Saturday, May 4, 2013

threesixfive, week 18

soooo......somethings wrong with my camera, and while i definitely took pictures every day this week, i unfortunately cant share all of them, because my camera ate them. gone.
for some reason a couple of them survived, and some of the people i was with who also took pictures emailed theirs to me, so im using some that i didnt take, but still apply.
the good thing is my camera is under warranty, so guess what i'll be doing tomorrow!! hopefully getting it fixed. or getting it replaced.
heres the week. most of it. :-/

we went for our first ever family bike ride!! colby did really well, and was much more confident and comfortable on a trail as opposed to the sidewalks in the neighborhood. allen did great, too, considering hes only about 2 and a half months past his surgery.

my mom came into town for a couple of days. it was good to hang out with her as always.

this is one of the pictures that got eaten. i took the kids roller skating.

another picture got eaten, but it was really just another picture of the bikes. the kids and i did a few miles that afternoon.

our church staff and wives all went to dinner together as a "thank you" from the church. we went to a fairly new and super yummy place here in town. we ordered one of i think all the desserts and passed them all around the table, but somehow all the plates ended up in front of our worship pastor, so it looked like he was the one that ate them all. :-) i love the look on his wife's face.

we had to go into austin to run an errand friday evening, so we grabbed dinner at freddie's place; a mostly outdoor restaurant with a playscape, and live music. it was a beautiful evening.

i was supposed to run the Color Run with a few other girls, but they all had to cancel for different reasons. the Frans Clan ran together. it was allen and the kids' first 5K, and we had so. much. fun.
we walked it except for a few spurts when molly and i ran, but we were still tired and very colorful at the end.

its been a great week of family together-ness. i love love love it.
hope you're enjoying some beautiful weather and time with your family as well.
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have a blessed week. :-)


Kim said...

Well, if I'm ever in Austin, I have to try Freddies! Looks like a very fun place :)
Loved the last photo! What a hoot to do something like that as a family. In fact, I agree that you're having lots of fun family times! Hope you continue to enjoy lots and lots of them :)
The look on the worship pastor's wife is hilarious! Sounds like y'all make a great team!
Have a wonderful week!

rita said...

Love the photo of the bikes.
Congrats on the family rides and run!
Good job y'all, especially Allen, wow!

The Bug said...

What a fun week for you guys! Love the color run photo - the kids are so cute :)

If I had been at that dinner all the plates would have been in front of ME because I would have had to try them all. It's a great picture!

Mike & I need to try to bicycle on our vacation. Wonder if we'll manage it?