Thursday, February 11, 2010

feeling the love

i know, i know, long time no blog.
we've been crazy busy around here, and although i miss doing the 365 each sunday, i havent missed the pressure of getting a fabulous picture every day. i think i've used my camera three times since new years eve. yikes!
that being said, i havent had the motivation to get on here and blog about anything in particular.
i was telling allen the latest 'kid stories' last night, and allen said, "you need to blog!"
so here i am.

we've been having some issues with PDA lately. thats 'public displays of affection' for those of you that dont know.
for the past two wednesday nights, colbys teacher, ms chris, has had to pull him out of class and speak to him about being inappropriate with his friend tayler (who, by the way is gorgeous! at least he has good taste.) during story time.
he lays all over her and kisses her, right there in the circle while the teacher is telling them the bible story!
last week ms chris pulled him out and said
ms chris: "i dont hug and kiss my friends while pastor mark is speaking. does your daddy let the big kids do that while he's preaching to them?"
colby: "no, but they're tools from God!"
ms chris explained that ms pam is a tool of God too, and so is anyone else that is talking to us about God/Jesus.
then last night it happened again. when i went to pick him up chris said she left herself wide open because they had a valentines party and were talking about ways they show love.
when colby was kissing on tayler again during storytime, ms chris called him down and he said
colby: "but this is how i show her i love her!"
touche, colby. well played.
so then she pulled him out of class again and explained that boys are blue and girls are pink and together they make purple. and purple is not allowed.
she was telling me all this and about that time colby came out into the hallway. i said
me: "colby, what color is not allowed?"
colby: "purple! but tayler must not know that because she was wearing purple shirt tonight."
me: "no its not about clothes, colby. its about hugging and kissing tayler at inappropriate times. its ok to give short hugs when you're saying hello and goodbye, but we dont need to hold onto each other and we definitely dont need to lay on each other. and kissing is not ok at all."
colby: "but why? i love her so much."
me: "well, lets think of some other ways you can show her you love her."
the conversation carried on till we got home and started getting ready for bed.
we'll see if it sticks come next wednesday when he sees tayler again.
shes a cutie and hes super affectionate. i guess the two dont mix.

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Dawn said...

Well, what appropriate subject matter as we approach Valentine's Day!

As the parent of youth, I was relieved to know that this behavior is not happening during Allen's sermons. Very relieved.

Let me know how I can help you during Allen's upcoming trip, okay?