting any presents."

heres the week...

SUNDAY, november 30th
this is william. he is drake the butler in annie. he's come to church with me the past couple weeks and he went to dinner with our family after the service sunday night.

MONDAY, december 1st
i came home late sunday night to a tarantula in a gladware bowl on my kitchen counter. allen had brought him home from the church parking lot that day. i seriously thought about keeping him, but i would have to come up with crickets for him to eat, and i'm not signing on for that. we kept him for a couple days, then let him go. find your own crickets, buddy.

TUESDAY, december 2nd
the weather was yucky, so a trip to the childrens museum seemed logical. leah and i had been several times, but our friend traci had never been with her kids. the 6 kids together had a fabulous time. we were there for 4 hours and still didnt have time to do everything.

WEDNESDAY, december 3rd
allen came home this afternoon with surprise donuts for the kids. with it being the christmas season they had a christmas donut, which just so happened to be colbys favorite color.

THURSDAY, december 4th
we drove to a town about half an hour north of us for their christmas parade. we met our friends the ogrady's there and walked around with them for a bit too. it was a fun evening.

FRIDAY, december 5th
it snowed!!! we got a very small flurry that lasted about half an hour. then it was done and the sun came out. but the kids were really excited for 30 minutes. colby might have even caught a snowflake on his tongue. hahaha.

SATURDAY, december 6th
we went to the christmas stroll in gtwn. i was in the parade with the Annie cast and afterwards the family walked around for a bit, palyed some games, ate lunch, etc before i had to be at the theatre for a pre-show rehearsal.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

project 365, week 48

what a great week! no rehearsals, thanksgiving on thursday, and decorating for christmas on friday. it was a very relaxing, much needed week off.
i didnt get pictures for every day, but i'll post what i got.

SUNDAY, november 22nd
chorus day for me. i'm grace in ten shows and chorus in nine. this is the scene where mr warbucks goes to the radio station to announce that they're looking for annies parents. i'm one of the boylan sisters (i'm in the middle). its a fun scene.

MONDAY, november 23rd
no picture. my mom and i drove to giddings to pick up the kids from mimi and papa.
good to have them home. they were gone almost a week!

TUESDAY, november 24th
my dining room table is normally covered with all my scrapbooking stuff, but i knew i was going to have to clean it off for thanksgiving, so i finished up the stack of pictures i had. i'm still not caught up. i just finished easter '09. one of these days.....

WEDNESDAY, november 25th
clean, clean, clean. i find it odd that i spend ALL DAY cleaning, knowing that the next day my house is going to full of people and get dirty again. here's my spotless dining room table.

THURSDAY, november 26th
happy turkey day!! my facebook status was "today i'm thankful for my family, musical theater, and memaws cornbread dressing." i ate till i felt like i'd explode. soooo good. the kids got to break the wishbone. molly got the big half and when we asked her what she wished for she kept saying, "on a star!" i think she was confused.

FRIDAY, november 27th
we always decorate for christmas the day after thanksgiving. this year was no different. it was a great day!!

SATURDAY, november 28th
family hiking trip. cousin justin went with us. we actually went pretty far considering we had a 3 year old and a 5 year old in tow. i would guess about 2 miles round trip.

today justin asked colby why we celebrate christmas. his response: "cause i love it!!" i guess we need to work on that....
have a blessed week!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

project 365, week 47

please remember my warning from last week--that this weeks pictures would pretty much have everything to do with the show.....i was right. mostly.
opening weekend went well. there were a few 'snafus' and some technical difficulties, but we got through it and hopefully got it out of our system so the next 27 shows will be fabulous!! :)

SUNDAY, november 15th
rehearsal....this is ms hannigan, rooster, and lily practicing 'easy street'.

MONDAY, november 16th
today was my memaws birthday. the kids and i went by to say hello and wish her happy birthday. they also helped her blow out her candles and eat her cake. :)

TUESDAY, november 17th
my dance shoes needed to air out. ick.

WEDNESDAY, november 18th
dress rehearsal. a husband of one of the women in the cast came and took pictures of the run through. so...i didnt take this picture, but hey, give me a break. so thats me as grace, obviously with mr warbucks and annie.

THURSDAY, november 19th
the playbill for the show!!

FRIDAY, november 20th
i spent the first part of the day with my mom. the kids are with allens mom this week, so we got to enjoy some mother daughter time. she took me shopping and bought me lunch. so fun!
it was a cold rainy day, and this rain chain (probably not what its called at all) was outside the restaraunt where we ate.

SATURDAY, november 21st
you'd think i'd have all kind of pictures from my opening night, but no. i took this of myself in my car on the way to the theatre. i was literally thinking, 'if i dont take one, now, i wont have one for the day.' glad i did! i dont think my camera came out of my purse again that night!

this week will be normal, and next week i can once again join the land of 365!