Saturday, October 13, 2012

threesixfive, week 41

last weekend the kids and i went to my parents for a few days. i just missed my mom and dad and needed to get away for a bit. the first couple pictures are from that trip. 
sooo.....we missed school monday because we were on the road coming home. i hadnt done any prep past september, AND one of the charter schools in round rock had the whole week off for fall break. all that in combination with us being a couple weeks ahead of the school schedule lent us a week off. we did nothing, and it was wonderful. we didnt do any school. i didnt go to the gym (i kind of feel like a blob, but thats beside the point). nothing. 
monday will come all too quickly.

mom had craft pumpkins for the kids to decorate.

we went to the bass pro shop and walked around. the kids love looking at the huge fish in the pond out front.

i made this!!! the crafting continues.

this is the only picture i took. its for a craigslist ad.
i bought these boots online a couple months ago, but i dont love them like i hoped i would. they look weird on my feet, so im trying to sell them and use the money to buy another pair. fingers crossed.

i took some pictures at the pumpkin patch with my phone, but i cant seem to get them to send to my email. i'll post it if it ever comes through.

i needed a pic for the day but was drawing a blank, so i just asked colby and molly to stand still and look cute. i dont typically think they look alike, but they have almost the same face in this picture. its creeping me out a a very cute way of course.

got a great one of colby this week. both kids' teams won their games, so we came home happy.

as i said before, we're back to the grind on monday. my body needs it. i'm all outta whack.
hope you're enjoying the cooler weather (and please, if you are, send some down here!!).

be blessed!


The Bug said...

I'm glad you got to spend time with your folks. Love the craft you made! And yes, they do look alike - sort of like little elves :) Too cute!

rita said...

I signed up for Dropbox, so when I take a cell phone pic it immediately is stored in that cloud in the sky. Very easy to retrieve.

You are one crafty lady!

Kim said...

Yay for time with family! Sounds like your folks enjoy their role as grandparents :)

Your kids are adorable!

Have a great week :)

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Down time is important! I am glad that you had some. Love all the crafts, its fun to express your creative side!

Hope the shoes sell...

Both my children look alike, not so much now but when they were little it was a bit overwhelming. Now when I look at my granddaughter it feel some times like I have been sucked back in time twenty years. She is the spitting image of her daddy and auntie!

Great week.



I loved the boots. I loved the craft too....I have been using some of my pinterest pins this week. Resolution....quit pinning and start doing.