Saturday, October 12, 2013

threesixfive, week 41

we had a great week.
not much to lay out, so i'll get right to the pictures....AND i have one for each day and three on thursday. what?!?

the weather cooled off for, like, 5 seconds sunday morning. seriously, though, it was a beautiful day. i went out that morning to evaluate the temperature so i'd know how to dress the kids and saw steam coming off the fence posts. i guess the heat from the wood and the cool from the air caused the reaction. whatever it was, it was really neat looking.

molly had her first volleyball practice. she's not on a team; its a class where she's learning the fundamentals. she'll be eligible for a team in the spring if she decides to continue.

a warm, but not sweltering afternoon. we went to the park for a couple of hours after we finished school.

we went out wednesday evening just to enjoy the cool again. its still pretty warm during the day but the mornings and evenings are fantastic. molly snuck this picture.

we took a field trip with some other homeschool families to one of the colorado river education centers. i was pleasantly surprised how fun and informative it was. we learned about water conservation and supply in central texas.

the kids got to do a nature search from one of the lookouts. isnt that beautiful? i love the texas hill country.

i was blessed with an opportunity to go to the women of faith conference in san antonio. a friend of mine is on staff and invited me kind of last minute to come be a part of the weekend. women of faith is overhauling their approach and bringing it back to genuine worship and bible teaching from incredible godly women. my favorite was christine caine. that lady is anointed. i will be unpacking what she said for many days.

my friend michelle, who serves with WOF. love this woman of God.

i hope you had a fantastic week!! i will be at a girls' lock-in tomorrow night. mixed feelings about that one. i have a feeling i wont bounce back as quickly as i'd like to. :-/
my mom is coming monday night and staying until wednesday morning. looking forward to her visit. i havent seen her at length in probably a month.
other than that, a busy but normal week.
link up below and share your pictures! i miss y'all!!!


rita said...

Great opportunities.
Good week.
My fav is the bike pic.

The Bug said...

Love that Texas hill country shot - beautiful!