Saturday, April 20, 2013

threesixfive, week 16

holy cow! this week flew by. i dont know how it happened, but suddenly it was saturday again. i spent most of my week pulling weeds. ugh. i'd rather get them all up by hand than spray, though. i never know if spraying them is really going to work or not. pulling them up by their root, however, most definitely gets rid of them. it just takes way more time and effort.
once again, my phone pictures didn't load properly, so i substituted a picture for tuesday, and then i'm just missing a picture for wednesday, because i couldnt find a good substitute i wanted to use. ho hum.

the mosquitoes were eating me alive sunday evening!!! i had molly take a picture of my legs. i get horrible itchy whelps (sp?) when they first bite, but if i can leave them alone, they go away pretty quickly. they look awful though.

my afternoon......

confession: i pulled this picture off the internet.
my friend april and i are leading worship at our churches womens retreat next weekend, and we've been meeting with vicki (the piano player) on tuesday evenings to go thru music.

no picture. well, its on my phone.

we had our friends the meanings over for dinner. they have triplets that are colbys age. 2 boys and a girl. the kids had so much fun playing together. it was a houseful for sure!

our soap dish doesnt want to seem to stay on the wall in the guest bathroom. i think because it makes a good foot rest for our female guests who shave their legs. :-/ so this time allen just put up two tiles, and i bought a bottle of body wash since theres nowhere for the soap to live. problem solved, hopefully.

i ran the diva dash with my friend jaclyn. its a 5k with obstacles. we came in just under 40 minutes. last year we did it in about 47 in think. next year the goal is 35.
it was cold!!! but fun!

i'll be gearing up for womens retreat this week, but other than that, it should be pretty 'normal'.
link up below if you have pictures to share!!

be blessed!



The bathtub picture is funny. The bites look painful. Loved the piano keys.

The Bug said...

I once counted 37 mosquito bites on ONE leg - and I get welts too - ouch!

rita said...

Weeds and worship...sounds like life's daily mix.
itchy bites, oh how miserable!
triplet playmates, what fun!
Wish I could enjoy worship with you all!

Lori said...

Do NOT miss mosquitos!