Saturday, October 27, 2012

threesixfive, week 43

this week has been a bit of a blur. the kids went to mimis last weekend, so i went to houston and back to get them on monday. 
my grandparents are moving to be closer to my mom and dad who moved to the dallas area back in may, so mom and dad drove down with a uhaul on thursday to load them up. dad went on back with the truck on friday after they closed. mom stayed here for the weekend so she can celebrate colbys birthday with us tomorrow. she'll go home tomorrow evening.
the kids had soccer games today, and did wonderfully. we also had our church-sponsored community fall festival at the texas baptist childrens home. however, i didnt get pictures of any of that. go figure.

heres what i did get this week.

allen and i went to the pentatonix concert. it was absolutely, ridiculously, incredibly good!! everything they do is acapella, and theyre all phenomenal singers. we were on the second row, so this picture is legitimately how close we were. so glad i came across those tickets!!!

colby came home with a couple new sets of legos mimi and his great aunt nita got him for his birthday. this is how his room has looked since we got home. actually, now that i look at it this isnt that bad. most of it is still packaged up in this photo.

this is the doll house molly got from mimi. its almost as tall as she is. she loves it.

ok, so i actually took this picture today, BUT i spent a lot of wednesday working on them. these are the pajama pants i made from my fabric i got while i was in ghana a couple years ago! yay! im so proud of myself for figuring it out.

our precious friends the barners said goodbye to their sweet baby girl caroline only 66 short minutes after she was born last year on november 25th. today their family and close friends released pink balloons in her memory.

80's day at co-op. i was really wishing i had more hair.....

mom and dad gave us their hammock back when they moved. allen and dad got out and put it together on the deck the other day. the weather is perfect to enjoy it!!

as i said earlier, tomorrow my sweet colby turns 8!! what?!? and in only ten more days molly will be 6. this is all happening way too fast.
maybe if i stop feeding them they'll stop growing??
i kid.

have a blessed week!!!


The Cyber Hermit said...

Ah! Flashback to the 80's! :)

I really like the pants. Good on you for figuring that out. I flunked sewing in junior high and never went back :).

rita said...

Enjoy the hammock, the weather, and the birthday celebrations!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I have always wanted a hammock. They just look so relaxing!

I think all mom's have those moment of wanting to stop the clock. I had a wave of reality the other day when I realized that my daughter is months away from being 18, collage, moving out, starting her own life. NO No No say it ain't so!



Enjoy that hammock. Loved the pajama pants...awesome material.

The Bug said...

Love those pajama pants - great job! I'm glad you enjoyed the concert. Nice to have date night :)

I can't even fathom being on a hammock right now - it snowed on my way to work this morning. Brr!