Sunday, August 29, 2010

making friends

first week of school!
molly started a 3-day-a-week mothers day out on wednesday at the academy at our church, and i started homeschool with colby that same day.
i love the curriculum i'm using and he's enjoying it, too, so i'm really excited about our year together!!
molly did great, too. her favorite things are playing on the playground and lunch. shes definitely allens daughter. :-)

i went saturday morning to the welcome brunch for the co-op i'll be taking colby to on fridays. he's taking three classes and i'll be helping out in a couple and teaching p.e. for the k-2nd graders. we start sept 10th.

last night when i was giving colby his bath i mentioned something about him making a lot of new friends when he starts co-op, and he said
colby: "i know how to make friends, now."
me: "you do? how?"
colby: "first, you ask them their name, which i forget to do sometimes. then, you ask them if they want to be your friend. if they say no, you just walk away, but if they say yes then you ask them if they want to play with you."
me: "what if they say yes they want to be your friend but they dont want to play with you."
colby: "well then, you ask them if they'd like to sit down and watch some t.v. with you."
me: "and what if they say no to that?"
colby: "hmm...maybe they dont want to be your friend after all."

i remember the days of running up to someone and asking "do you want to be my friend?" they usually said yes, but if i got the occasional no, i'd shrug and go try again with someone else. things were some much simpler then. i wonder what kind of reaction i'd get if i did that today. hahaha!!


Dawn said...

I'd say "yes!"

So, so happy that you'll be teaching Kat's class this year.

Did I mention I'm so happy you'll be teaching Kat's class this year?


Mama Belle said...

I'm thinking we should all approach friendships that way. Sure would make things a lot easier, huh? Good job, Colby!

Casey said...

I'd be your friend!!!