Saturday, May 11, 2013

threesixfive, week 19

its been a really really fun week. 
i had a camera fiasco over the weekend, so i'm missing a picture for sunday.
it started saturday when my camera told me the memory card was full. i didnt think it was, but just to be sure, i deleted about 100 pictures off of it. it still kept saying full, and eventually stopped turning on altogether.
sunday afternoon i took it to best buy (bless my husband for paying for the 1 year warranty!!) and they gave me a brand new camera (same model), which i brought home and put my memory card into, only to find that it was doing the. same. thing. ok, so it must be the memory card. the next day, i bought a new memory card while i was at the grocery store, but when i put it in my brand new camera, i got a memory card error message. so, new camera, new memory card...what the heck?!?
back to best buy that evening, and after a lot of testing and trying different things, we discovered, a) the camera i exchanged for a new one wasnt really broken after all. sorry best buy. :-/ b) the memory card was old and just flat worn out. c) the brand new memory card i bought on monday was a dud. so i just happened to have a string of things not working. i bought yet another memory card, returned the dud, and finally on monday evening had a working camera once again. 

see above story. :-)

the evil memory card that caused all the problems.

my friend melinda and i took all our kids (she has triplets that are colbys age) to a small town about an hour away to walk thru a recreation of the tabernacle they have set up at their church just for a week. its a hands-on interactive experience. super cool.

molly came out of her room pretty shortly after bedtime and said she was having nightmares. i know for a fact she hadnt even fallen asleep yet, but i told her she could lay on the couch for 10 minutes, but if she wasnt asleep after that amount of time, she had to go back to her bed without complaint. wouldnt you know, she was out in less than that? :-) allen carried her back to her bed when he got home from church about an hour later.

i planned a surprise date for allen and i. an austin segway tour! we had so much fun!! neither of us had done it before. they were surprisingly easy to drive.
 in front of the state capitol.

our very own salad bar for dinner. yum!!!!

molly made a mess meal of mud pies.

im on homeschool curriculum overload. i'm trying to be proactive for next year, and start looking and reading reviews now, even ordering some stuff so we can work a little this summer. my brain is mush, but i feel good about where the Lord is taking me in my digging through websites and what not.
im giving myself a break for a few days, and heading to my moms tomorrow to celebrate mothers day with her, and my birthday(the 16th) as well. shes taking me shopping i think on monday and letting me pick out a couple of 'happys', and she calls them. :-) love her.

happy mothers day!!!!
be blessed!


sara said...

oh the joys of making mud pies!!!

I have always wanted to try a segway! how fun!!

The Bug said...

Molly is so cute with her mud pies :)

We've had camera chip woes too - I ended up taping one of mine (did not even cross my mind to get a new one - ha!).

rita said...

The guy who invented the segway, Dean Kamen, also started FIRST robotics the international org that Mike mentors for. (A bit of trivia ;-)
Good for you, persevering through the camera woes.
Happy Birthday! Enjoy many 'happys'!

RaD said...

I've had camera issues like that before too, but unfortunately it was my camera. After 3 1/2 years of abuse it decided to no longer behave itself. Too bad because I haven't been able to find a decent substitute in the few years since its demise.