Sunday, June 17, 2012

threesixfive, week 24

we had a great, much-needed, low-key week.
not a whole lot to lay out for you, so i'll get right to the pictures.

I've been making a lot of smoothies. i was tired of our fruit going bad before i had a chance to eat all of it, so i started freezing what i thought would freeze well. i've been using it for smoothies. pretty yummy.  
this one is mango banana with coconut milk.

we still aren't all caught up on our late nights from vbs last week, so we slept in, and had kind of pajama morning. we got out in the backyard and played in the sprinkler in our pjs.

we met some friends at the pool. molly was laying out to dry off before we went home. i snuck a picture when i saw her being such a little diva.

we met my mom in waco and she took us to lunch and the children's museum. when she pulled this out to pay for our meal, colby couldn't  believe it (they don't use credit cards much, so she always keeps cash on her. we put everything on our card to get air miles). you won't see anything this big coming out of my wallet.

our friend ryan has been living with us for a couple weeks while he's between living arrangements. he's a graduate of culinary school, and although we didnt have a chance for him to cook for us, he did lend me some of his favorite books. I've even tried some new recipes out of this one already.

ryan and his girlfriend katie (she lived with us, too back in the spring) watched the kids friday evening for a couple hours. this is how i found them when i got home. pay no attention to molly picking her nose. just pretend you don't see it. the picture will be much cuter that way. :-/

my 3 favorite people.

the kids and i leave this afternoon to drive up to my parents for a few days. they moved into their new house yesterday, so we get to go see it and be their first guests!! mom said we may be sleeping on the floor in a room full of boxes, but i assured her we don't mind a bit.

have a great week!!!


LuAnn said...

nothing wrong with alow key week. I am hoping mine is this coming week.
Colby and the $$$$ - funny.

The Bug said...

I'm glad your folks found a house! Hope you're having a good time with them even now :)

Love the Molly diva picture - she's such a cutie!