Saturday, January 12, 2013

Project 365, week 2

i seriously dont know whats come over me lately, but ive been organizing my house like nobody's business. maybe its the new year, or maybe ive been spending too much time on pinterest. its probably a little of both. at any rate, my house looks pretty awesome. 

a group of us went out for my friend katie's birthday. we had dinner at a little mexican food place in austin, then we went to a coffee shop of sorts downtown where their "thing" is making smores at your table. thats our set-up on the table to the left. they were yummy, but nothing beats a campfire in my opinion.

my beautifully organized pantry. im embarrassed to share how much expired stuff i threw away. from now on if i have to buy a whole bottle of something for a recipe, i'll find other ways to use that ingredient so that it doesnt go to waste.

allen surprised me with flowers this evening when he came home from work. he's wonderful.

another organizing project; my bathroom. i had a 3-drawer thing here on my counter, but the bottom drawer was empty and the other 2 were just junkie, so i got this big box for my makeup and the smaller 2 have little hair clips and things. allen asked, "so, how long will it stay this way?" and i said, "who knows, but lets enjoy it while it lasts."

i made pork chops and veggies in my dutch oven for dinner, but for some reason it didnt cook fast enough, so we had to go to schlotzky's, which was not what my tastebuds were ready for. i hate messing up dinner! when we got home the pork chops were ready, and soooo tasty. i'm reheating it for dinner tonight.

ive been wanting a pair of victorias secret sweatpants for a while, and allen got me a pair for christmas. ive been pretty much living in them, so when i saw that they were on sale this week, i asked him if i could get another pair. he acquiesced, and when they showed up in the mail friday, i put them on immediately. they're the absolute softest and most comfortable things ive ever worn. hes going to get tired of seeing them on me, so i guess its a good thing i have two pair in two different colors. hmmm, maybe a third pair is an order. ;-)

colby and molly wanted to dance for us this morning. i took several pictures, hoping to get a few good ones. i love colbys face in this one. hes serious about his dancing.

ive got a few other little projects on my list of things to do around here this week. i need to work a little more on my kitchen cabinets, and i think im going to paint the inside of my back door black if the weather will cooperate to let me have it open for awhile so the fumes dont kill us all.
link up at the bottom and share your pictures with us this week!
we had a couple of new faces last week. its never too late to start!!

be blessed!


The Cyber Hermit said...

Yay organized pantry! And the kids look so cute dancing :).

I've wanted to get some VS sweats and maybe now I can fit into them :P. Do you find they run small on size?

sara said...

can you please come to my house and organize it?!!! I'll cook for you!!!

Angie said...

Organizing...that's on my list for this month. Now that Christmas has been put away, I'm ready!

Looking forward to sharing P365 with you this year.

The Bug said...

I like those sweats too! I can wear their underwear, but I'm pretty sure I'd have to lose weight to fit into any other clothing items.

I really really need to go on an organizing binge myself! So much clutter around here & our house is too small for it. Sigh.

semperfi said...

Love the tulips & your pantry, it is about the same size as mine. I need to do some major organization in my pantry too & other places. Thanks for the inspiration.


Love the organization of the pantry....impressive. Loved the food too...and that flower. You are so cute in your VS sweats.

STILLMAGNOLIA said... is doing it again. I don't know what is happening.

Lori said...

I love my VS sweats, too!!!

rita said...

Organization--a constant challenge.
I like Alan's question ;-)

You look great and comfy :-)