Thursday, July 8, 2010

dinner conversation

first of all, let me address the blog picture.
i changed it a few days ago to one of the kids going down an inflatable water slide. they ewre in their underwear, and one of my friends sent me a text about my blog picture being risque. i know he was kidding (love ya, buddy) because thats what he does, but i wasnt crazy about the picture anyway. it was kind of blurry and too big for the page, so i took it down. my kids just havent been very photogenic lately. i have a few of them individually, but i feel like i have to post a picture of both of them or i'm playing favorites. i have two kids, not one. is that dumb?
anyway, so i thought i would make all you ladies jealous and put this one up for now. yes thats beth moore in the middle. thats pam, my pastors wife, on the right. this was taken at the top of masada in israel.
i promise i'll work on getting an awesomely adorable and fitting picture of my kids, but in the meantime this is what you have to look at. :-)

tonight at the dinner table colby said
colby: "when i get big i want to dance like a mexican."
me: (so. many. questions.) "why do you have to wait till you get big?"
colby: "because i have to learn it."
me: "and how do they dance?"
colby: "well, i know one of their dance moves."
me: "and what is that?"
colby: "you twirl and then grab a flower in your teeth and say 'voila!'"
me: "you mean ole'?"
colby: "oh yeah. thats it. OLE'!!"

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