Friday, March 19, 2010


we went to the beach this week over spring break.
it was the senior trip that we usually take at the end of may/start of june, but the youth summer calendar is so full that allen and the 12th grade sunday school teacher decided to move it this year.
it was a bit chilly (we never got in the water. well, i never got in the water), and it rained our first full day there, so we really only had one beach day. it ended up being fine, because pretty much everyone got super sunburned so they wouldnt have needed more beach time anyway.

i was putting colbys swimsuit on him to go down to the beach wednesday morning and he said
colby: "mommy, i'm naked!"
me: "no you're not. you have a swimsuit on."
colby: "well, i'm almost naked!"
me: "well, you're going to have to get over it. you're about to be on the beach in front of a lot of people. it's fine, colby."
colby: "but my nipples are showing! nipples are private just like penises are private. everyone will see my privacy!"
me: "colby, it's ok. you're a boy."
colby: "its ok for boys' nipples to show but not girls'?"
me: "right."
colby: "why?"
me: "i'm not sure. thats a great question."
colby: "is it cause girls' nipples go boom like this?"
(and he thrust his hands outward from his chest)
me: (laughing) "maybe so."

that was it.
we went down to the beach, with all the right parts covered, and enjoyed the water (me from a safe, dry distance).

on a completely unrelated note, here's a video of colby i took about a week ago.
we were eating dinner and he randomly wanted to make a video for daddy to watch when he got home that night.
why he chose to sing a christmas song i have no clue, but listen to the last line, instead of 'don we now our gay apparel.' heeheehee. so cute.


kstein said...

i loved colby's video! "don't you know your day of peril..." funny boy!

Dawn said...

LOL... that boy cracks me up!!!

Let's hope Colby can pass his strong sense of modesty on down to his sister, right? Ha ha.