Saturday, June 4, 2011

threesixfive, days 146 thru 152

we had a great week at the beach!! each year we offer the senior trip to those who have 80% attendance or better in sunday school. this year 14 qualified, and 9 went, plus the 12th grade sunday school teachers, and the frans clan. colby and molly had a great time, and allen and i enjoyed watching them soak up the experience. you get a few extra pictures on our "beach days" this week.

sunday, day 146
we went to a graduation party for one of our seniors, who was in the tenor line in the marching band. he brought his set out and let colby play on them.

monday, day 147
we left for the beach around 1 and got there shortly after 5. after some dinner and a trip down to the water just to make sure it hadn't gone anywhere since last year, we went to play putt-putt.

tuesday, day 148
after a full day on the beach, we went for a sunset dolphin watching cruise. there was a touch tank on the boat where colby got to hold a stingray. we saw probably 20 dolphins, and the kids made friends with the captain, who let them drive the boat! molly spent most of the ride right there with him, and he put her to work. she loved it!

wednesday, day 149
another full day down by the water. can't wait to back next year!

thursday, day 150
on the way home from the beach we got a call that my dad was in the e.r. waiting to hear if he might have to have his appendix removed! he had surgery that evening, so we went to visit him and were able to spend about 10 minutes with him before we had to head home to get the kids in bed. even coming out of anesthesia he was just as goofy as ever. I love my dad.

friday, day 151
as if we weren't in the water enough this week, we met some friends at the pool for a couple hours. this is molly and her buddy, addie.

saturday, day 152
this picture isn't very exciting. but it's the only one I have. molly went to a birthday party at chuck e cheese for a friend of hers from school. she, addie, and wynter discovered the screen that makes it look like they're on tv, and they were hooked.

this week we have vbs in the evenings, then we leave friday morning for youth camp where we'll be till tuesday, so I'll have to post my week a few days late unfortunately. or maybe I'll make it one long post the following weekend. to be determined....

have a good one!!


sara said...

Oh I so want to go to the beach!!!! looks like you had a blast!

Have a great time at camp!

The Bug said...

Love the beach pics - I'd love to see the ocean at some point... Maybe next summer after I've had my hip surgery.

I actually love the last pic - the girls are so cute :)


Loved the beach pics and I am hoping to get there myself this least that is the plan.

RaD said...

I'd just do two weeks in a row. It's much easier and it will guarantee we'll all have the opportunity to see it.

The beach trip looks like so much fun. How exciting for your seniors! My kids would have loved the boat trip just as much as yours did.

debi9kids said...

The photos of the beach and on the boat are fantastic and so welcoming :)

The Cyber Hermit said...

Love the boat ride and beach pics. The kids look like they are having so much fun and I love remembering how wide open and fun the world was at that age.

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Those were my favorite drums back when I was in marching band. Not that I played them. I was just always in awe of the guys who did. They sound so cool!

What a fun time it looks like y'all had at the beach! So did you actually see any dolphins on the cruise??

skoots1mom said...

so glad your dad's ok...
oh, i'm longing for the beach
great kid shots

Mimi said...

I haven't had a beach vacation in so long, it looks awesome!

Have a great week,

rita said...

What a fun-filled week! Except for the Dad-in-the-ER scare. Glad all is well.
Have another great one!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Beach, beach, beach...that is always a good combination.

Glad you Dad is ok.