Monday, November 1, 2010

bangs and marriage

colby turned 6 last week. crazy!!!
molly will be 4 next monday. also crazy!!!
their party is this weekend, and we got them a playscape for their birthday. allen, my dad, and our friend brandon all got out thursday to work on it and get it built. the box said it would take 30 hours, or maybe it was 25, but it only took them half that. they finished most of it thursday, and then dad came back over friday afternoon to help allen wrap it up.
brandon is a stay at home dad, so him coming over to help meant me watching his boys; jaxon, 4, and cannon, 7 weeks.
jaxon and molly have been each others professed future spouses for several months, but when brandon came over that morning, he told me that jaxon would no longer be marrying molly because he has now decided he's going to marry his mimi. the consolation is that, in jaxons words, "cannon can have her."
so that afternoon i'm sitting on the couch and the kids are playing on the floor and i said
me: "jaxon, you're going to marry your mimi?"
jaxon: "yes."
me: "why arent you going to marry molly?"
jaxon: "i only marry big girls."
molly: "i'm a big girl!!"
jaxon: "no you're not."
molly: "yes i am! i'll be four in ten days!"
jaxon: "you can marry colby."
colby: "no! i've already chosen who i'm going to marry."
molly: "i dont want to marry colby. i just love him."
and it kind of died down after that. i love listening to kids talk to each other.

mollys been pretty adamant lately about wanting to grow her hair long like mine. she cried the other day because she doesnt want bangs anymore, but she doesnt understand that they have to grow out. she kept telling me to cut them off, and she would push them all the way back off her forehead and say, "like this." we've been working thru that.
yesterday morning we were getting ready for church and she said it again
molly: "mommy, i dont want bangs anymore."
me: "ok, well, we can grow them out. its going to take some time though."
colby: "mommy, do you not have bangs?"
me: "no, my hair is all the same length."
colby: "were you not born with bang holes?"
me: "it doesnt work that way. this is where my bangs would be."
and i showed him, kind of, how it would work if i had bangs.
bang holes. awesome.
i wish i had some reason to use that term in everyday conversation.

this week we're preparing for the birthday party on saturday. mimi and papa are coming for the day thursday to celebrate with the kids, and give them their gifts. then next thursday, the 11th, i leave for africa!!

hope everyone is doing well,and enjoying the very gradually cooling weather--at least down here in texas. i know some of you are up north, and its probably already freakishly cold.
here are a few pictures form the weekend...

tada!!!! the newest addition to our backyard. hopefully it will get lots of use!

cinderella closed this weekend. it was SUCH fun show!! i'll definitely miss it. this is the other stepsister (sam, on the left), the stepmother (suzanne, in the middle), and myself (on the right).

the kids in their halloween costumes. i'm thinking this is the last year they'll let me coordinate their costumes, but we'll see. they really dont seem to mind. this year they were the mad hatter and alice.

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