Saturday, April 13, 2013

threesixfive, week 15

this week has flown by!
i'll get right to the pictures.

my parents and i (and the kids) drove to louisiana for my cousins wedding on sunday evening. here she is with her dad (my uncle scott) walking her down the aisle.

we stayed the night at a friend of my uncle's, and this is her beautiful little back porch. it was the only picture i took monday; lot of road time.

mom and dads dogs play fight all the time. it will keep us entertained for entirely too long.

april is national poetry month! i pulled out my old shel silverstein books from when i was a kid, and we've had so much fun reading them this week!

i got a bike today!! allen wants to start riding to help rehabilitate his knee, so some friends of ours gave him a bike they had and werent using. colby and molly each have bikes now. but i didn't! so after no luck on craigslist or at goodwill, we made a trip to target thursday afternoon and i picked out this beauty. allen kind of makes fun of it for being an "old lady bike". it is very angela lansbury, murder she wrote...other than it being bright yellow. love it.

my theatre class i teach at our homeschool co-op had their performance this weekend. friday night was dress rehearsal. the play is called Hovel, M.D.; Fairytale Doctor. its based loosely on the character from the t.v. show House, so hes very obnoxious and sarcastic. its hilarious. here are just a couple of my favorite shots. 

at last its here!!! performance day!
heres a group shot. i took a 'serious' one, but the silly one is just too good not to share. :-)
you may see a couple characters you recognize; hansel and gretel, the gingerbread man, little red riding hood, the emperor with no clothes (except our wore boxers and an undershirt. family show.)
they did SUCH a great job, but i'm glad its done. sheesh.

i think i'm fighting off a stomach bug. i havent felt well since yesterday afternoon. i'm running a 5K on saturday. hopefully i'll shake it off by then.
have a great week!!

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sara said...

a busy and fun week!!!

What a beautiful time for an outdoor wedding!

where are your bluebonnet shots?!!! :)

The Bug said...

Pretty wedding! I love the cast picture - looks like it was great!

Hope you're feeling better...

rita said...

Loved your photos this week!
Yeah for poetry! I'm so inspired to read poetry to my grands.
I have a yellow bike too!
Silly pics are the best.

Lori said...

Love that bike.


Love the bike! The wedding was on a perfect day.