Saturday, June 9, 2012

threesixfive, week 23

we had VBS this week, so we left every day at 4:45 to go eat dinner up at church, then VBS was from 5:45 to 8:30. the kids usually go to bed at 8:00, but this week it was almost 9:30 every single night. bless their hearts, they are absolutely wiped, and molly was in trouble pretty much all day today, because her attitude was the pits. i know its because she's exhausted, but there are still consequences for a sass mouth, miss thang.
VBS was a success, though, and everyone involved seemed to have a really good time.
unfortunately my pictures are overall lacking in zeal and excitement this week. 
i have been super low on energy and fighting a losing battle with a head and neck ache for about two weeks. i finally went to the dr. on friday because i was just fed up with it. the headache was diagnosed as tension, and they're doing blood work to check my thyroid, electrolytes, etc. on one hand i hope i come out of it and get my pep back in my step, but on the other hand theres a small part of me that hopes they find something that explains why I'm so darn pooped all the time. i know being a mother is hard work, but seriously. my kids aren't that bad. ;-) 

colby and molly got to go onstage and dance in the blacklight (you can't tell as much 'cause i had to use my flash) with a group of other kiddos to promote VBS.

my mom came into town to celebrate her birthday and fathers day early. we met my grandparents for lunch. this is my pawpaw. he's a sweet, sweet man.

ok, i didn't take a picture tuesday, so this one is from monday, too.
the library and a local toy store sponsored a free kids' concert in the city hall plaza to kick off their summer reading program.

I'm trying to eat less meat and less processed foods, so i've been making my own dinners to take up to church each night. yes, thats a big block of tofu. and i ate it. it won't be something i do again anytime soon.

this is our DVR list, or lack thereof. i honestly don't know that this has ever happened. we're caught up!

this is my group of 3rd grade girls i herded around for VBS (and a few parents; friday was family night).

this is literally one of those 'i need a picture for today!' pictures. dinner at chili's.
cut me some slack, people.

we have two weeks of glorious nothing!!! we will be going to the pool, hanging out with friends, and doing whatever we want to during the days! hooray!

have a blessed week!



Love all the kid pictures. They are so much fun. I love VBS.

The Bug said...

It's about time you had a week of nothing! Keep us posted about what the doctor says...