Monday, October 11, 2010


i've decided i need to take more road trips with the kids. thats where i get the good stuff.
we went to fredericksburg saturday, just the three of us, for a pioneer festival at a museum there in town.
first of all i thought fredericksburg was, like, an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes away. turns out its two hours. by the time i figured this out i was alread halfway there, so we just kept going.
whenweot there and i saw what it was were were going to, i worried it would be lame. there were hardly any people there and it didnt really look like there was much going on.
we had such a good time!! we were able to go inside some pioneerhomes and buildings from the 1800's and early 1900's. there was even a man in the school that had actually attned that school and was able to show us the desk he sat in and everything. pretty neat.
the kids got to churn butter, wash clothes on a washboard, watch wool being spun into yarn, make a rope, watch a blacksmith make nails (and they each got one), have their faces painted and do a craft project with seeds and beans. they had a blast!!
i told allen it was the most fun i'd had with them in a long time
i was surprised at how good it turned out to be, and we didnt have to wait in line to do anything because it wasnt crowded at all.
the kids were so well behaved and we even got a little christmas shopping done after we finished up at the exhibit.
and the drive is beautiful!!! that by itsself was worth it for me.

i accidentally left my camera at home, so i didnt get any pictures unfortunately.

as we were loading up that morning, colby and molly were messing with each other (they do that A LOT!), and i said
me: "if ya'll cant get along, we're not going today. i dont want to spend the day with you if you're going to fight and argue with each other."
colby: "we just have to get all our misbehaving out of our systems before we leave. then we'll be good."
and they were!! i dont think i had to get onto either one of them the rest of the day!

also when we were on our way there, colby blew his nose in the backseat and said
colby: "ah. my brain feels much better."
me: "your brain?"
colby: "yes. when i blow my nose, it makes some more room in my brain."
me: "oh, so if your brain gets too full, you just blow your nose."
colby: "right."

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