Saturday, September 28, 2013

threesixfive, week 39

we started our week wrapping up our vacation at the beach, and the rest of the week was spent playing catch up. i got some good pictures, though, i think.....

i didnt share this one in my "vacation post." there was a pretty crazy looking storm cloud that blew in sunday afternoon, and forced us inside from about 3:00 on. it looked really neat coming in though.

we left monday, but our flight wasnt until that evening, so we were able to play on the beach for a few more hours that morning.

a picture of a picture; this one we bought. there was a guy walking around with a monkey, and a lady taking pictures of people holding it/posing with it. we couldn't pass up the opportunity. it looks fake, but i promise, its a real monkey.

another picture of a picture. sorry. :-/
we had our family portrait done a couple weeks ago, and we were able to pick them up when we got back from vacation. this is a pre-framed one we had done for our hallway.

colbys first big punishment occurred this week. he lost two library books, and it finally came time to declare them lost, because we were at our limit of renewing. he has lost two weeks of library privileges; one for each book lost, and he had to give us what money he had to put towards the reimbursement fee. he's a very very big reader, so thursday was, like, his worst day ever. so why is the picture of all my blog books from years past? this is his reading material of choice. its actually been pretty funny, because a lot of the stories he reads to me (mostly about himself), and we get to laugh and relive it.

a couple that serve in the youth ministry had their first baby while we were gone. we were able to go meet her friday afternoon. precious.

i, along with one of my co-teachers, took a small group of our sunday school girls out to the lake this afternoon. space was limited, so we unfortunately werent able to take everyone that wanted to go, but we still had a good group and a great time.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Unas vacaciones en familia

so. many. pictures. these arent even all the ones i took, but these are the best for sure.
do you like the title of the post? i thought it fitting since our vacation was in mexico. i admit i had to google a translator, though. i know enough spanish to ask where the bathroom is, and then be thankful for the directions. 
i just kind of threw a bunch of pictures on here, no particular order or grouping. 
enjoy the view! :-)

heres our hotel, the crown paradise resort in cancun. this is at the end of one of the pools looking back at one half of the hotel.

 here, i'm standing in the same spot, but looking to the right. we liked this pool because we could stand at this end and look down at the beach 

we haven't been to the beach in over 3 years, and even then its only been the gulf coast, which is, well, ugly to put it quite frankly. the kids just stood there and took it all in for an entire thirty seconds before jumping in.

 colby insisted on being buried. at what point are we no longer ok with sand being in and on every part of our body?? you would never get me to lay down in the sand, much less be buried in it, but i'm sure when i was a kid i would have been the first to volunteer.

AND, not to be missed, a video of colby in which he competed and WON a dance contest. we are now calling him an international dance contest champion. it was him, a girl from canada, a girl from mexico, and a boy from puerto rico. it came down, by audience vote, to him and the canadian girl, and he out danced her, of course. watch him get down.....

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

threesixfive, week 38

yes its tuesday, and i'm just now getting the P365 post up.
we just got home from 4 wonderful, beautiful days in cancun, mexico!! we played on the beach, stayed up late, slept in, and got too much sun in the best kind of way. i still havent gotten all the sand off of me, and molly definitely still has sand in her hair. :-/ a consequence i'm willing to deal with after the fun we had.
i won't share the skads of pictures i took on this post. i will however do a separate vacation post in the next few days and upload way more photos than anyone not related to me cares to see. :-)

for now, heres last sunday thru saturday.....

mollys sunday school teachers invited the students and parents over to their house for a get to know you party. they're very good friends of ours already, but we still went and had a great time playing and visiting with other people from church.

this was the position i found colby in watching t.v. he's becoming more and more of a "boy."
just loud and silly and...weird.

we had a field trip to the amy's ice cream warehouse. amy's is a ridiculously good ice cream store in the central texas area. it started in austin about 30 years ago. we learned how they make their ice cream, and then at the end we got a free bowl. yum!!

i recently taught the kids how to play CLUE; my absolute favorite board game growing up. they love it and are getting pretty good. we've been playing as a family at least a few times a week.

we left thursday afternoon for cancun. with our air miles we earn with our credit card, we're super limited on flight times, so we didnt get there until after dinner time that night. no pictures of the beach...yet. there was a real cutie next to me on the plane, though. i made sure to get a picture with him.

the beach was beautiful!!!! we spent plenty of time up at the resort pools, too, but i could've sat at the beach all day.

