Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i'm siiiinging in the.....bathroom.

molly has this thing she does where she sings what shes doing. or while shes playing with her dolls, they dont talk to each other, they sing to each other. like opera...kind of.
she doesnt really care much for singing in general, as far as, like, actual songs. but the girl keeps a running musical dialogue between her toys. its awesome.
the other day she was using the bathroom, and asked to be left alone (implying she would be there for awhile). i went into the living room, or the kitchen or somewhere and got involved in doing something, when i hear her in the bathroom singing. LOUD.
i grabbed my camera and rushed in there to get it on tape.
excuse the slight shaking. i was trying to hold in my laugh, which has physical ramifications.
notice the 'air freshener microphone,' and the "bom, bom" at the end.
and no, i dont know what shes saying, but she means business, i do know that.


Sara Evelyn said...

i can't make it play?

Dawn said...

Kat was a shower singer. She sang about whatever she was thinking about, what had happened in her day, what she wanted for breakfast the next morning. Made up lyrics and tune. Even when she was old enough to shower alone, this continued. I used to stand outside the bathroom door and listen - usually bent over at the waist due to laughing so hard. Wish I'd have thought to tape it.

Great blackmail material some day! LOL