Sunday, October 20, 2013

threesixfive, week 42

hooray for cooler temperatures!!!
we eventually got down to a crisp 42 degrees in the wee hours of the morning yesterday and today. but of course now its back up to mid-70's. still a refreshing and welcome change.
it was a gradual cooling off, though. thursday morning we went out to run some errands, in tshirts and shorts mind you, and colby said, "it feels like christmas!!!" i looked at the thermometer in my car to see that it was a brisk 58 degrees. :-/ it's sad when 58 degrees, although quite lovely, makes my son think its christmas time.

on to pictures. they're a bit boring, but at least they're here!

we had an all girls youth group sleepover up at the church sunday night (there was no school on monday). nothing like a hair train at a sleepover. :-)

random picture that colby took. i'm sure its the home of some creature he spotted.

we went halloween costume shopping, and colby found this hat. he's channeling steve martins "king tut" bit. not that he even knows who steve martin is....

hello, old friend. i will blow the dust off of you and put you to use this week.

hopefully all of this will turn into something wonderful.

it was round rock high schools homecoming weekend, and there was a parade thursday afternoon in front of the school. we went to support several of our students that were in the parade and on floats (band, gymnastics, cheerleading, drill team, football). the kids made a haul in candy; its good to know people. ;-)

this is what some of my fabric went into. its not perfect, but for a first scarf, im pleased with it.

sorry i'm getting this up later than usual. we've been SO BUSY!!!!
more craziness this week with discipleship groups, football games, fall festival on saturday followed by a rehearsal dinner for a sunday wedding that allen is doing. lots of fun stuff.
link up if you have pictures!!


The Bug said...

That first picture is actually really cool - like the effect that light gives it.

Colby Tut is hilarious! You should play the song for him (I think - it's been years - maybe it's not appropriate for a kid his age - ha!)

Love the scarf!

rita said...

Colorful scarf!
Kingly Tut!
Hair train--way to go! And lovely pic!
Have a good/great/blessed week, tho' busy.