there were several restaurants at the resort (most of them only open for dinner). saturday evening we ate at los gallos.

thats the first half of vacation!!
like, i said, i'll do a just vacation post in a few days, and then there will be a couple more pictures on next week's P365 post.
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Saturday, September 14, 2013

threesixfive, week 37

my focus and efforts on taking pictures this week is embarrassing. most of what i'm posting are pictures that allen took and emailed to me from his phone. :-/
now that we're back in the school routine, our days kind of run together and are all very similar, so there's not a whole lot happening that makes me want to run for my camera.i took several today, though, and i have a couple from thursday as well.
i promise to do better next week.
speaking of next week, i won't be able to post on saturday. we'll be on vacation in mexico. if we happen to have wi-fi at the hotel, i'll get on allens laptop and at least post the link, but if that doesnt happen, i just want  you to know why. i'll post it when i get back on tuesday.

a few pictures....

colby had his first martial arts class. he has mixed feeling about it, so we'll see how long this lasts.

for the anniversary of 9/11, allen had one of the youth workers whos an austin firefighter talk to the kids about his perspective. i didnt get to hear it, but allen said he did a great job.

we took family pictures today. i had a groupon to jcpenney, and the turned out surprisingly well. i didnt want stiff, posed, "church directory" pictures, so we were able to get some more casual shots. i'll post some as soon as i pick up the photo CD from them (when we get back from vacation)

after our pictures were done, we went by one of the city fire stations to deliver thank you notes to the firemen that allen had the students write at youth group the night before.

apparently today is cave day. there are a lot of underground caves and caverns here in central texas, and one of the cities near us had some of their private caves open to the public to tour. we got to see an indian cave and had a beautiful hike to go along with it.

i love how even though this tree fell, the roots are still connected, so the tree has started growing thicker branches out of its side, and theyre reaching up towards the sun. it makes a little canopied walkway. very pretty. 

allen and the kids had to walk across it, of course.

i dont know what these are, but theyre beautiful. there were bushes covered in them all along the path to the indian cave.

we also went down a 6 foot ladder, and then a flight of man made stairs into a cavern that was found as a neighborhood was being built. that was a pretty cool thing to see. 

thats our week!!!
sorry i didnt get a chance to visit y'alls blog world's this week. i had a kink thrown into the homeschool theatre class i teach, and i had to re-work everything i had planned for this week, as well as what i had planned for them to do while we're gone on vacation next week. all my spare time over the last several days was spent in front of the computer doing that. :-/
hopefully we're squared away and that won't happen again.

i hope your week was blessed and you have some wonderful picture to share.
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Saturday, September 7, 2013

threesixfive, week 36

this was a nice, typical, predictable week. we had an added bonus of my parents and memaw coming down sunday night and staying until monday evening. dad and allen worked in the front yard most of monday on a project i'm so excited is finally done (yes, there are pictures). how about i let you see them??.....

every few weeks, colby has a science project due as part of the curriculum we're using this year. his first project was research on dinosaurs. he shared his presentation with everyone sunday night.

monday morning dad and allen got right to work! we had bushes in front of the windows there for several years, but they died last summer in the drought. we had them pulled up at the beginning of the summer, and as of monday i have a nice little patio in front of the house!

colby is learning all about classification, so one of his activities was to sort a stack of animals in as many ways as he could. i had to ruin a book to make that happen. :-/

allen brought the gaga ball pit into the youth building for youth wednesday night. the students (and adults) played for about half an hour, then a few worship songs and allens message. it was a nice change from the usual schedule.
that blur in the green shirt is colby, by the way. allen let him play with the 8th graders. :-)

mollys science project over the next week is to watch 2 plants; one we will give sunlight, and the other we wont. she'll compare the two and write a paragraph at the end of a week. plant A (pictured here) is our sunlight plant.

colby had a sleepover at a friends house and allen had youth pastor obligations, so molly and i had a night together. we watched an american girl movie on the couch and ate ice cream. thats my kind of date.

we had some issues with the kiddos today; arguing and disrespecting each other. allen had them look up the definition of honor and copy it down, then we talked about it and he and i shared examples of a times we've felt honored and dishonored. hopefully it sunk in.

and thats our week!!
i'm teaching an oil class monday evening, so i'm looking forward to that. i've been meaning to do another essential oil post for those of you that keep up with those. check back later this week for something.

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