Saturday, May 18, 2013

threesixfive, week 20

wow, i cant believe we're 20 weeks into the year already. creeping up on halfway...or is it barreling headfirst to halfway. however you look at it, it's a comin'. sorry i didnt get a chance to read your posts this week. between going out of town to my parents, celebrating my birthday, and spending pretty much all my spare time thinking through agonizing over curriculum for next year (hey, i like to be ahead of the game), i didnt do much else.
i didnt even take a picture on my birthday!! i had to 'cheat' and use one that allen took with his phone.
and speaking of allen, he will be taking a week and doing all my project 365 pictures in the not so distant future. how soon is still to be determined.

enough of that. lets see some pictures.....

my inlaws drove into town sunday morning for mothers day. we all went to lunch together after church, then they stayed to spend a couple of days with allen, and the kids and i went to my moms to spend mothers day with her, and also so i could celebrate my birthday (just a little bit early) with my family.
heres a picture of allen mom and the kids

i went shopping with my mom, my memaw, and molly (colby, my dad, and my pawpaw did 'guy stuff') and got some birthday goodies. we had a nice lunch, and then that evening after dinner, my mom took me over to the home of a friend of hers who makes jewelry. i wont bore you with the details of my tragic experiences with earrings, but suffice it to say my ears wont pierce. so i designed 3 pairs of clip on earrings that seriously dont look like clip-ons when theyre on. love them. my earlobes need to toughen up a little, though.

i came home to a spotlessly clean house, and did a happy dance like you wouldnt believe. allen, as a bonus mothers day/birthday gift had the house cleaned for me while i was gone. it looked fabulous.

heres what the kids and i are reading through right now. i can only assumed i learned this at some point in my years of school, but it so much cooler when you're actually interested. i'm learning so much! :-)

taken with allens phone right before my sweet family delivered breakfast in bed to me for my birthday; scrambled eggs, a slice of toast, and a banana (also sliced, so the kids could help).

some friends of ours got married friday evening, and had a mariachi band at the reception. colby said it reminded him of the 3 amigos (one of our favorite movies).

allens performing a wedding for a couple in august, and we sat down and met with them for the first time on tuesday night. shes the box office manager for an event center near here, and offered us tickets to disney on ice this weekend. uh, yes please!
our seats, as you can clearly see, were phenomenal. and i included a few shots of the toy story characters. such a great time!!

this week allen and i are taking a mini getaway. we're leaving the kids with my parents for a few days, and staying there in the dallas area, just to sleep in and relax. we may hit a museum or the zoo or something, but we literally have nothing planned. really really looking forward to some time away with my husband. we'll be back saturday afternoon, though, so i'll still get the post up as usual.

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be blessed!!


sara said...

sounds like a great week! and that all the mother's felt much love on Mother's day!!!

Enjoy our time away!! It is so important!! As I come up on my 30th anniversary, I would say that one of the best things we did as a couple was scheduling time for just us each year!

Have fun!

rita said...

Sweet kiddoes serving birthday breakfast! (Hey, we're almost twins! Ha)
Fun times with mother's, kids, now for time alone with hubby!

Lori said...

My mom looks more like Aunt Patty every day!

The Bug said...

Happy late birthday! Ooh those earrings are pretty! The first time I had my ears pierced they didn't work out very well (ouch!), but I tried it again a few years later & it went MUCH better.

Hope your getaway was fun (guess I'll go check it out here in a minute).