Sunday, October 21, 2012

threesixfive, week 42

this weeks pictures are admittedly boring to look at, but i assure ive been crafting my little hiney off. crafting doesnt translate well to pictures, especially for my mother who only wants to see pictures of colby and molly. love you, mom.
i dont know what gotten into me, but it definitely comes in spurts. i get the bug, ride the crafting wave for a few weeks, then put all my stuff away until the next train comes thru. like i how used 3 completely  unrelated metaphors in that sentence? it probably doesnt make sense, but that is beside the point.

heres a preview of what im working on to go in mollys room. 

ive mastered iced coffee at home! thanks starbucks, but i'll keep my $4.50. now i just have to fight the urge to drink it all day.

i got this book at a garage sale a couple months ago, and its proved to be such a good purchase!! think "The Help", only about 150 years earlier and way more dramatic (i.e. not funny). i highly recommend it if you like those kind of books.

the little girl from next door came over for about an hour. shes only 2 &1/2 and doesnt really talk at all, but the kids loved reading to her, and playing with her.

heres the finished product for mollys wall. its was a tedious process, but im pleased with the result. pinterest is a beautiful thing.

my cameras being wonky and wont turn this picture. :-/
i bought a couple of patterns at a fabric store because they were on sale for 99 cents!! ive started on the pajama pants, but i have a long way to go. i'll share a picture when im done. i also cut off a pair of old jeans and added some lace to them, which turned out super cute. i'll share a picture of those soon!
who's sewing machine is sitting on the dining room table collecting dust?? not this girl's, allen frans.

we got to go to the UT/Baylor game and had phenomenal seats!! too bad it was a televised game so it took we ended up leaving at half time so we wouldnt get home at midnight; allens sunday morning wake up time is a bright and early 6:30.

the kids are at my in laws in houston this weekend since we had the UT game last night, and we have big plans tonight, too!! i dont know if any of you have watched the sing-off (an acapella singing competition), but we have tickets to see Pentatonix in concert tonight in austin!! YAY!! they won last season and are SO GOOD. google them. you wont be sorry.
in fact, i'll save you a little time.....but still google them.....

have a great week!!


LuAnn said...

Love love the art for Molly's room. Is that a Pinterest?

skoots1mom said...

love the artwork!

The Bug said...

Really cool artwork!

I've done some sewing in the past, but let's just say that sewing machines and I are NOT simpatico!

Love the pink boots on the neighbor girl :)

rita said...

Great results from the craft bug/wave/train ;-) !
sweet M & C reading to little neighbor.


I love pinterest. Your project was amazing. Love it!

Kim said...

I've pinned that same idea on Pinterest :) Your version for Molly's room is GORGEOUS!

Going in spurts is how I rock the crafts too :) Mostly it's lack of time, rather than desire. Only so many hours in the day! Usually I get a push when there's a gift to be made.

Have a great week!