Monday, March 22, 2010

its tough being good

i was putting molly to bed last night and was telling her how special she is, and how much i love her. i was saying how blessed i was to see her grow from a baby into a sweet girl, etc, etc. she was loving on me and giving me kisses (something she does not do often), so i was really soaking up the moment.
then without warning she let out this big sigh and said,

"i wish i could be a baby again. i'm tired of being good."

from the mouths of babes....or 'good girls', as it were.


Dawn said...

Yes, it is tough being a good girl. I'm way older than her (and you!) and I still have days where I wish I could "let it fly" without any serious consequences. Maybe a little foot stomping, back talking and pouting??? LOL

H-Mama said...

Oh, don't we all! I love it! :)