Saturday, January 19, 2013

Project 365, week 3

greetings friends! another week has gone by, and i mostly past the whole "organize everything in my house" kick, but mostly because i actually have organized pretty much everything in my house; pretty much being the operative. its definitely not Better Homes and Gardens worthy, but if there was an Above Average Homes and Gardens, i like to think i'd be a decent candidate for a photo spread.

i painted my door black! i just said, what the heck it cant look any worse than the builders grade white one. although i did tell allen, "if i ruin this door, we have to buy a new one." he quickly shot that down, so i'm really glad it turned out awesome!

my mom came in town sunday evening and stayed thru tuesday morning. monday she treated us to a trip to the bob bullock museum. texas history at its finest. on the way home mom asked colby what he learned. he said "i learned where the alamo is!" i said, "where is it?" and he loudly and proudly answers, "Houston!!!" so not quite as successful a trip as it could have been.

our big youth event, disciple now, is just around the corner. allen is neck deep in preparations. we had a giant cutout of a salt shaker and lightbulb delivered to the house tuesday afternoon along with a bunch of letters that spell out "SALT & LIGHT" the theme for this year.

more organizing. molly wanted one thing changed in her room, and that started the domino effect. 2 hours later i had a garbage bag full of stuff for goodwill, her closet clean and, wait for it....organized, and her room rearranged a bit. we moved the bed and some of her bigger toys around. i almost posted the closet picture i took, which im extremely proud of, but i thought this was a little more interesting, granted only slightly.

colby LOVES the song 10,000 reasons. loves isnt even strong enough of a word. when it comes on everyone must stop what theyre doing and sing it in its entirety and with feeling. it inevitably comes on every night shortly after the kids go to bed (they both have radios in their rooms). when this happens colby yells "daddy, come here, quick!!" usually just he and allen will lay there together and sing it, and then when its over he goes back to falling asleep. the last few times, though, we all go in there together. i took this picture after one such mini worship service, before we sent molly back to her room and left colby to sleep.

allen is speaking at another church's disciple now event this weekend, and he had a friend of mine deliver this to me as a gift to let me know he loves me and is thinking about me while hes gone. so sweet.

the kids and i on a whim went to an animal shelter in austin. we spent some time in the kitty room, and this one took a liking to molly.

i hope you all had a great week!!! 
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Angie said...

Love the "salt & light!"

Wish I still had a little girl room in my house. My girls' room is tween-ish. Molly's is darling!

LOVE LOVE LOVE 10,000 reasons. After our chicken massacre Wed night the girls and I cried for hours. We lost our fave chicken, Bingo. I was still sad the next morning, but on the way to CoOp we listened to music. Once we all sang 10,000 reasons our spirits had been lifted. Love the idea of your mini-worship service.

You went to an animal shelter and didn't bring anything home! Wow! I'm impressed. I would never go because there would be no way we'd come home without more mouths to feed. :)

Enjoyed your week! Thanks for hosting.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

What a sweet little girls room...who wouldn't want to play in there????

I think I am done with the organizing in my house too...there are still a few areas that need attention but over all I think I am DONE!

Loved the cross!


Lori said...

Love your door!

The Bug said...

Ooh I LOVE the black door! VERY nice.

You know me - I would have posted both pictures (and maybe four more for good measure - ha!).

rita said...

Like your Above Average category ;-)
Domino effect is so true, and good, stuff gets done.
Don't know that song (must look it up) but love Colby's ritual.
That cross is very special.
I think organizing is ongoing...........................>
No end in sight, for me at least.

Lisa said...

That is a dangerous thing going to an animal shelter with're lucky (or strong!) that you didn't walk out with anything.


Loved your photos this week. I love it when everyone shares kid pictures. I linked...but not sure if it took....