Saturday, April 6, 2013

threesixfive, week 14

hope everyone had a great week! i got pictures each day! yay me!!

you get multiple pics 'cause it was Easter, of course!
my parents had to be at their church that morning, but the drove down sunday afternoon and spent the evening and next day here with us.

mom and i took the kids to mt. bonnel in austin. its pretty much just a look out point that you have to walk a million stairs up to, but boy is it pretty.

april showers bring may flowers. what about torrential downpours and high winds? what do those bring? i took this picture at about 4 o'clock in the afternoon. i went ahead and turned the porch light on, because it was quickly headed to being that dark.

colby has taken over allens post-op recovery recliner. ugh. now both the men in my house have grown attached. i will not keep this thing in my house. :-/

my theatre class's performance is a week away. i'm getting costumes ready.

one of my friends had a get together at her house and everyone was supposed to bring some of their favorite things. i stopped at chick-fil-a that afternoon and got a gallon of their sweet tea to take with me. yum!!

my hair is driving me crazy. growing it out is the pits. right now its just in my way but its not long enough to do anything useful with. i decided to try this cute little 'do today. i liked it, but no one i saw said anything about it, so i think everyone that knows me just thought it was weird. i'll rock it again, though, 'cause i liked it. it reminds me of '"we can do it!" rosie.'

getting this up early this weekend, because im about to head to dallas where my parents and i along with colby and molly will head to louisiana tomorrow for my cousins wedding. sunday evening. weird, right? but im SO glad i get to go!

have a great week!!



Loved the do. Your pictures were fun this week.

Kim said...

Love the new "do"! Yes, it does have that Rosie the Riveter vibe :) But you totally rock it!

Lovely family shot, too. As a great aunt used to say, "Y'all clean up real good." :)

Have fun at the wedding!

The Bug said...

I love your mom's glasses - so cool! And I think your do is fabulous - too cute.

Mike had a recliner similar to that for years. Now we have a big burgundy chair with a footstool - it's very "man study" but at least it matches the futon :)

rita said...

I like the 'Rosie the Riveter' look Theatre again, yeah!