Friday, April 2, 2010

25 things

i was reading thru all my notes on facebook that i've written over the past couple years or so...however long i've been on facebook. i came across this one. just 25 things (goals, facts, habits, etc.) about me. some of them made me laugh, because they're so random. i havent changed any of them. this is exactly how i posted it and they're all still true.

1. when it comes right down to it, i don't think i really want a dog.

2. i suck at drawing.

3. i've always wanted a big brother.

4. i love a good sandwich.

5. when i was pregnant, i would eat a whole pizza and not think twice about it.

6. i regret not pursuing anything passionately in high school. i wonder how good i could have been had i picked one thing and stuck with it.

7. i don't have a college degree, nor do i have a clue what i would want one in.

8. i used to steal that sticky tack stuff off my teachers desk in 2nd grade.

9. i really really love to dance. all kinds.

10. i used to prank call people and hold the phone up to the t.v. on a spanish channel.

11. i like the way skunks smell.

12. i am terrified of grasshoppers.

13. i'm scared of tubing on a river. i almost drowned in one of the rapids when i was in middle school, and about 5 years ago i got dumped out of the inner tube and twisted my knee. i hate it.

14. i love flying.

15. i've never had eggnog.

16. when allen goes out of town, i almost always end up calling the police on our neighbors barking dog, because i get paranoid that theres 'someone out there.' she only seems to bark when allens out of town.

17. in 8th grade, i got pantsed in front of the guy i had a crush on. he pointed and laughed.

18. when i was a junior i would sneak of campus with a friend of mine who was a senior, by hiding in the trunk of her car.

19. theres always a song in my head.

20. i marched in the rose parade on new years day in 1996.

21. i wish my rib cage was smaller.

22. i like rap music, but i dont listen to it...much.

23. i hate cleaning my house.

24. i would love it to be super cute and fashionable to wear pajama pants and tshirts all the time.

25. i really really love my family and cant believe how blessed i am.

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sara said...

love these!

but really, you like the smell of a skunk?!! ugh!