Tuesday, March 30, 2010

hair woes and such

my kids have both recently taken an interest in their hair style.
well, molly has always been into her hair, which is surprising since she wont let me touch it (the reason i chopped it off a few weeks ago), but lately she just wants really random things done to it. and she does it herself, making it even more....random.
then theres colby, who wants his hair flat on his head. he wets his hand and smooths his hair down with the water. it kind of makes him look like a little old man. i think he's rebelling because he knows i like his hair spiked up.
ah well, its not a battle worth fighting. its like the rain boots and red ruby slippers. whos it hurting really. it might hurt them in 10 years when their friends look at these pictures and laugh.....

allen was putting molly to bed the other night and she asked
molly: "whens my birthday?"
allen: "november."
molly: "november? whens november?"
allen: "november is a long way away?
molly: "it is?"
allen: "yes."
molly: "so far you cant even see it. you'd have to drive a car."

love it.

and lastly, i want to share some super exciting news with you!
at the end of may (the 24th thru 31st to be exact) i get to go to israel on a tour of the holy land with beth moore! for those of you that dont know, beth moore is like the christian womens' icon. shes a ladies' bible study rockstar and, well, just a huge role model to me.
a friend of mine works for her, doing her travel itenterary and booking, and she called about a week ago and told us that there was a spot open on the trip.
apparently beth put together this trip as an opportunity to bless her staff and the people that have been faithful volunteers for her ministry. there were 100 spots and not all of them filled up so she i guess allowed some of her staff to invite their friends/family.
so myself and our pastors wife get to see the holy land, led by beth.
i thought it was too expensive and felt weird about us spending the money on just me, but allen knows how incredible the opportunity is and told me i was going!
can you say 'best husband in the world'? love you babe!!
i'll share more details as it gets closer, but yay!! i'm excited!!


Sara Evelyn said...

WOW. SO COOL!!!!! I'm super jealous of you. First off, because you're going to the Holy Land. And secondly, you're going with BETH MOORE as the leader. COOL!

sara said...

ok, hair....love it!! individuality is a good thing! :)

and Holy Land with Beth Moore....I'm just plain GREEN with envy!!!

Dawn said...

Love the hair. If that's the biggest battle you have, you've got it easy.

And you already know how I feel about your trip - so happy for you, but just a smidge envious! I'll want to see tons of pics when you return. And Beth stories!