Monday, May 10, 2010

molly's adorable big mouth

sunday was mothers day as you all know.
a few years ago the kids started a james avery charm bracelet for me and each year on mothes day they both give me a new charm to add to it.
i love this tradition because the charms are unique to them. they dont get me what i would pick. they pick something personal. the first year wasnt exactly their choice. they each gave me a silhouette with their name engraved on it. last year colby gave me a croc (as in the shoe) because he loves wearing them, and molly gave my a turtle (i'm not sure about that one. its my favoritve animal, but i'm not sure she knew that at the time).
this year followed suit. allen took them to james avery on saturday afternoon and they each picked out the charm they thought would be the best addition to my bracelet.
molly couldnt wait to give it to me. allen told her she had to wait. tears ensued.
all day she kept asking and we kept telling her she had to wait till mothers day. she was a bit confused and asked me on several occasions
molly: "mommy, when is it your birthday??"

finally that night i was putting her to bed and i said
me: "molly you know what? tomorrow is mothers day!"
molly: "(big grin) i got you a princess tiara, but i cant tell you till tomorrow."
me: "(holding in a laugh) well, i cant wait to see what its going to be. i'm sure i'll be very surprised!"

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sara said...

oh my word, that is so precious!!!! I am so glad you have a blog to write that down...because you would forget it down the road!!