Tuesday, July 6, 2010

a week at camp

allen is camp director for two weeks at a camp down near corpus this year.
we usually take our youth group there, but this year we went somewhere else, so this is two extra weeks on top of youth camp and mission trip.
that being said, allen asked if the kids and i would come one of the weeks and hang out so we could still kind of be together.
the kids and i had our own room (allens was two doors down) and pretty much did our own thing most of the week. a couple of the "band wives" were there and one of them has a little boy whos four, so he's right between colby and molly. the three of them had a great time playing together. that was a blessing because it rained most of wednesday and thursday, so the kids were able to keep each other entertained indoors.
this place we were at had SO. MANY. BUGS. colby was in paradise!
i dont know if there were more this year than in years past or if i was noticing them because colby pointed them out constantly. constantly.
caterpillars (crazy looking ones!), cicadas, moths, ants, dung beetles, crickets, grasshoppers, earthworms, toads and frogs (not bugs, but still cool), bombardier beetles, click beetles, lady bugs, doodle bugs, wasps, hornets....and thats just off the top of my head. i'm sure i could think of more if i sat here long enough.
my mom (she was one of the Bible study leaders so she was there too) and colby came up with this idea of starting a bug show where colby would pick one bug each week and tell us all about it. i could film it and post it on a bug blog. he could become one of those people that gets discovered on youtube and gets his own show on discovery kids or something.
we'll see how that goes.....right now its still just an idea. we dont have very many exciting bugs here in round rock. not in our yard anyway.
on the way home (about a 3 & 1/2 hour drive) molly kept saying
molly: "mommy, are we still where we're at?"
me: "yes molly. we're still where we're at."
molly: [big sigh. full body pout.]
i loved that. it doesnt make any sense. she was basically asking if we were any closer to home. but thats the only way she knew how to phrase it.

the other day, well let me say this first...
sometimes, ok a lot of times, colby will irritate his sister. he wont necessarily start out trying to irritate her, but in the process of him playing or doing whatever it is he's doing, she'll get annoyed and do this screamy, screechy thing that absolutely unnerves me. (we're working on that by the way. the screaming.) however instead of stopping whatever it is that driving her to the potentially glass shattering noise, he keeps on and keeps on.
which makes me say something like
me: "colby! do you want to irritate your sister?
colby: "no."
me: "because thats what you're doing. do you like that noise she's making?"
colby: "no."
me: "then stop irritating her!"
...and back to where i started...the other day we're in the car and they're playing in the backseat (while securely fastened in their booster seats, mind you.) and i hear molly say
molly: "colby! do you want to irritate me? cause thats what you're doing."
except irritate was kind of jumbled, because that word is entirely too big for her three year old mouth.
that girl. i have no words.

so allens back at the camp again this week. then he's home for a week, then off to alaska for mission trip.
i have an audition in a week and a half for cinderella at the theatre. i'm looking forward to it. i think. i havent really thought about a whole lot to be honest. i should probably get on that.

thats whats been going on around these parts.

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