Wednesday, July 28, 2010

my boys growing up!

we've had quite a bit of excitement around here the past couple of days.
i found out monday that i got a part in Cinderella (same theatre where i've done all my other shows). i will be one of the stepsisters and one of my very best friends is cinderella. we've never done a show together, so we're so excited to get this chance!! i'm pumped about the part. when i was grace farrell in annie, well, she's just so sweet and soft spoken. i'm looking forward to being rude and obnoxious. i'm even supposed to have a loud horrible laugh with a snort at the end. pretty awesome.

even more exciting news; colby lost his first tooth on monday (monday was a big day for us)!!! the tooth fairy of course came to visit him and left him some money which he promptly deposited in his bank. he's his fathers son. i would have had that money spent before the tooth fairy had a chance to leave it!
the tooth next to the one he lost is loose, too, so it wont be long before he has a large hole right in the bottom center of his mouth. i love his new smile, but it reminds me that he's growing up. bittersweet.
we were at target the other day and he saw a baby pool and said, "mommy, baby pools are lame."
i was impressed that he used 'lame' correctly (probably thanks to the teenagers he's around at church all the time), and once again reminded that he's not a baby anymore.
he also told me that he's "pretty into rap music".
Lord, help me.

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Dawn said...

Congrats, again, on your part in Cinderella! Hope there's a performance that we can attend.

If you think the gaping hole where his baby tooth was makes you realize he's not a baby anymore, just wait until that huge new tooth comes in and looks so large next to the remaining baby teeth! ;-)

I thought of you several times over the last month...

I ate at Which Wich for the first time. Love it!

Burrito and I ate at Zorba's for the first time (and one more time after that!). I fell in love with Greek food again and B wants to eat there every! single! time! the question "Where should we eat?" is raised!

Okay... this makes it look like I only think of you when I'm thinking of food. Not true. I think of you other times, too, but especially (!) on these occasions! Ha!