Wednesday, June 23, 2010

kid conversations

a friend and former youth is leaving for school in boston in a week, and today we went to a going away lunch for him.
colbys friend becca was there. i've mentioned her on here before. they were in the same mothers day out class almost 2 years ago now. they were 'boyfriend and girlfriend' at the time, but dont see each other much anymore, because shes a year older than he is, so shes in a different class at church and of course they arent in school together. so they've grown apart. yes i realize they're five (therein lies the humor), and yes i'm going somewhere.
so as i was saying, becca was there today, and she and colby found one another and picked up right where they left off. they're both like shrunk down mini adults in the way they talk to each other, and as i was sitting next to them at the table i was cracking up at their conversations.

becca: "how old is molly now, colby?"
colby: "she's three."
becca: "wow! three? and she's that big?!?"
(side note: molly is a perfectly normal sized three year old. just sayin.)
colby: "yeah, i know. and she doesnt even drink that much water."

later i heard this...
colby: "theres a wasp that injects its egg into a grub and when the egg hatches it eats the grub from the inside. i would love to see that in real life some time."
becca: "yeah. that would be pretty cool."

ah, young love.

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