Saturday, January 5, 2013

Project 365, week 1; HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

happy new year, friends!! 

we just rolled into town mere minutes ago from a wedding allen did just south of houston. but i'm hosting project 365 this year, so i HAD to make sure i got this up tonight!!
im so excited to be hosting! sara has been doing it for the last 4 years, but with her new empty nest season of life, she was looking for someone to pass the baton to, and i volunteered!
i'll try to get the link up on saturday evening, but a lot of times it'll be sunday morning before i'm able to, just depending on what our saturday holds. i promise to always make sure it gets up, though, or to let you know if i'll be later than sunday for some reason.
for those of you saying "whats project 365 exactly?" you basically take at least one picture each day to document your year. it can be anything from a trip to an amusement park with your kids, to what you had for dinner. anything goes. on saturday (or sunday) you'll post your pictures from the last week and then link your blog entry up here at the bottom of my weekly post. that way everyone who participates can read each others entries and see their pictures. there are several of us that have been in it from the beginning, and we've kind of become a little community of friends. its something i look forward to each week. i'm not always great about getting to read other peoples entries, but im going to try to be better about that this year!!! 
so if youve never done p365, i encourage you to give it a try. theres no shame in popping in every now and then. ease your way into it if you need to.
here are mine for the week....
i started working on my scrapbook while i had a kid-free house for a few days. i finished it and got it ordered on wednesday!! yay! (if you need a good digital scrapbooking website, mixbook is great, and really easy to use. i have some user tips if you decide to go with them though.)

we started the year with our friends the lamberts and barners, as we've done every NYE since 2004. the brownings joined up with us later at the lamberts house for games and a lot of laughter.

i got my kids back tuesday afternoon!! so good to see their sweet little faces again!

we had a very lego christmas this year, so of course thats all they've been doing since they got home; building. colbys ninjago legos paid a visit to mollys riding camp, and toasted marshmallows around the campfire. they play so well together; the kids, not the legos.

molly got a new game for christmas, and we were finally able to crack it open and play before dinner thursday evening. i love it because its a cooperative game, meaning you all play together rather than against each other. we're trying to collect keys and make a path to the treasure before the ogre can get there. pretty cool.

we headed down for shayne and kaysie's wedding festivities friday afternoon. i mention shayne on here every year when he and his sister kristen come and pray over the kids for the new year. shayne and kristen are a brother and sister duo we have seen grow up and admired the relationship they've had thru the years, and we want that for colby and molly. they're both adults now, out of college and starting their "grown-up lives".

it was shayne's wedding that allen did this weekend. we've gotten to know his sweet new wife kaysie over the last several months as we've done their pre-marital counseling, and they've been over a few times for dinner and hung out with the kiddos. they are precious and we're so excited for them!!!
shaynes eyes are closed in this picture, but its the best i could get!
their wedding was supposed to be outside in a little meadow, and the reception would be held in a barn just next to it. however, the weather had other ideas, so an hour before go time when it was 45 degrees and raining, they had to move everything into the barn. it was still beautiful!!

we start school back up on monday, and im not even remotely ready. guess thats what i'll be doing tomorrow afternoon. :-/
have a blessed week!!!

link up and share your pictures!!
maybe i'll give away a little gift-y at the end of the year for the most faithful linker-upper. :-)


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

My son was a HUGE Leggo fan when he was a little boy!

Thanks for picking up P365, your right about it becoming a small community! Pictures really do speak louder than words sometime!

Blessings for the New Year!


The Cyber Hermit said...

Your NYE looks like fun :). I always end up going to bed early with the idea that it's midnight somewhere!

I love Molly's expression in the picture with her new game.

LuAnn said...

Thanks for hosting. I like Sarah and also an empty nester. Will try to get back on the way can with my pictures.

sara said...

A "cooperative" game would not go over in my house!!! As my family says....someone HAS to lose and there may be tears...and blood. ha! We are just slightly competitive!!! :)

Thanks again for taking this over...seems weird not to be hosting though to be honest!!!

The Bug said...

I really appreciate you taking on this task.

My brother & I used to have periods of playing well together - we'd combine our dolls (well, I guess his were "action figures") & create whole worlds :)

Looks like a lovely wedding!


Great shots and thank you so much for taking over this project. You rock girl!

semperfi said...

Thank you very much for helping Sara & picking up P365. Love, love Legos. My 20 year received two set this Christmas. Doesn't play with them, but loves to put them together & display like a model. Have a good week.

semperfi said...

Thank you very much for helping Sara & picking up P365. Love, love Legos. My 20 year received two set this Christmas. Doesn't play with them, but loves to put them together & display like a model. Have a good week.

rita said...

Yes, thank, momma frans!
I look forward to getting to know you better this year.
Was it perchance the same wedding Sara was helping with?
Legos...always reminds me of 30+ years ago when our son's 300+ were stolen as we moved from one place to another in Vienna, Austria.
I'm interested in the mixbook program.


For some reason my blog is not showing up on your link. I have done it from 3 different computers in three locations.