Saturday, June 5, 2010

still there?

so it's been almost a month since i blogged and i am sooo sorry. sorry for those of you that check in to see what we've been up to and sorry for my kids in 20 years when they wonder what the heck happened from may 10th to june 5th in 2010. they probably wont care, but i like to think they might be just a little interested.

not much had been going on in the everyday lives of the frans clan. the kids had their last soccer games today. colby was not terribly into this season (no surprise to us), and molly had fun once she warmed up to it. until today, the last game, allen had to be on the field with her at all times. when the season started he had to literally carry her by her under arms around the field and kind of fling her feet at the ball hoping for some contact. she cried a lot and begged us not to make her play, but a) shes the one that wanted to play in the first place and b) we wanted her to learn that when you make a commitment, you keep it. after two or three games like that we told her she didnt have to play anymore if she didnt want to, but she would still wear her uniform and go support her teammates from the sidelines. once we told her that, it was like a little switch went off. we were no longer making her do something; she had a choice. her choice was to play, but while holding daddy's hand. every game she became a little less attached to him, and then today she didnt need him at all. she even almost scored a goal which was good enough for us to cause a small celebration from the spectator section. :-)

i doubt organized sports will be in colbys near future. it doesnt really seem to be his thing. we may try karate and next year, swim team. he loves swimming and is about to start private lessons. maybe by next summer he'll be ready to join a team. we'll give molly the option to do soccer again in the fall. her coach wants her back. i really want to look into dance for her, or gymnastics for both of them. but all that stuff costs money, so we'll see.

i returned monday from a trip to the holy land with a group of women from houston, led by beth moore. i mentioned it on here, well, about a month ago.
it was an amazing experience to say the very least. beth spoke at least once a day, and i recorded all but one of the sessions so i can listen to them again and again.
people have asked me what was my favorite part about the trip and i think the coolest and most impacting...impactful...thing is that now when i read my Bible, i can actually see the places it talks about. capernaum, sea of galilee, mount of olives, dead sea, ceasarea phillipi; i've been to all of them. pretty cool.

the kids are growing like crazy.
we finished up our first year of homeschooling a couple weeks ago, and i would call it a success. colbys reading at probably a first grade level and loves to learn about anything science-y. technically he's not even supposed to start kindergarten till this fall, but he has such an early birthday, that i started a year early. so we're head of the game. we found out that we got into a homeschool co-op here in round rock. 18 (i think) families applied and only 7 got in, so we're really excited about that. colby will be going to the co-op on fridays, where i'll be teaching K-2nd P.E., and molly will be doing preschool 3 days a week at the academy at our church.
we have a busy fall ahead of us, so we're really relaxing this summer. lots of swimming!

i will try not to be as absent anymore. i've been sitting here for two hours trying to get all my pictures uploaded to facebook, so i'm not going to upload them here right now, but i will post some soon. OR, you can friend me on FB and look at them there. amy hamontree frans.

have a blessed weekend!!!

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